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You broke your little ships...
Your little ships
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"Zenith, Part III" is the third chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Final Voyages, written between December 2014 and January 2015 and published on 15 January 2015 by CaptFredricks.

Jean-Luc Picard comes face-to-face with Xolor, an alien intent on conquering and enslaving the various species of the galaxy. Meanwhile, Starfleet sends its three best ships to the Zenith homeworld to stop their forces from completing their mission.

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Memorable quotes Edit

"Let's go get your friend, Picard, and then we will pay Xolor a little visit."

Vana Aleksandrov, to Kardok

"What are you doing? This is not how we operate."
"You forget, Maglus, I am not a Klingon. I'm not bound by their 'honorable combat regulations'."
"They are not regulations! They are principles." ... "Principles that have kept my people alive and well for centuries."

Maglus, Vana Aleksandrov and Kardok

"This alliance is the very pinnacle of dishonor. I was a fool to join its ranks – a fool to believe the lies that Xolor so deviously tricked me into following."
"No, it's you that is the pinnacle of dishonor. Xolor will unite the galaxy like never before."
"Or destroy it in the process."

Kardok, Vana Aleksandrov and Jean-Luc Picard

"Don't think for a second that because Xolor wants you alive, I won't kill you. As soon as he gives the word, I'll take great pleasure in giving you a most... unsavory death."

Vana Aleksandrov

"Where is my crew?"
"Your precious little crew is... alive... for the moment. I must say, captain, you must have a very convincing persona, to deceive Kardok into believing your lies. It is a shame I am now forced to kill him. He was my finest follower."
"Why kill him when he was so craftily deceived by me? You will only be hurting yourself by disposing of a fine officer such as he."
"Indeed, it will be a great loss to our people. However, the Alliance must survive. It will soon be a vast empire ruling your galaxy... forever."

Jean-Luc Picard and Xolor

"You alright, commander? You seem a little bit shaky."
"I'm fine, sir... it's just... this assignment is a bit more involved than my last."
"I know what you mean. Serving on the Enterprise comes with its fair share of surprises."

William T. Riker and Martin Madden

"I want to know which of you are fully loyal to me, and which of you still hold ties to that scum, Kardok."
"We are all loyal to you, captain."
"Are you, Dagan? I gave you a simple task – kill Picard – and you couldn't even handle that."

Vana Aleksandrov and Dagan

"Xolor's judgment seems to be clouded, just like Kardok's. Am I the only one who can see clearly the vision Xolor originally had for the galaxy? We cannot control so vast an empire if usurpers like Picard – or Kardok – are left alive. The galaxy must be cleansed, starting with the destruction of the United Federation of Planets."

Vana Aleksandrov

"I see now that the captain was telling the truth. There is more going on here than just the creation of a new empire, or the reformation of the old ones. Xolor wishes to dominate everything; Aleksandrov wants to 'cleanse' the galaxy of those who oppose her. The longer you stay onboard this vessel, the more danger you will be in."
"What about you?"
"I am still a warrior of the Empire, despite having stumbled from the path. Today, I will regain my honor. Now, go."

Maglus and Beverly Crusher

"How much do you know about the Kelvan species, captain?"
"They are from the Andromeda Galaxy. A group of their people crossed the galactic barrier of this galaxy in 2268. They attempted to commandeer the Enterprise and take it back to their homeworld."
"Somewhat accurate. However, your description of us is quite lackluster. You failed to mention our valiant quest to conquer your galaxy."
"A quest that, fortunately, has never come to fruition."
"Unlike Rojan and his followers, I am unsatisfied having a simple peace accord with your Federation. It is obvious upon observation of your galaxy that it is in chaos, and needs a single leader to unite it – me."

Xolor and Jean-Luc Picard

Background and trivia Edit

  • "Zenith, Part III" is the first chapter of Star Trek: Final Voyages to be published in 2015, and the third chapter overall in the story.
  • With 5,524 words (as of 20 Jan 2015), "Zenith, Part III" is currently the second longest chapter written by CaptFredricks (surpassed only by "Everything Old Is New").
  • Originally, the Zenith Alliance arc was to only span two chapters, but in writing "Zenith, Part II", CaptFredricks decided it would be better to make it into three chapters, as the story had expanded much since its conception.

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