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Spectra Phantom, born Yon A'gal, alias Master Spectra, was among the most skilled combatants and was among the five Guardians of The Alliance to have had a real childhood before being converted in 2399. During his early 20s (2391), he met Blaze Proton and begged to be taken away to be taught as his apprentice. Through much grief, he angered Proton, causing Proton to lash out at him and his sister, but he eventually earned Proton's respect.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Yon was born on 5 June 2370 on Remus to Reman parents and an older Sister, he was a slave from an early age he lived into his teens in the Reman Militia until the age of 20 when he finally met one of his people's greatest Enemies and then through much pain he finally worked up the strength to ask Master Proton to train him in other words make him his apprentice. Blaze Proton declined but in 2391 Proton challenged Yon and his sister Tilith Myerson and they earned his respect in 2399 Blaze converted them both into Techno-Organics Yon became Spectra Phantom utterly gaining the "Master Spectra" Title After the Conversion Process Yon ( Now Spectra ) gained a few abilities some he later lost.

Career Edit

Reman Militia Edit

Yon served the Reman Militia for the first half of his life ( Ages 6 to 16 ) he wasn't really anything compared to the others until he became an apprentice to Master Proton.

Ravenwood Mercenaries Edit

Yon served in the Ravenwood Mercenaries in the later years of the 25th century up until 2570 when he went on to Serve in The Alliance.

The Alliance Edit

Yon as of 2571 served as Head of the Spy section to The Alliance as a teacher and a Member to the Legacy Class of Masters he is of the Highest Rank in The Alliance as a Guardian.

Physicality Edit

Yon was found to have a keen eye for espionage and as such he used this one skill to his advantage in every fight

  • Master Swordsman: As his Teacher has, Yon prossesses Great Skill in Swordsmanship which he learned through his Teacher Master Proton and has sparred with and was able to prove himself on many occasions.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:  Just as his Teacher has, Yon is skilled in Hand to Hand Combat due to his silent combat style.
Shifting (current)
Invisibility (acquired)
Holograghic wristbands – That generate a Katana (Spectra wore two so in a fight he had dual Katanas )
Self-regenerative armor – Master Proton designed self-regenerative armors for both Spectra and his sister
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