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Y'Nar Ellis was a female Bajoran who lived during the 24th century. She served in Starfleet as first officer on board the flagship of the Federation fleet USS Enterprise-E serving with Captain John Martin and later took command of the Enterprise as Captain after the promotion of John Martin to the rank of Commodore. (Star Trek: The New Generation)

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Y'Nar Ellis was born in 2348 on March 23rd, on the planet Bajor during the Occupation, to N'arad Ellis and H'adar Ellis in the Kendra Valley. And she had a hard childhood but she was with her parents as the Cardassians took her mother to the space station Terok Nor aka Deep Space 9 several years later to be a maid to the Cardassian Captains. She met then young Kira Nerys and the two became fast friends and her father was carried into the refugee camp by a Cardassian soldier where her father's last breath he said that he loved her and stay strong and he died and it shocked Y'Nar for years to come.

After her mother was taken to the space station and her father died due to working in the ore processor onboard the station and absorbing too much radiation, she joined the Bajoran Resistance cell the Shakaar resistance cell and dealt blows to the Cardassian troopers, during one raid on board the station she led a strike force to free the women slaves and she found her mother who was in the quarters of a Cardassian Gul Lemec.

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Y'Nar enters Starfleet Academy in 2356 and graduated from the Academy in 2360.

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Ensign Y'Nar was posted on board the USS Lexington a Nebula-class starship in 2365 as a security officer and made new friends while on board the ship.

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In 2374 Lieutenant Commander Y'Nar was posted to the new Prometheus-Class vessel USS Prometheus after its safe return to Starfleet from the Romulans, and she was posted there as chief tactical officer and security officer until 2381, when she was assigned to the Enterprise-E.

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In 2381 Y'Nar was promoted to the rank of Commander and posted to the Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E under the command of Captain John Martin.

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