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"X" is the first chapter of the first volume of Star Trek Out of Reality, written sometime in 2011 by CaptFredricks.

An anomaly sends Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy into an alternate reality where the Earth is ruled by a man called X and a renegade Klingon named Kardok. Kirk and crew set off to free the human race from the reign of the evil X and to try to get back to their own reality before it's too late...

Teaser Edit

Captain's log, stardate 2259.41. We are investigating an anomaly near the Klingon border. So far, there are no signs of...
James T. Kirk's log is interrupted by Spock, who tells him that ship's sensors are detecting a high surge of energy being emitted by the anomaly, heading right for the Enterprise. Kirk calls engineering and tells Montgomery Scott to get them away from the anomaly. Scotty tells him that he's trying, but his attempts are in vain. Kirk is shocked to see his hand begin to disappear.

Act I Edit

Kirk, Spock, and Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy wake up, finding themselves no longer on the Enterprise. McCoy comments that their location looks very much like Earth. Kirk recalls the last thing that happened before he blacked out was the Enterprise being hit by an energy surge. McCoy then points out San Francisco ahead of them. Jim tells them they should try to get to Starfleet Headquarters to discover what has happened.

When they reach the entrance of Starfleet Headquarters, they are greeted by some security guards who ask if they are part of a cleanup crew. Kirk says that they are, but the head guard asks to see his ID. Kirk quickly lies to cover up the fact that they don't have any IDs with them, saying that "the admiral" has called for them. When asked which admiral he is referring to, Spock replies, "Admiral Perry." The head guard seems to have no knowledge of who Perry is, but at that moment, McCoy, who has been trying to get Kirk's attention the entire time, calls out his name quite loudly. Kirk asks what he's been trying to say, and McCoy mentions that there was an accident inside that they needed to attend to. The head guard tells them that he would have been notified if there had been an accident, and that the three of them are "a bunch of fakes." He warns them to leave immediately, and he will forget about their encounter.

Act II Edit

Instead of leaving, the trio searches for another way inside. Spock locates an air duct that leads into the facility, and they crawl through it. Inside, they encounter Scotty, or rather an alternate version of him. This one asks how they escaped from prison for attempting to stand up to X, who has recently seized control of the entire planet. Scotty was put to work cleaning up after X's forces attacked and destroyed Starfleet.

Spock, having assessed the situation, concludes that he, Kirk, and McCoy have been thrown into an alternate reality from their own. After Spock quells Kirk and McCoy's doubts about his theory, Kirk decides that they must find and confront X to know the truth. Before they can do anything, the guards from before show up. When Kirk asks to speak with X, the guards tell him that only Kardok is permitted to see him. Kirk then requests to be taken to Kardok, and the guards agree.

Act III Edit

The guards present Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to Kardok, who inquires as to who they are. Kirk offers his name, and then demands to meet with X. Kardok laughs, stating that he is the only one who can meet face to face with him. The lead guard, named Tommy Angelo, amends that, revealing that he is actually X's personal bodyguard. Kardok is shocked at this revelation, having believed himself to be the only one X allowed in his presence. Kirk once again asks to see X, but Angelo tells him that will be impossible. Just then, however, X enters the room.

X asks what Kirk wishes to speak to him about. Kirk then questions his motives for attacking Starfleet and conquering Earth, to which X replies that he wishes to unite the entire Alpha Quadrant under his sovereign rule. X quickly loses patience with their questions and tells Angelo to escort them out, but Kirk refuses to leave. He signals to Spock, who uses a Vulcan nerve pinch on one of the guards.

Characters Edit

  1. James T. Kirk (Teaser)
  2. Spock
  3. Montgomery Scott
  4. Leonard McCoy (Act I)
  5. Tommy Angelo
  6. Samara Johnson (Act II)
  7. Kardok (Act III)
  8. X

Referenced only Edit

  1. Perry (Act I)

Unnamed Edit

Starships Edit

  1. USS Enterprise (Teaser)

Locations Edit

  1. Earth (Act I)
  2. San Francisco
  3. Starfleet Headquarters

Referenced only Edit

  1. Alpha Quadrant (Act III)

Other references Edit

Log entries Edit

Continuity Edit

Background and trivia Edit

  • This chapter was never published on FanFiction, but it can be read here on the wiki.
  • The original title was "Star Trek: X". It was changed to simply "X" when the story was added to the wiki.

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[James T. Kirk is sitting on the bridge of the USS Enterprise]

Kirk: Captain's log, stardate 2259.41. We are investigating an anomaly near the Klingon border. So far, there are no signs of...

Spock: Captain!

Kirk: Spock?

Spock: Sensors are picking up a very high energy surge coming from the anomaly. It's heading toward us.

Kirk: On screen. [upon seeing the anomaly] Evasive maneuvers! Mr. Scott, get us out of here!

Scotty: I'm trying captain!

[Kirk's hand begins to disappear]

Kirk: What the!?

Spock: Jim!

[Kirk, Spock and McCoy wake up elsewhere]

Kirk: Ugh, where are we?

McCoy: It looks like Earth...

Spock: It does indeed, doctor. But the question is, how did we get here?

Kirk: The last thing I remember was being on the Enterprise. We were hit by an energy surge, then everything went blank.

McCoy: But that doesn't explain how we got here – and where's everyone else?

Spock: That would appear to be a mystery for now.

McCoy: Jim, look! San Francisco.

Kirk: Come on, we need to get to Starfleet Headquarters.


[They walk up to the front entrance]

Angelo: Hey, who are you?

McCoy: Uhh, Jim?

Kirk: I'm Jim Kirk, captain of the Enterprise.

Angelo: Uh-huh...

Guard: are you part of the cleanup crew?

Kirk: Uh... yeah...

Angelo: Let me see your ID.

McCoy: Jim...

Kirk: Uhh... my ID... right... um... Spock, you brought yours, right?

Spock: Captain?

McCoy: Jim...

Kirk: Well, I guess we forgot our IDs... but the uh... admiral... called for us...

Guard: What admiral?

Kirk: Uh... admiral...

Spock: Admiral Perry.

Kirk: Yeah, what Spock said.

Angelo: Admiral who?

Kirk: Perry. Surely you've heard of him?

Angelo: No, as a matter of fact, I haven't.

McCoy: JIM!

Kirk: What? What is it, Bones?

McCoy: I've been trying to say that there was an accident inside and we need to get in.

Guard: We would have been notified immediately if there were an accident.

Kirk: Uh, well...

Angelo: You know what I think? I think you three are a bunch of fakes. I should report all of you, but if you leave now, we'll forget this ever happened.

Kirk: Uh, sure, bye. Come on guys, lets go.

McCoy: So... what now?

Kirk: We find another way in.

Spock: Jim!

Kirk: What is it, Spock?

Spock: I believe I have found a way in.

Kirk: Good job.

McCoy: Uh... Jim, are you sure about this?

Kirk: Nope. Come on.

Spock: After you, doctor.

McCoy: Gee, thanks Spock.

Spock: You're welcome.

McCoy: I was being sarcastic, you green-blooded, pointy-eared…

Kirk: Alright, bones, that's enough. Can't you two ever get along? And to think, I have to be stuck with both of you... (after a few moments) Okay, this looks like an air duct return.

McCoy: Is there anyone outside?

Kirk: I don't see anyone. Alright, here we go.


[The trio exits the duct]

McCoy: Well, I'm glad to be out of there.

Kirk: We need to find someone who can help us.

McCoy: Somebody's coming!

Kirk: Scotty!

Scotty: Cap'n! But you... how did you get out of prison?

Kirk: Prison?

Scotty: Don't you remember? You were locked up for trying to stop X.

Spock: X?

Scotty: Aye.

Kirk: Scotty, who's X?

Scotty: Capn'! Are you sure you're feeling alright?

Kirk: I'm fine, Scotty, just tell us who X is.

Scotty: He's taken control of the whole bloody planet. And the authorities had most of the people here locked up.

McCoy: But you weren't?

Scotty: No, they made me stay to repair the damage from the attack.

Spock: Attack?

Scotty: You got to be kidding me? You don't even remember the bloody attack?

Kirk: Who attacked?

Scotty: We were attacked by X's men. They destroyed Starfleet, and several men were left to clean up.

Kirk: So that's what that guard was talking about.

Scotty: But I still don't have the slightest clue how you got here, captain.

Kirk: Neither do we, Scotty.

Spock: Jim, perhaps I might be able to shed some light on the situation.

Kirk: Well, by all means, Spock, do tell.

Spock: I have been thinking about the anomaly, and about the changes we've experienced, and have come to the conclusion that we may have been sent to an alternate reality.

Kirk: But Spock, that's only theoretical.

Spock: Yes, but think about it, captain; if this were our reality, wouldn't we still be on the Enterprise?

McCoy: Well Spock, for all we know, we could have been transported from the Enterprise to here by that anomaly.

Spock: Yes, that is possible, but if we were only transported, then Starfleet would not be destroyed and X would not be in control of the Earth.

Kirk: Well, now that we've solved that mystery...

McCoy: There's one thing I don't get. How did he take over the planet so quickly?

Kirk: That's what I plan to find out. Scotty, do you know where X is?

Scotty: No, captain.

[Guards walk into room]

Angelo: Hey! You three again! I thought I made it very clear to you that if you showed up again I'd report you!

Kirk: Look, we need to see X.

Johnson: Hah! No one sees X except Kardok.

Kirk: Well then, take us to Kardok.

Angelo: Alright, we will.

Johnson: And may he have mercy on your soul. [evil smile]

Guard: Sir, we have some men who demand to see you.

Kardok: Bring them in.

Johnson: Sir, their weapons. [she hands them to Kardok]

Kirk: Are you Kardok?

Kardok: Yes, but who are you?

Kirk: James Tiberius Kirk. I would like to see X.

Kardok: HA! No one gets to see him. Only I am allowed.

Angelo: Actually, that's not true.

Kardok: What? He told me himself that no one except me was permitted to see him.

Angelo: But what he didn't tell you was that I'm his personal body guard.

Kardok: Why would he keep this from me?

Angelo: I don't know, but you didn't think that he didn't have a body guard, did you? What, did you think you were his body guard, you Klingon scum!

Kardok: PetaQ! If you weren't his body guard, I would kill you where you stand.

Kirk: Ahem. I don't mean to interrupt... but I'd really like to see his majesty, here.

Angelo: I'm afraid that's impossible. He doesn't allow outsiders to see him.

X: Tommy, what's going on?

Angelo: Sir! I didn't realize that you were listening!

X: Yes, well, mister...

Kirk: Kirk, Jim Kirk.

McCoy: Pfft. Your name is 'Tommy'?

Angelo: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

McCoy: No, no.

X: Yes... Mr. Kirk. What did you want to talk to me about?

Kirk: What purpose do you have, taking over earth and destroying Starfleet?

X: My plans are to unite the Alpha Quadrant with me as the leader of all species.

McCoy: But how did you gain power so quickly?

X: I have my ways. Now, if that is all... Tommy, show them the way out.

Angelo: Alright, you heard the man, get moving!

Kirk: No, you must not be allowed to take over the Alpha Quadrant. This ends now.

X: Fine. Have it your way.

Kirk: Spock, now!

[Spock incapacitates Johnson]

Johnson: Uhh... [falls to the floor]

Spock: Jim! [tosses phaser to Kirk]

X: Kill them!

[Kirk runs at Kardok then Kardok throws him across the room]

Kirk: AHH!

[Angelo shoots scotty]

Scotty: AHH!

Kirk: Scotty, no!

[Kirk shoots Angelo]

Angelo: AHHHHH! [falls out window]

Guard: NO! [runs to window]

X: Ugh, fools!

[Spock shoots a bookshelf and it falls on X]


[Kardok runs out the door]

Kirk: Oh no you don't!

McCoy: No! Jim, let him go.

Kirk: Come on, lets get out of here.

Spock: It would be wise to do so.

McCoy: Now how are we going to get out of here?

Kirk: I don't know, but we'll find a way.


[X's hand pops out of the pile of books]

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