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Mr. Perry, the time has come.
Yes, my lord.
X and Perry
2381 ("The Hunt Continues")

X was a mysterious alien who ruled The X, a clandestine organisation whose ultimate goal was either the domination or complete obliteration of the Federation.

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On stardate 57189.4, X sent Kardok to attack the USS Enterprise-E. Multiple skirmishes ensued between the Enterprise and Kardok's vessel, the IKS Pak'tu, heavily damaging both ships. Afterward, Kardok visited X, informing him that he had failed to destroy the Enterprise. X told him that he must stop the Enterprise so they could not learn of his master plan.[1]

On stardate 57823.6, after Kardok was defeated by Captain Picard, X contacted Admiral Perry, telling him "the time has come."[2]

In an alternate version of the Kelvin timeline, X had taken control of Earth in the year 2259. He had imprisoned James T. Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy for trying to thwart his plans, but Montgomery Scott, who had been left by X to clean up the damage done to Starfleet Headquarters, was shocked to learn that they were not imprisoned after all (in actuality, they were from a completely different reality). Tommy Angelo, X's personal bodyguard, captured them and took them to X, who explained his plan briefly to them: he planned to unite the Alpha Quadrant under his rule.

A firefight ensued after Kirk stated plainly he would not allow X to continue his plans. The battle resulted in the deaths of multiple members of both sides, including Scotty, Angelo, and presumably X. Kardok managed to escape, and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy pursued him. X, who had been smashed by a large bookshelf, then managed to reach his hand out of the rubble.[3]

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