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Worf was a male Klingon who lived during the 24th century. He served in Starfleet aboard the USS Enterprise-E. His primary functions were as the tactical officer and chief of security; in addition, he also handled communications.

Biography[edit | edit source]

On stardate 57189.4, during the USS Enterprise-E's mission to locate the secret society that posed a threat to the security of the Federation, a Klingon boarding party from the rogue vessel IKS Pak'tu transported into the Enterprise's engineering section. Captain Jean-Luc Picard ordered Worf and Geordi La Forge to go secure engineering. They successfully drove the Klingons out of engineering and back to the Pak'tu; afterward, he and Geordi escorted two injured crewmen to sickbay.

The two were ordered back to the bridge, where Worf assumed his position at tactical. The Enterprise engaged the Pak'tu in a brief battle, and before Worf could land the crippling blow, the Pak'tu went into warp. The Enterprise pursued them until they dropped out of warp, and the two vessels again locked in combat. Worf disabled the Pak'tu's weapons array, leaving them defenseless. The Pak'tu again went into warp, but the Enterprise did not pursue. Its captain, Kardok, left the Enterprise with a chilling message, stating: "We will meet again, and I will kill you."[1]

On stardate 57823.6, the Pak'tu again attacked the Enterprise without provocation, despite Captain Picard's desire to communicate peaceably. After a brief skirmish between the two ships, the Pak'tu cloaked. It momentarily decloaked and the Enterprise managed to inflict some serious damage to it, albeit receiving its fair share of damage in the process. Later, Kardok and several of his officers transported onto the Enterprise's bridge, attempting to take control. They nearly had succeeded when B-4 emerged from Jean-Luc's ready room and forced them back to the Pak'tu. Jean-Luc then ordered Worf to fire upon the Pak'tu; he did, and the vessel was destroyed. All aboard were presumed killed.[2]

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