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William R. Darrow[1][2] was a male Human who lived during the 25th century. He served in Starfleet as an engineer's assistant on the USS Leviathan and held the rank of ensign as of 2409.[citation needed]

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In 2409, Darrow was serving aboard the USS Leviathan as an engineer's assistant to the chief engineer, Jhael Onika, as well as his successor, Phil Schrader. Darrow accompanied an away team to a Klingon outpost in the Bomari system, and assisted security chief Vance L'eher in placing spatial charges on the outpost.[3]

During an encounter with Nausicaan pirates in the Celes system, Commander Jarek Davis (then in command of the Leviathan) recklessly chose to attack the Nausicaans, despite being outnumbered. Though the Leviathan survived, the ship was left heavily damaged, and six officers were killed in engineering, including Onika, who had stayed to contain a warp core breach. Darrow was forced to drag Schrader out of engineering, because he refused to leave Onika's side.[4]

Darrow was one of several candidates to replace Onika as chief engineer, following his death. In the end, Commander Davis chose Schrader to be Onika's replacement.[a]

He was one of many crewmen suspicious of Davis' unusual behavior, and assisted in freeing the Leviathan's senior officers who had been locked in the brig.[5]

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  1. When asked for his name and qualifications, Darrow responded with: "Darrow, William R., engineer's assistant for two years." This means he joined the crew sometime in 2407, placing his graduation from Starfleet Academy roughly in that year.

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