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Wesley Crusher was a Human male, the son of Doctor Beverly Crusher. On stardate 57189.4, he visited his mother on the USS Enterprise-E while it was in orbit of Earth getting repairs. Most of his time had been spent in the company of The Traveler, but he had a desire to visit Beverly and Captain Jean-Luc Picard while they were in the area.

After a brief reunion with his mother, Wesley found Captain Picard in his ready room. The two had a brief chat, and Wesley noticed Data's brother, B-4, sitting in the corner of the room. Jean-Luc told him he wished Data could see his brother "growing up," referring to Data's memory transfer with B-4 before his death.[1][a]

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  1. The fact that Wesley paid his visit to the Enterprise while it was at Earth would seem to indicate that he was no longer with The Traveler and perhaps even in the midst of rejoining Starfleet. Another small indication of this is the fact that Wesley mentions having read Picard's report about Data's death.

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