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"War Is Good for Business" is the ninth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written in March 2014 and published on 24 March 2014. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

After a failed away mission leads to the deaths of several crewmen, Jason Fredricks begins having qualms about serving in Starfleet. The crew attempts to adjust to Jason's replacement, Commander Jarek Davis.

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Act I: Taking Leave Edit

Personal log, Jarek Davis. My 126 days of shore leave have been cut short due to a most unusual turn of events. Lieutenant Commander Jason Fredricks, the fledgling captain of the USS Leviathan, has unofficially resigned his commission to Starfleet, and I have been ordered to take command by Fleet Admiral Quinn. I am uncertain whether this will be a temporary assignment or a permanent one.

Act II: Of Specialists and Nausicaans Edit

Captain's log, stardate 83295.3, Commander Davis reporting. I have taken command of the Leviathan, and we are now proceeding to the Celes system on Fleet Admiral Quinn's orders.

Act III: Suspicions Edit

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  • This chapter is an adaptation of the Star Trek Online mission "War is Good for Business".
  • The title of the chapter was originally stylized as "War Is Good For Business". The word "for" was later changed to lowercase to conform with the AP capitalization style.
  • This chapter received a comprehensive revision in 2020. The major changes are as follows:

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