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  The Voth were a humanoid species. They were considered one of the three "prime races" in the Dragon Alliance, along with the Knuckonians and the Safecinians.[1]

The Mountain Goat destroyed a Voth fortress ship with the assistance of Night Raid during a time when the Lion and Dragon Alliances were at war.[2]

Junibell once mistook Knuckonian soldiers for Gorn, asking why they had "armor and weapons like the Voth".[3]

Lord Klarrn mentioned that the Voth Ministry of Elders supported Lord Sleacherling's bid to take over parts of the Delta Quadrant.[4]

After being resurrected by a Phoenix Dracomancer priestess, Doya, Spear, Three, and Henter were held on a joint Voth-Knuckonian capital ship.[5]

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