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Vana Aleksandrov was a female Human Zenith Alliance operative and former Starfleet officer.

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Vana joined Starfleet Academy in the mid-2370s, but she resigned within six months, having been charged with insubordination.

She joined the Maquis shortly upon leaving Starfleet, but was mistrusted due to her radical views. She was soon approached by an operative from the Zenith Alliance about joining their ranks.[2]

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Late in 2378, Vana joined the Zenith Alliance. She quickly learned how to thrive within the Alliance, using flattery and subterfuge to land her a spot on the flagship of the Alliance, the IKS GhIqtal, as its security chief. According to Captain Kardok, she was placed aboard the GhIqtal specifically for the mission to destroy the USS Enterprise-E, and capture Captain Jean-Luc Picard.[3]

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