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2020 Edit

June - August Edit

FED: "Under the Cover of Night" is published.
TSLW: "Attack on the Minuteman Outpost" is published.
FVOY: "Homecoming" is published.

September - December Edit

AMOH: "quvHa' puqloD" is published (story premiere).
TSLW: "No Country for Jaegers" is published.
FED: "Saturday's Child" is published.
FVOY: "Much A-Q About Nothing" is published.

2021 Edit

TSLW: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" is published.
FVOY: "Resistance Is Qtile" is published.
TSLW: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Part II" is published.
HOK: "Challenge for Command" is published (story premiere).
TSLW: "The Goat, the Wolf, and the Sorry Woman" is published.
TSLW: "Beware the Sorry Woman" is published.

Unknown Edit

SEXT: [ unknown chapter ] (chapter 3) is published.
TSLW: "Escape From Crono 15" is published.
Template:TRJR is published (story premiere).
SEXT: [ unknown chapter ] (chapter 4) is published.
SEXT: [ unknown chapter ] (chapter 5) is published.

Undeveloped Edit

The following are chapters that have been neglected for a long period and most likely will be moved to undeveloped content at some point.

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