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For a list of named personnel, see USS Leviathan (NCC-93151) personnel.

The following is a list of unnamed USS Leviathan personnel.

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Security ensign Edit

This ensign joined the away team that assisted the SS Azura. They wanted to attack the Orion boarders directly, however, Jason Fredricks discovered that the Orions already knew they were coming. The ensign was also the first to notice an injured crewman lying in one of the control rooms.[1]

Tactical stand-in (Jan 2409) Edit

This tactical officer was a stand-in for Jason while he was engaging a Klingon boarding party in engineering. They were asked by Captain Masc Taggart how long until shields could be restored.[2]

This officer was removed during a 2020 revision of "The Price of Liberty".

Tactical stand-in (Feb 2409) Edit

This tactical officer took Tala Jones' place at tactical while Jason was aboard the SS Azura, and Tala was left in command. Tala asked her how badly the Leviathan's systems had been damaged after several EPS conduits exploded.[3][a]

Transporter officer Edit

This transporter officer transported Jason and an away team over to the SS Azura, which had been attacked by Orions. He later transported the six away team members and four of the Azura's crew back to the Leviathan. He was, however, unable to retrieve Captain Danna Brott before the Azura was destroyed.[4]

He later transported an away team escorting Ambassador Sokketh to the surface of P'Jem.[5]

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Bridge crewman Edit

This crewman was stationed on the bridge. He was killed by an exploding console during the Leviathan's battle with the Undine dreadnought Plok'tau.[6]

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Bar patron Edit

This patron was sitting at the bar in the mess hall when the Leviathan was attacked by the Klingons. (S)he was attended to by Crusoe.[7]

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  1. It is unknown whether these two stand-ins were actually the same person, as it is not specified in dialog. It is also possible that this tactical officer was Elisa Flores.

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