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The emblem of the Undine government

The Undine, also known by their Borg designation of Species 8472,[citation needed] were a species with shapeshifting abilities who were native to fluidic space.[1]


The first evidence of Undine infiltration within the Federation was on stardate 83189.1 (2409), when an Undine spy posing as Vulcan Ambassador Sokketh was discovered by the crew of the USS Leviathan. The Leviathan had been tasked with transporting the ambassador from Vulcan to P'Jem, where he would meet the abbot of the Vulcan monastery. The Undine's true plan was to replace the Vulcan abbot, but he was thwarted by Jason Fredricks and his away team. The Undine fled to his ship after fooling Klingon forces on the planet into believing he was their captain.

The Leviathan then had to face an Undine dreadnought, the Plok'tau, which easily outmatched them with its plasma torpedoes and antiproton beams. The Leviathan's arsenal, on the other hand, barely affected the Plok'tau's shields. A small convoy of Starfleet vessels entered the system just in time, and began battling the Plok'tau. After several moments of weapon exchange, the Plok'tau's shields fell, and it was destroyed. The Undine spy was presumed killed.[2]

Kardok believed a far more dangerous enemy than B'vat or even "the foul shapeshifters from fluidic space" was watching and waiting for the opportune time to make their move.[3]


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