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XL Edit

This was meant to be a parody of "X", with all of the characters given comical names.
The chapter was originally titled "Par Speck: XL".
Lame Tribeardius Jerk (James T. Kirk)
Spook [originally Sock] (Spock)
Meanheart DeStroy (Leonard McCoy)
Mountgumorknee Snot (Montgomery Scott)
Hardcock [originally Carclock] (Kardok)
Xtra Large (X)
Salami an'Jello (Tommy Angelo)
Sahara Pondscum (Samara Johnson)

Return to Reality Edit

This chapter was going to be the conclusion to the three-part arc that started with "X". CaptFredricks had no solid plans for the story of this chapter, but the title would seem to indicate that Kirk, Spock, and McCoy manage to get back to their reality somehow.

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