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Lego Star Trek: Stargazer, abbreviated Stargazer, is an undeveloped fan fiction story by CaptFredricks that was planned out sometime in 2011. No chapters were acted out or written, but at least 39 were planned.

Summary Edit

Volume 0 Edit

Volume 0 was intended to have one chapter, a "pilot" of sorts. It was intended to be written around May of 2011.

# Title Stardate Published
1 No title 10248.6 May 2011 (planned only)

Volume 1 Edit

Nineteen chapters were planned for Volume 1, and five of them were given titles. None of the chapters were ever written or acted out.

# Title Stardate Published
1 "Violations, Part I" 11108.3 Unknown (planned only)
The Klingons accuse Captain Ruhalter of violating the Khitomer Accords.
2 "Violations, Part II" 11109.7 Unknown (planned only)
Captain Ruhalter is killed; Picard tries to prevent a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
3 "The Valiant" 11197.5 Unknown (planned only)
Picard takes command of the Stargazer.
4 "Alone" 11265.0 Unknown (planned only)
Jackson thinks no one cares about him.
5 "Escape!" 11351.6 Unknown (planned only)
The crew is stranded on a mysterious planet.
6 "Shore Leave" 11472.5 Unknown (planned only)
The captain goes on shore leave.
7 "Chief" 11516.8 Unknown (planned only)
Commander "Chief" Thorton is assigned to the USS Constellation.
8 "The Armory" 11564.9 Unknown (planned only)
Jackson is assigned to the armory.
9 "A Testing Time, Part I" Unknown Unknown (planned only)
10 "A Testing Time, Part II" Unknown Unknown (planned only)
11 "The Darkest Hour" 11652.1 Unknown (planned only)
Lieutenant Commander Sukel comes aboard.
12 "Life as We Know It, Part I" 11738.4 Unknown (planned only)
The Stargazer fights off two Klingon Birds-of-Prey.
13 "Life as We Know It, Part II" Unknown Unknown (planned only)
14 No title 11792.2 Unknown (planned only)
15 No title 11825.6 Unknown (planned only)
16 No title 11862.9 Unknown (planned only)
17 No title 11935.7 Unknown (planned only)
18 No title 11956.4 Unknown (planned only)
19 "Gauntlet, Part I" 11979.3 Unknown (planned only)

Volume 2 Edit

At least two chapters were planned for Volume 2, but no titles were ever given to them. It would appear that CaptFredricks had lost interest in the story by this point.

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Background and trivia Edit

  • Several of the chapters share the same titles and similar summaries as chapters from Star Trek: The Cartoon Series. This story would have most likely fixed the continuity errors raised by the timespan of The Cartoon Series, while using many of the same plot elements.

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