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CaptFredricks originally intended for Jason Fredricks and Tala Jones to engage in a romantic relationship (this is hinted at in "Secret Orders") either at the end of the Klingon War arc or the beginning of the Romulan Mystery arc. With the introduction of Elisa Flores to the story, Capt changed his mind and chose not to pursue this.

This is an excerpt of a possible subplot that would have appeared toward the end of Volume 2:

As things began to heat up with the Romulans, they also did between Jason and Tala. It started with their varying opinions on how to deal with the increasingly hostile Romulans, and began to span over to their relationship in general.
Tala felt that Jason had been putting his duty before her, and thought that it might be best to end the relationship before it ended in disaster and heartbreak. Jason, however, did not want it to end and the conflict climaxed in an all-out verbal brawl between the two, leaving Tala in her quarters crying and Jason on the bridge feeling miserable.
They remained separate for the remainder of their assignment in Romulan space, and it appeared that they might never get back together. However, during the final battle, Jason and Tala ended up almost being killed, but somehow they survived, kissing and making up and resuming their relationship.



Thothoow was intended to appear in Federation Legacy as a recurring or regular character starting either late in the Klingon War arc or early in the Romulan Mystery arc. CaptFredricks scrapped this idea after deciding to take the story in a different direction. In place of Thothoow's exclusion, Capt wrote Th'vol Olethla into the story earlier than originally intended (Th'vol was going to appear sometime in Volume 2).

Her birthdate was originally 27 June 2386 (62420.37), however Capt later changed her birth year to 2383. She would have been the first Rigelian character in a major role in any of the fan fiction stories on the wiki.

Thothoow was going to replace Julia Cromwell as chief medical officer of the USS Leviathan in 2409 or 2410.

One subplot that would have revolved around her is as follows:

When Thothoow first came aboard, she was given Lenerea's old job. Lenerea, who usually was quite friendly to others, took a strong dislike to Thothoow. Thothoow seemed to sense it and felt Lenerea was "out to get her." This eventually resulted in a food fight in the mess hall, where Tala tried to get them to stop, only to have the captain walk in – seeing the three of them covered in food – and simply smile and order a drink.
Jason later called Thothoow and Lenerea to his ready room and told them that they didn't have to like each other, but they needed to see past their differences and work together on a project he was assigning them to. Eventually they were able to forgive each other and become friends.


USS Wraith[]

In Volume 1 or 2, the crew of the USS Leviathan was to be reassigned to the USS Wraith, a refitted Constitution-class starship. Having other plans for the story, CaptFredricks decided against it.

USS Picard[]

Much later in Federation Legacy, there was to be another vessel the crew would be assigned to, the USS Picard, a Galaxy-class starship. Capt felt this would be odd, as starships are normally named after people who have died, and Jean-Luc Picard was still living as of 2409.