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  A list of personnel of the USS Voyager.

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Civilians are listed without Starfleet ranks.

Profile Name Species Gender Status Rank (final) Position
Chakotay Chakotay Human Male Alive Captain Executive officer (unknown - 2378)
Commanding officer (2378 - )
The Doctor Doctor, The Hologram Male Alive no rank[a] Chief medical officer (unknown - )
Harry Kim, 2378 Kim, Harry Human Male Alive Lieutenant Operations officer (unknown - 2378)
Tactical officer, security chief (2378 - )
Kathryn Janeway Janeway, Kathryn Human Female Alive Captain Commanding officer (unknown - 2378)
Neelix Talaxian Male Alive Morale officer, chef (unknown - 2378)
Paris, Miral Human/Klingon Female Alive
Tom Paris, 2376 Paris, Tom Human Male Alive Lieutenant Commander Flight control officer (unknown - 2378)
Executive officer (2378 - )
Seven of Nine, 2378 Seven of Nine Human* Female Alive no rank[b] Astrometrics officer (unknown - 2378)
B'Elanna Torres Torres, B'Elanna Human/Klingon Female Alive Lieutenant Junior Grade Chief engineer (unknown - )
Tuvok, 2377 Tuvok Vulcan Male Alive Lieutenant Commander Tactical officer, security chief (unknown - 2378)

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  1. The Doctor is a special case because he was the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram.
  2. Seven never received a Starfleet commission.

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