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I've heard a lot about her, sir. A fine ship from what I'm told.
Jason Fredricks
2408 ("The Price of Liberty")

The USS Leviathan (NCC-93151) was a Miranda-class starship in service to Starfleet during the 2400s. It was commanded by Jason Fredricks as of 2409.

The Leviathan was launched sometime before 2402, as Captain Masc Taggart had been in command of it since that time. It underwent a refit in 2408, with improvements made to its warp drive, among other things.

History Edit

In 2408, the Leviathan was brought to the shipyards in orbit of Earth for a major refit. One of the improvements was a refit of the warp drive, increasing the maximum warp factor from 5.2 to 7.[1]

Technical data Edit

The USS Leviathan was a Miranda-class cruiser with registry NCC-93151. She had 12 decks and a crew compliment of 400. Her maximum speed was originally Warp 5.2, but after a refit in 2408, her top speed was increased to Warp 7.[2]

Armament Edit

The Leviathan had six phaser arrays and two photon torpedo launchers.[citation needed]

Decks Edit

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The ship contained 12 decks, and had a crew complement of at least 400. The bridge and captain's ready room were located on Deck 1, and engineering was on Deck 7.[3]

The lower decks contained mainly storage and environmental systems, with Deck 11 housing several cargo bays, life support systems, and engineering support.[4]

Personnel Edit

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Masc Taggart served as the Leviathan's captain from 2402 to 2409. On stardate 83164.0, the ship underwent a major lineup change in its command structure. With most of the senior officers being killed during a Klingon attack, among them the new executive officer, Henry Fuller; the chief medical officer, Travis Murray; the flight controller, Marvolo Piers; the chief engineer, Mars Lionel; and the operations officer, Koja Nara, as well as the abduction of Taggart by the Klingons, the remaining senior and junior officers were forced to take on new roles.

Jason Fredricks, the tactical officer and highest ranking survivor, took command; Ernie Hauser, an astrometrics scientist, took over for Piers at the helm; Charlie Morgan took Koja's place at ops; Julia Cromwell took over as chief medical officer; Jhael Onika became the new chief engineer; and Hannah Freeman took communications.[a] Lucas Wells, the science officer, was the only officer to remain at his original station.[5]

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  1. It's unclear whether the Leviathan had a communications officer prior to Hannah, but it is likely since the station already existed.

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