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A list of personnel of the USS Iroquois.

Crew manifest Edit

Civilians are listed without Starfleet ranks.

Profile Name Species Gender Status Rank (final) Position
Denis Hydronian Male Alive unspecified pilot (unknown - )
Elisa Flores, 2699 Flores, Elisa Human Female Alive unspecified tactical officer (unknown - 2700)
Howlingmoon Howlingmoon Human Female Alive Captain commanding officer (unknown - 2700)
Junibell Junibell Irathient Female Alive unspecified medical assistant (unknown - 2700)
Kaiy Sangheili Male Alive unspecified pilot (unknown - )
Kara Kara Android Female Alive unspecified biologist (unknown - )
Kolez Kolez Saurian Male Alive unspecified security chief (unknown - )
T-Rex Hydronian Male Alive unspecified security officer (unknown - )
T'Vrell T'Vrell Vulcan Female Alive unspecified science officer, communications officer (unknown - )
Teatay Teatay Vulcan Female Alive unspecified security chief (unknown - 2699)
Treav Treav Human Male Alive Lieutenant xenologist (unknown - 2700)
Zarva Zarva Bolian Female Alive unspecified chief engineer (unknown - )

Navigation Edit

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