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The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a Constitution-class starship in service to Starfleet during the 23rd century. It was most famous for its five-year mission under legendary Captain James T. Kirk from 2265 - 2270.

The Enterprise was the Federation's flagship.[1]



On 12 September 2265 (1016.3), Doctor Leonard McCoy noted in his medical log that he had just over a month of service left on Drozana Station before he would transfer to the Enterprise.[1][a]

In 2268, a group of Kelvans from the Andromeda Galaxy briefly took over the Enterprise with the intention of returning to their homeworld to bring back an invasion force.[4]

At some point in 2270, the Enterprise was patrolling the Gateway system when it came under attack by Klingons. Commander Spock sent out a distress call, filling in for Nyota Uhura, who had been injured. The USS Leviathan, which had just traveled back in time via the Guardian of Forever, responded to the Enterprise's plea for help, and dispatched the Klingon vessels. Spock surmised that the Leviathan was from the future, but understanding the importance of the Temporal Prime Directive, did not question the Leviathan's crew as to their intentions.[3]



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  1. This coincides with the fact that McCoy was absent during the events of "Where No Man Has Gone Before", which take place on 23 October 2265 (1312.4).

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