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The USS Devastator (NX-93119) was a United Earth NX-class prototype light escort ship in service with Starfleet in the early 22nd century. Launched in 2110 under the command of Captain Sierra Gordon, it was the first starship to bear the name Devastator.

History Edit

Construction and launch Edit

The Devastator was launched on 9 February 2110 and was, at that time, one of the three most advanced ships of the United Earth. She was constructed at an Unnamed Orbital Fleet Yard orbiting Earth.

Captain Sierra Gordon Assumed Command the day before the ship launched and carried out the Vessel's Christening, Just before a mission, Most of the crew on the NX-93119 were hand picked by Sierra and served on board the ship for over 100 years.

In service Edit

After A 4 year long Mission, The Devastator was ordered back to earth for Retrofitting and updates to her systems, Starfleet was concerned about problems that cropped up in the other NX class's, The Devastator was then ordered after the Retrofits to leave earth on a Deep Space mission the ship didn't finish the mission for 300 years and was unable to return to earth in that time frame nor was it able to send messages due to an issue with the Communications She is still currently in service even after the other Devastators were being constructed, the ship served independently of Starfleet and the Ravenwood Mercenaries.

Technical information Edit

In her original configuration, the Devastator was 225 meters long, 33.3 meters in height and had 7 decks with a crew complement total of 85, mass was 80,000 metric tons. With a maximum Warp speed factor of Warp 5.9.

Original armaments and defenses Edit

Current armaments and defenses Edit

Current defenses were reversed Borg technology, including deflector shields as well as a more advanced targeting array.

Engineers quoted the ship as being so powerful for a ship of it's age and design that when it's weapons were engaged, the ship was at the point of destroying herself.

Personnel Edit


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