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I've got no need for money unless you're carrying lots of it. Knowing you Starfleet types, I'm not getting my hopes up.
Two of Eight
2409 ("The Lost City of Paradise")

Two of Eight[1] was a male liberated Borg who lived during the 25th century. He resided in Paradise City on Nimbus III, where he owned a bar in the middle of town.[2]

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On stardate 83832.9 (2409), Two of Eight's bar in Paradise City was visited by a man looking for information on the whereabouts of an Orion Syndicate boss who resided on Nimbus III. Not wanting any part in the man's schemes, he told him to leave.[2]

Later on, Horace Jones, another resident of the decrepit town, referred Jason Fredricks and his away team to Two of Eight when they asked about information on thalaron technology that might be on the planet. Once again, Two of Eight was less than thrilled to offer up any information, and he tried to send the Starfleet officers away. Jason offered assistance to the town in the form of supplies, rations, and security in exchange for the information they needed. Seeing their magnanimity, Two of Eight finally obliged and sent them to meet Law, a former peacekeeper who kept tabs on Syndicate business.[3]

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Two of Eight was very cautious of outsiders and did not freely offer up information, especially if it pertained to the Orion Syndicate. He outright refused to help Kardok in locating Hassan the Undying,[2] and only gave assistance to Jason Fredricks and his crew after they brought supplies down to Paradise City to help the citizens.[3]

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As a liberated Borg drone, Two of Eight was no longer a part of the Borg Collective, but he retained many of his cybernetic implants.[2]

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