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  The True Way, sometimes called the True Way Alliance, was a Cardassian terrorist organization bent on returning Cardassia to its "former glory" through violent acts. Though the True way considered themselves to be a legitimate political entity, the Cardassian government viewed them only as criminals.[1]

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On stardate 83430.7, a convoy of True Way vessels, led by the Axon, set course for the Donatu system for an undisclosed reason.[2] By stardate 83446.1, they had come into conflict with Klingon vessels, halting any operations they had planned in or around the system.[3] Another thing that plagued the True Way vessels during their mission was the unexpected and sudden deaths of several officers. The Axon's captain, focused on impressing Gul Madred, seemed to downplay the severity of these deaths in his logs.[2]

The True Way were ultimately halted in their operations by the Klingon task force and the USS Leviathan, a Starfleet vessel,[3] as well as the Devidians, the force behind the mysterious officer deaths.[2]

On stardate 83626.4, the True Way, though they failed to take credit for a bombing in Tycho City, Luna, were briefly considered as one of multiple suspects before it was determined that augmented Gorn were behind the bombing.[4]

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