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Treav Alexander Callem was a male Human who lived during the 27th century. He was a Starfleet officer who served under Captain Howlingmoon during the Galaxy War[citation needed] and later joined the Rangers of the Prime Directive.[1]


Early life[]

Treav Callem was a Human male born on 21 December 2681 in Gunnison, Colorado, Earth.[2] He was raised by his mother and grandmother.[citation needed]

At the age of six, his mother adopted an Irathient girl named Junibell.[citation needed]

When he was 16, Treav, protecting his sister, got into a bar fight[2] with a Gorn named Slar[3] in Paradise Lost, which landed him in a hospital. This caused him to have a phobia of reptilian species for a time. Treav was stationed aboard the USS Leviathan at the time, but it's unclear whether he held rank or was an acting officer.[a]

Treav's fear of reptilians eventually went away, but his study of the Knuckonians caused some of his fears to return.[2]


About seven months prior to graduating from Tokyo Academy, Treav was on Drozana Station when he met an interesting Ferengi named Nobii who was talking about the Golden Dragon. Nobii explained some of Sleacherling's – that is, the Golden Dragon's – past to Treav. Treav later had a nightmare about this encounter and other things he had heard about the Golden Dragon. Three weeks later, Treav learned that Nobii had been killed in a most disturbing manner, but he was preparing for New Years Day, so he quickly forgot about it.[4]

Treav joined Starfleet in 2699, at the age of seventeen, evidently bypassing the Academy altogether.[citation needed]

While at Tokyo Academy, Treav studied anthropology and xenology. He graduated at the age of 18 and joined the crew of the USS Iroquois on 25 December 2699.[2] He had already attained the rank of lieutenant by this time.

Shortly after Treav's arrival on the Iroquois, Captain Howlingmoon suggested he get familiar with his crewmates, warning him that there were Hydronians (a reptilian species) and a Sangheili onboard. She had informed them already of Treav's past issues with reptilians and ex-Covenant species, and they understood. Treav assured her that he had moved past his fears and it would not be a problem.

Treav quickly got to know Kaiy, the Sangheili officer, who aimed to discover the true Great Journey as a member of the United Federation of Planets, rather than following the Covenant like the majority of his species still did. The two went together to the ship's cafeteria to meet the other new recruits.[3]

Rangers of the Prime Directive[]

After the battle on Naiva, Treav was recruited by the Rangers of the Prime Directive.[5]




Junibell was orphaned at the young age of 6 by the Kazon and Tal Shiar, and she got asylum with the Eagle Alliance. Treav was very protective of her, getting into a bar fight with a Gorn to protect her and trying to cheer her up after Bajoran students would tease and bully her for being Irathient. Treav was stationed on the USS Iroquois after graduating from Tokyo Academy in 2699, as was Junibell, who became a medical assistant.[2]



Treav and Teatay had known each other since they met in school as children. At some point before 2699, the two started a romantic relationship. Treav and Teatay both attended the Tokyo Academy together, and they often trained in the Academy's holodeck to build up their combat and stealth abilities against enemies such as the Knuckonians.

After their time in the Academy, Treav and Teatay both joined the crew of the Iroquois under Captain Howlingmoon on 25 December 2699. Treav, specializing in xenology, became the ship's xenologist, and Teatay, specializing in combat, became one of the ship's security chiefs.[2]


Howlingmoon once said that Treav reminded her of her ancestor, Chakotay, when he served as first officer on the USS Voyager.[3]


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Notes and references[]

  1. The fact that Treav was a lieutenant just two years later, while serving on the USS Iroquois, might indicate that he was an ensign during his time on the Leviathan.