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For the space station with the same name, see Treasure Trading Station.

"Treasure Trading Station" is the tenth chapter of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written between May and June 2014 and published on 3 July 2014. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

While Lieutenant Jason Fredricks contemplates whether to return to Starfleet or take a different path, the crew of the USS Leviathan attempts to expose Commander Jarek Davis' ties to the Tal Shiar.



Captain's log, stardate 83312.2, Commander Davis reporting. We recently lost our chief engineer during a battle with the Nausicaans in the Celes system, and I am now tasked with selecting a new one.

Act I: Whispers and Misgivings[]

Act II: Mutiny[]

Act III: Defector[]



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Background and trivia[]

  • This chapter is an adaptation of the Star Trek Online mission "Treasure Trading Station".
  • This chapter received a comprehensive revision in 2020 and 2021. The major changes are as follows:
    • With this revision, this has become the longest chapter in the story (9,980 words). Previously, "Installation 18" was the longest.
    • The stardate has been moved from 83262.2 (8 March 2409) to 83312.2 (28 March 2409).
    • Dylyp Azeli and Vincent Petráš now appear in the teaser.
    • The date of the USS Leviathan's refit has been corrected from 2407 to 2408.
    • Davis promotes Phil Schrader to lieutenant junior grade. Originally, Phil remained an ensign until his death in "Secret Orders".
    • Davis no longer chooses to reassign Hannah Freeman to the science department.
    • The scene where Tala Jones confronts Davis in his ready room has been completely rewritten, as Davis doesn't reassign Hannah in the new version. Instead, Tala now expresses the crew's concerns about Davis and admits to looking into his personal history.
    • The scene where Tala and the other senior officers discuss what to do about Davis has been moved to later in the chapter, after Davis beams down to the Treasure Trading Station.
    • Jason's conversation with Jorel Quinn now includes a detailed monologue by Quinn of the events leading up to the Federation-Klingon War.
    • Davis now only takes Lucas Wells and two security officers with him to the Treasure Trading Station. In the original, Elisa Flores went with them too.
    • The scene where Tala and the other senior staff members are arrested and taken to the brig has been completely rewritten. Originally, Davis confronted them himself, but now Blaise Moreau plays audio of the senior staff talking about whether Davis is a traitor and has security take them to the brig afterward.
    • T'mar has taken the place of both Elisa and an unnamed security officer on Davis' away team.
    • The scene at the bar of the Treasure Trading Station has been moved to the beginning of Act II, and it has been extended and almost entirely rewritten.
    • The brig scenes in Act II have been completely rewritten, and a new character named Qadir is introduced.
    • New scenes with Julia Cromwell have been added, and she is no longer sent to the brig with the other senior officers. Instead, she goes to the bridge and confronts Moreau, learning that he lied about the senior staff's mutiny. She then rescues the senior officers from the brig.
    • A new scene has been added to Act II in which Vance L'eher, Hannah, and others retake engineering from Petráš.
    • Dylyp is now the one to inform Quinn about Davis (previously, it was Tala). Jason is also present for their conversation.
    • The scene where Davis is arrested has been greatly expanded. He now has a brief conversation with Jason, and Marta is also part of the scene.
    • The final scene has been cleaned up, and more information is given regarding Davis and the mutineers' fates.