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Tovan Khev was a male Romulan who lived during the 25th century. He served in the Romulan Republic[1] as executive and tactical officer of the RRW Decius and held the rank of subcommander as of 2409.

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Tovan had a determined and somewhat untrusting nature; he was wary of revealing personal information to strangers.[2] He also was quite protective of his captain, growing a bit frantic when she would needlessly put herself in harm's way.[1]

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In October of 2409, Tovan accompanied Rhiana Valkyrie – his captain – to Nimbus III in order to locate a substation in a Gorn-controlled canyon. Tovan had Sora, another officer with them, keep tabs on Rhiana while he converse with a fourth officer, Hiven, about the substation. Tovan then became concerned when Rhiana wandered off away from the group, but his fears were allayed after both Sora and Rhiana killed two Gorn that tried to ambush Rhiana.[1]

Later, Tovan accompanied Rhiana and Sora to the USS Leviathan to discuss an imminent threat down on the surface of Nimbus III. Tovan cautioned Rhiana not to reveal any personal information about herself after she divulged that her father was Human. He then indicated the reason for their meeting – they had discovered a Tal Shiar presence on the planet. Tovan also revealed the true identity of a Tal Shiar agent referred to as "One Eye" in logs recorded by Hassan the Undying – the leader of the Tal Shiar himself, Hakeev. Tovan then extended an invitation to the crews of the Leviathan and the IKS SuvwI' to join them in infiltrating the Tal Shiar base.[2]

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Tovan was very protective of his captain, Rhiana. He believed she was too oblivious and carefree for her own good. When he was unable to keep an eye on her, he made sure Sora could in his place. Tovan became panicked when Rhiana was nearly attacked by a Gorn, but Sora killed the Gorn before he could reach her.[1]

Tovan also warned Rhiana not to reveal sensitive information about herself to people she wasn't closely acquainted with.[2]

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