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A-are you sure it was necessary to rip that man's arms off?

He should have thought about the consssequences of not allowing usss entry.
Th'vol Olethla and Tlaszh
2409 ("The Lost City of Paradise")

Tlaszh was a male Gorn who lived during the 25th century. He served in the Klingon Defense Force as a security officer on the IKS SuvwI' in 2409.[1]

Biography Edit

On stardate 83738.2 (2409), the IKS SuvwI' accompanied the USS Leviathan to the Gateway system. Tlaszh was part of a joint away team that went down to the Gateway planet's surface to track down B'vat. He was transported back in time to 2270 by the Guardian of Forever along with both crews.[1] Tlaszh later accompanied Kardok and S'lade Zdanas to the IKS Worvig, where Kardok and B'vat dueled to the death. He supplied Kardok with a bat'leth for the battle.[2]

On stardate 83832.9, he joined Kardok's away team to Nimbus III on a mission to locate Hassan the Undying, an Orion Syndicate boss who had murdered Kardok's sister.[3] He later shot and killed a Gorn assassin working for the Orion Syndicate in the backstreets of Paradise City at his captain's command, but at the discontent of a fellow away team led by Jason Fredricks. Kardok then tasked Tlaszh with protecting Law, a Romulan peacekeeper that was the target of the assassin, as he had requested asylum with them. Law led the group to Hassan's hideout, where they split into two groups to infiltrate the base easier. Tlaszh was appointed to lead one of the teams.[4]

Rather than try to talk past the Orion bouncer who guarded the entrance to Hassan's nightclub within his fortress, Tlaszh opted to tear off his arms. This disgusted Th'vol Olethla, but Tlaszh had no sympathy for him. Once inside the main lounge in the nightclub, Tlaszh was approached by a rather unscrupulous individual about acquiring the "specimens" he had with him, indicating the other members of his team. Tlaszh indicated that they were "gifts" for Hassan, and he refused the patron's offer. He and his group then took a seat at a table to wait for Hassan to make the first move. Tlaszh was later contacted by Kardok, who told him to remain hidden for the time being regardless of anything that might happen to the other team.[5]

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Tlaszh showed great confidence in his captain, believing that his victory against B'vat was all but guaranteed.[6] He also had a strong loyalty to his captain, not hesitating to kill another Gorn at Kardok's behest.[7]

Tlaszh seemed to have a resounding lack of patience, as demonstrated when he ripped off an Orion bouncer's arms for denying him entry to Hassan the Undying's nightclub.[8]

Appearance Edit

He spoke with a typical Gorn lisp.[1]

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