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Tlaszh was a Gorn security officer who served aboard the IKS SuvwI' in 2409.

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On stardate 83738.2, the IKS SuvwI' accompanied the USS Leviathan to the Gateway system. Tlaszh was part of a joint away team that went down to the Gateway planet's surface to track down B'vat. He was transported back in time to 2270 by the Guardian of Forever along with both crews.

Tlaszh later accompanied Kardok and S'lade Zdanas to the IKS Worvig, where Kardok and B'vat dueled to the death. He supplied Kardok with a bat'leth for the battle.[1]

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Tlaszh showed great confidence in his captain, believing that his victory against B'vat was all but guaranteed.[2]

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He spoke with a typical Gorn lisp.[3]

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