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James Timothy Henderson[a] was a male Human who lived during the 24th century. He served in Starfleet as an engineer's assistant on the USS Enterprise-E and held the rank of lieutenant junior grade as of 2380.

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James Timothy Henderson was a Human male born to Charles and Donna Henderson on 2 July 2357 in Seattle, Washington, Earth.[a]

Henderson was one of the injured crewmen that Dr. Beverly Crusher attended to after the IKS Pak'tu's attack on the USS Enterprise-E on stardate 57189.4.[1]

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  • Henderson did not appear in the original enactment of "Lego Star Trek". He was first introduced in the written version of the chapter.
  • In "Lego Star Trek", he is referred to as "[Lieutenant] Henderson", but in an old bio CaptFredricks made for him, he is listed as holding the rank of lieutenant junior grade. Technically, this is not a contradiction as lieutenant j.g. is often abbreviated to just lieutenant.

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