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Thoros Azeli was a male Andorian. He was the husband of Nessha Azeli and the father of Ziphla and Dylyp Azeli.[1]

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During Dylyp's childhood, his pet hybor was killed by a predator, and Dylyp was grief-stricken. Solak, a close friend of Thoros, performed a mind meld with Dylyp to calm the boy's mind, and Dylyp asked Solak to teach him about logic. Dylyp nearly underwent the kolinahr ritual to purge all emotion, but in the end, he decided against it.[2]

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  1. Personnel Files (No. 4), Thoros is listed in Dylyp's personnel file.
  2. Star Trek: Federation Legacy – "The Ultimate Klingon" (Act II)

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