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The Federation and Klingons can never be allies. B'vat knows that better than most. I-I refuse to live in a galaxy where we are united... the war can't end. Not now – not... ever...
Thom Lædon
2409 ("The Kuvah'Magh")

Thomas Lædon was a male Human Starfleet officer who served as a security officer on the USS Leviathan. In 2409, he began suffering from the traumas of war and started to sympathize with B'vat's cause, wishing for the war to continue indefinitely. This led him to murder a fellow crewman and brought about his own death.

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As of stardate 83208.6, he was a security officer stationed in the brig on the USS Leviathan. He was tasked with guarding Remus Wells after Wells was suspected of selling weapons to the Klingon Empire. He was subsequently knocked unconscious by Lucas Wells, who then proceeded to free his uncle.[2]

The war eventually began to take its toll on him, and even drove him to turn on his crewmates. On stardate 83236.3, he murdered fellow crewman Don Leffler and attempted to murder Miral Paris as well. His last words were, "The war can't end. Not now – not... ever," revealing his mental and emotional state was not as it should be. He was shot and killed by Jason Fredricks before he could harm anyone else.[3]

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  • Thom Lædon was originally created for "Stop the Signal". He was given no distinctive character traits, but his character was expanded in "The Kuvah'Magh" to that of a distraught crewman who would stoop to murder in order to prolong the war with the Klingons.
  • His name is pronounced as TOM LIE-don.

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