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Thiral was a male Andorian who lived during the 25th century. He served in Starfleet aboard Starbase 114 and held the rank of commander as of 2409.[1]

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On stardate 83295.3 (2409), Thiral was serving on Starbase 114 in an unspecified position. He thanked the crew of the USS Leviathan for rescuing the USS ShiKahr, which had gotten stranded in the Celes Nebula due to a rapid energy drain. He then informed Commander Jarek Davis that two specialists that he had requested were ready to be transported to the Leviathan. Finally, he asked the Leviathan, on behalf of Commander Cleveland, to investigate a recent disappearance of kemocite from the starbase.

Tala Jones then quickly informed Thiral that the suspected robbery by a freighter crew may have been conducted by the Nausicaans, who were responsible for the ShiKahr's distress. Thiral became concerned that this could mean the Orion Syndicate was involved, and he told the crew of the Leviathan to be careful.[1]

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