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The Wraith was a member of the Golden Dragon's personal officers and a rival of Beastie and Howlingmoon.

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During the Battle of the First Blood, The Wraith cornered Howlingmoon and Junibell in the mansion they were staying at, stating she had been "waiting to kill" Howlingmoon. Before she could cause any harm to them, however, Beastie and Eagle Alliance reinforcements barged in, and he told her "the next shot [would] be to [her] face." After he told her that both he and the Shadow Raptor were done with Sleacherling's "war game," she received a call from Tyrant, who told her that the Golden Dragon had ordered a retreat. With that, The Wraith and her men transported out and pulled their forces out of the area.[1]

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The Wraith had short, black hair and wore a gas mask during her encounter with Beastie and Howlingmoon.[2]

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