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"The Ultimate Klingon" is the seventeenth chapter of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written between May and July 2016 and published on 30 July 2016. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

After Gorn augments bomb Tycho City, Luna and the Korvat colony, Dylyp Azeli and Ernie Hauser are sent on a secret mission to H'atoria where they encounter a geneticist who aims to artificially breed a race of super soldiers.



Dylyp Azeli is walking down a corridor minding his own business when he bumps into Elisa Flores, who states that Vance L'eher "has [her] up to [her] ears in training manuals." After Dylyp states that she needs to learn more responsibility and follow orders, she insultingly calls him a Vulcan. She seems to calm down after letting that out, conceding that Dylyp is correct. He then hesitantly asks her to keep a secret: it's his birthday. He believes that despite their disagreements she can still be trusted to keep it secret. She, in turn, asks him not to tell Jason Fredricks about their disagreement; he states that they merely "cleared up a misunderstanding regarding [her] current duty schedule." Before walking away, Elisa tells him that she now understands why everyone likes him. His response is "oh, dear..."

Act I: Tragedy[]

Captain's log, stardate 83626.4. We've received two esteemed guests aboard the Leviathan today. Subcommanders Kaol and Mivek of the newly-formed Romulan Republic have paid us a visit, and I've had the chef prepare the finest Romulan cuisine the ship can offer.

Kaol and Mivek have joined the Leviathan's senior staff in the mess hall. Kaol apologizes that they are not more formal representatives of the Romulan Republic, but Jason replies that it's not every day that they have Romulan guests aboard, showing he is honored nonetheless. Lucas Wells asks if the Romulan Republic feels it is stable enough to stand as an independent government yet, and Kaol replies saying, "we have already taken great steps toward true independence in the past year. Proconsul D'Tan has begun to unite our people in ways not seen since before the destruction of Romulus nearly 22 years ago."

Act II: Escalation[]

Act III: Augments[]




  1. USS Leviathan Teaser


  1. Tycho City (Luna) Act I
  2. Pike's Kitchen (Flashback)
  3. Korvat colony Act III
  4. H'atoria

Referenced only[]

  1. Romulus Act I
  2. Earth
  3. Andoria

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Federation Medical Council • Klingon Empire • Romulan Republic • Starfleet • True Way • United Federation of Planets


Andorian • Gorn • Hybor • Klingon • Reman • Romulan • Vulcan


2398 • 2409 • Osol twist • Kolinahr • PADD


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