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"The Rangers of the Prime Directive" is the fifth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written between December 2015 and January 2016 and published on 7 April 2017. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

Treav and Lucas Wells join the Rangers of the Prime Directive, an intriguing and eccentric assortment of elite fighters trained specifically for combating the hordes of Dragon Alliance soldiers. Beastie leads his own squad in hunting down a cruel Cardassian doctor named Crell Moset.



Prior to the Dragon Alliance attack on Naiva, Howlingmoon, the Shadow Raptor, and Jason Fredricks are discussing Esdeath's latest conquests, including the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire – after taking their homeworld, she ruthlessly killed everyone except their elders and children. Howlingmoon adds that the leaders of Ban Tribe had told her stories of Esdeath's armies who destroyed their villages and raped their mothers before their eyes.



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Author: Gornintheusa
Published: 7 April 2017

Somewhere on Naiva prior to the Dragon Alliance attack, Howlingmoon was talking to the Shadow Raptor and Jason Fredricks in a grandiose ballroom.

"It seems that General Esdeath has conquered the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire; for simply refusing to give their territories to the Kelvans and the Britannians, she decided to go to war against them," Jason said solemnly.

"Has she taken over their homeworld yet?" Howlingmoon asked, sorrow in her voice.

Jason sighed. "She did, and… she exterminated almost their entire species, leaving only the elders and children alive."

"Even though there is peace within our borders, there are still cries of war all around us. It's only a matter of time before the Lion Alliance declares war on us," the Shadow Raptor added.

"I remember what the Ban Tribe leaders told me of how Esdeath ordered her armies to destroy their villages and how they raped and killed their mothers in front of them when they were just children," Howlingmoon sighed. "Much like how the settlers did in the new world histories back on Earth. Esdeath is no different from them."

"Indeed. She was raised to hunt and kill those she considered weak."

"The Ctarl-Ctarl may be a stubborn race, but they don't deserve to have that fate. I can see why Beastie joined Night Raid of the Freedom Worlds Alliance."

"Yeah, Beastie was always the anarchist type. I miss that poor snake guy," Jason chuckled.

Howlingmoon nodded. "He did save Junibell when she was a child. I hope he's safe and that he finds peace."

"After his long history, including fighting in World Wars II and III, he's beyond finding peace," the Shadow Raptor replied.

"Well, I hope..." Howlingmoon trailed off as she heard Elisa Flores yelling Junibell's name when Junibell got pushed by Willey.

Howlingmoon sighed. "Sorry, gentlemen. I'll be right back."

Jason shook his head. "Goddammit, Elisa."

"Seems UCN had members planted in the Federation," the Shadow Raptor said.

Jason nodded. "Yeah, but Elisa just needs to stop being so defiant. I know these guys are assholes, but still..."

"The Eagle Alliance is slowly being corrupted..."

"Unfortunately, I have to agree," Jason replied. "But anyway, how's the Ranger recruiting going?"

"It's going well. We have over 145 new recruits, but one is quite interesting: a Hydronian-Knuckonian hybrid who was trained at the Klingon Academy by Worf. Redeyes decided to add him to his squad."

"What is the new recruit's name?"

"His name is Keme, the son of Celia Relx, a Hydronian Starfleet captain, and a Knuckonian centurion named Kellar. Keme was raised by Relx alone; his father passed away when he was still an infant. Keme decided to join the Klingon House of Martok to be a warrior of honor."

Following the Iconian War, the Federation had made a treaty with the Iconians, and although things became peaceful, not every species forgave the Iconians. Through that unforgiveness, their entire species was wiped out by vigilante aliens who hated them for bringing horrible pain upon them.

Some years after the Eagle and Lion Alliances were formed by humanity and the neighboring species, some alien races began to doubt humanity could bring them prosperity, so aliens and Humans under their banners formed a third alliance, the Dragon Alliance.

The Emperia system was once ruled by corrupt Human leadership that outlawed freethinking, music, art, and storytelling as well as independence. Any who violated the laws was to be executed by a boy emperor and prime minister named Honest, who had made an alliance with the Kelvan Empire. The Kelvans even removed and replaced the council of the Lion Alliance from which the Rebels formed their alliance, the Freedom Worlds Alliance. They managed to cripple Emperia's empire with the help of Night Raid until the Dragon Alliance invaded Emperia. The bloodshed ended the corruption and resulted in the disbandment of Night Raid. Emperia became a neutral system without an emperor on the throne, leaving the three main alliances and the Freedom Worlds Alliance to find one.

Section 31 became a rogue organization and threatened to bring disaster to the Federation and its proud alliance. Thus, when Eagle Alliance Council heard about the situation and of fears of an upcoming war with either the Dragon or Lion Alliance arose, they decided to form a special battalion to hunt down and stop their people's most dangerous enemy – Section 31 – who had allies who were willing to kill those they considered weak.

The special battalion, unlike Night Raid, which only had ten members, had vast numbers of recruits, each skillful and willing to defend the ones they loved and stay true to the Prime Directive. The majority of recruits were from Federation, Klingon, or other allies in the Alliance. They were trained to use non-lethal weaponry (lethal if necessary) and also to use powerful retrofitted power armor for their Human or humanoid members to counter dangerous monsters and alien soldiers, like the Knuckonians, Sangheili, Mechs, and Robotic Troopers. The battalion was known as the Rangers of the Prime Directive, or just the Rangers.


In present time, Treav, of Howlingmoon's crew, was inside a Kol Battleship alongside a few recruits. Lucas Wells, from Jason's crew, who was also on the battleship, noticed Treav was on his tablet reading history files about Night Raid and the Black Knights.

"Treav, it's really you! How's it going, buddy?" Lucas asked him.

"Hey, Lucas. What are you doing here?" Treav asked.

"Heard the Rangers are recruiting experienced officers, so I decided to join. Why're you here?"

"Same; although I wish I could still be with my old crew. Even though all I did there was study Human and alien cultures, it's what I love."

Lucas chuckled. "Reminds me of T'Vrell when she says how much she enjoys being a comm officer."

"Yeah, I'm glad she does."

"Are you two still together?"

"No. She already found a new mate, and I told her she's better off with him than me. After all, I can't forgive myself for what I did to her. She loved me and I threw her to the wolves for that Section 31 spy who pretended to be a Vulcan who had died on Vekta during the Iconian War… god, I was so naive." Treav hung his head.

"It's not your fault, bro. You thought she was the one."

"Yeah, I guess..." Treav returned to reading from his tablet.

Lucas frowned. "By the way, what are you reading?"

"Oh, I'm reading about Night Raid; they seem to be quite interesting. For example, this one was an excellent sniper." He pointed to a picture of Mine standing next to Tatsumi.

"Wait, she's a sniper!?" Lucas exclaimed.

That's what it says in the report."

"But look, she's wearing a pink dress for God's sake. That makes her an easy target!"

"Yeah, but it says she took down a Knuckonian battleship with one shot during the Dragon Alliance invasion of Emperia using her Imperial Arm Pumpkin."

"What, with a pumpkin?" Lucas asked, confused.

Treav shook his head. "No, this Pumpkin." He showed him the weapon.

"Wow, that's an awesome sniper rifle!"

"Yeah, it's three weapons in one; sadly its user is dead."

"Wait, is that...?" Lucas asked, noticing a reptilian looking man on the tablet.

"That's Beastie. He was the replacement Teigu user for Sheele after she was killed. Her imperial arm was Extase, the giant pair of scissors that can cut anything, along with a trump card that releases light to blind its user's enemies. Beastie never uses the weapon that much; only when he really needs it."

"So that's who that butt-faced snake man-whore is," Lucas grumbled. "I'm gonna show that snake boy who's boss!"

"Lucas, don't you dare say that about him. If it weren't for him Junibell would be dead!"

Lucas was taken aback. "Sorry, bro. I didn't mean to upset you…"

Treav shook his head. "It's okay, man."

"By the way, he mentioned Mine, the girl in the pink with the Pumpkin gun. He said he wished she was still alive."

"Yeah… her death was gruesome and inhumane. No one deserved to die like that, no one."

Lucas hung his head. "Damn. That's sad."

"Yeah, it is," Treav agreed.

"Hey, who's that red-headed girl?"

"Oh, that's Kallen Kozuki; she's one of the captains of the Black Knights. She pilots a very powerful Mech, a Knightmare Frame known as the Gurran Seidan. She took down over 489 Mechs, 55 Romulan cruisers, and a Vaadwaur battleship with it. Her history is quite interesting; she even fought alongside the Mountain Goat and Raynor's Raiders. Somehow... I feel like I know her, as if we've met before..."

"Sounds like your dream girl. Damn, I wish I knew a girl like that."

Treav chuckled. "Yeah, I know, buddy."

An announcement came over the comm radio. "Attention all recruits, we'll be arriving at Earth Colony 187 in 15 minutes. Make sure you're geared up and ready to go to the shuttlebays."

"Time to get ready," Treav said, turning off the tablet.

"Let's knock 'em dead, Treav," Lucas replied.

"Agreed." Treav was nervous, however, he was ready to settle his unfinished business with the Golden Dragon and Section 31.

The recruits stood ready to exit the Kol Battleship as it docked at the station. Redeyes gave them a briefing before they disembarked.

"Alright, you all have already mastered your training in the Academy, but this is different," he began. "You'll be facing an enemy you barely know anything about; you may think you can just talk your way out of a fight, but you'll be facing the Dragon Alliance. Their armies are trained to kill you in any way possible on the battlefield. You'll not show any mercy for you'll receive none. You are all here to learn to counter these enemies, the Knuckonian Military Corps. You'll be trained in using advanced lethal and nonlethal weaponry, for situations that call for it. You'll wield powerful armor to counter the Dragon Alliance forces; if you don't, you'll be torn limb from limb by them. As always, you'll be attentive to your instruction, and if not, I'll kill you myself. Dismissed!"

The recruits, including Treav and Lucas, walked out, but were stopped for a moment by Redeyes. "Oh, one more thing," he began. "Welcome to the Rangers of the Prime Directive."

Treav and Lucas walked into the entrance area with the other recruits. The personnel officer began asking them to sign in.

"Name and rank," the officer said to Treav and Lucas.

"Lieutenant Treav Callem," Treav replied.

"Commander Lucas Wells," Lucas responded.

"Okay, your squad's conference room is three blocks west. Don't be late."

"Roger," Treav and Lucas said in unison as they began walking to the conference room.

"I wonder what our squad mates will be like," Lucas mused.

"I don't know," Treav replied. "Hopefully they'll be amiable."

The duo entered the squad conference room, which was like a living room fit for a high-class hotel. Lucas and Treav were stunned, but Lucas got freaked at the sight of a bio man staring at them.

"Lucas, calm down. He's one of our squadmates," Treav said.

Lucas nodded, collecting himself. "Hello, sir, my name is Lucas Wells of the USS Leviathan," he introduced himself to the bio man, who didn't reply but instead continued to stare at him. "I'd better not piss this guy off..." Lucas thought.

Then, a girl with short brown hair, feline ears, green eyes, and a cat tail with a red bow tied on it called to them. "Hello, new squad mates! I'm Angela, but you can all call me Angel!"

Uh... hello, my name is Lucas, and this is—" Lucas began.

"Are you looking at my breasts, you pervert?" Angel growled at Lucas to back off.

"Okay... not normal..." Lucas said, backing away from her.

"Sorry, he meant no offense. He was just introducing himself to you," Treav said.

"Oh, okay," Angel grinned.

A few moments later, a Feral entered the room. "Ah, I see two new members have joined our pack! I am Brutus."

"Nice to meet you, Brutus," Treav replied.

"It is good to gain new members for our pack. Just remember, we fight together and we die together."

"Oh great, another nutcase..." Lucas thought.

Just then, a Knuckonian-Hydronian hybrid with silver-green scales and yellow eyes walked into the room wearing Klingon armor. "Qapla'!" he said to all the squad members, including Treav and Lucas. "My name is Keme, from the Klingon Academy," he said.

After him, a Turian named Garrus Vakarian arrived. "Well, it seems everyone's here, even the new recruits. Very good."

Lucas walked up to him. "Hello, my name's Lucas."

"Nice to meet you, Lucas. I'm Garrus Vakarian, from Shepard's squad."

"Finally, someone who doesn't freak me out," Lucas said.

The bio man from earlier arrived with cookies and tea. "Uh, hey everyone... the cookies and tea are ready if everyone wants to try some. Sorry I didn't respond to you earlier, Lucas. I was very nervous and scared to meet new people, but I hope we all become close friends. My name's Colloso."

"Wow, I didn't realize he was the quiet type..." Lucas thought.

The members of the squad Treav and Lucas were assigned to included Brutus, a Feral warrior from an elite squad called Brute Force; Angel, a Mithra from the Gaia system, an engineer and hacker; Garrus, a Turian sniper from the crew of the SSV Normandy; Colloso, a bio man; Keme, a Knuckonian-Hydronian hybrid student from the Klingon Academy; and Redeyes, an Hydronian outcast who was the leader of the squad.

As Redeyes arrived, Treav and Lucas saluted him.

"Good, you're all here," Redeyes said. "I hope my speech wasn't too harsh."

"Actually it was quite motivating, sir," Treav replied.

"Yeah, it was," Lucas added.

"Hey, boss, since we have two new members, maybe we should start training them to be ready for our next assignment," Angel suggested.

Redeyes nodded. "Of course, but right now it's time for them to rest. You and Keme take them to their rooms."

"Roger!" she said with a salute.

Angel took Lucas to his room first. "Here's your room, pervert."

Lucas tried to reply, but she slammed the door on him.

"Hehehehehehe!" she giggled.

"That was a little bit dishonorable, Angel," Keme said.

"Hey, relax. It's not like I hurt him."

"If you say so."

"So, Keme, you trained at the Klingon Academy, right?" Treav asked.

"Yes, I was taught and trained by Worf and Komodo when I was young," Keme replied.

"It's interesting that you don't look very much like a Hydronian."

"Actually, I'm only half Hydronian. My mother was a Hydronian in Starfleet and my father was a Knuckonian centurion."

"Well, I would not tell everyone that. Knuckonians are not popular within the Eagle Alliance."

"I know. However, my father died when I was still an infant. I was raised by my mother, so I have zero ties to the Knuckonians."

"Of course. I meant no disrespect, sir," Treav apologized.

"It's alright; I understand your concern. I hope with time you'll come to trust me."


Elsewhere, in Cardassian space, Beastie was on a rebel battle cruiser – the Hyperion. After he helped liberate Naiva from the Dragon Alliance forces, he went into hiding, being that he was an outlaw for joining Night Raid and fighting against the Lion Alliance. He was given a mission from the rebel leaders to kill Crell Moset, a Cardassian doctor infamous for his grisly experiments that took countless lives. Moset even taught Esdeath new torture methods, which gave Beastie the incentive to kill him.

On the cruiser, Beastie was in the memorial room while his two sisters, a werewolf girl named Vella and a Wiccan named Rosery, were waiting for him outside. Also traveling with them was an old friend of his, Leona – the Sun's chosen – who had red hair and wore shining yellow armor that symbolized the sun. Vella was a short, green-eyed girl with long blonde hair who wore tomboy clothes, and Rosery was a short, long-haired brunette with hazel-brown eyes who wore Gothic makeup and clothing and a Wiccan necklace.

Beastie was looking at a picture of Mine, Sheele, Bulat, and many others who died fighting against the Lion Alliance. He inherited the weapon Extase – a giant pair of scissors – which belonged to his friend Sheele. He wished he could have saved them all.

"I've not seen Beastie like this since the last days of the Iconian War," Leona said.

"He's fine, Leona," Rosery replied.

"With all the battles he has under his belt he's beyond fine."

When Beastie came out, everyone was ready.

"Hey, Beastie," Vella said, happy to see her big brother.

Leona placed her hand on Beastie's shoulder. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Alright, ladies, we're gonna kill a Cardassian doctor named Crell Moset," Beastie responded.

"I've heard about that asshole. He killed thousands of Bajorans during the Occupation," Rosery commented.

"Yes, that's why we're gonna take that asshole out. Who's with me?"

The group smiled and nodded at Beastie, loyal to him to the very end. Leone and Chelsea took notice of them and decided to join in.

"Hey, Beastie. Mind if me and Chelsea tag along?" Leone asked in her cheerful voice.

Beastie and Leone were old teammates during their time in Night Raid.

"Sure, Leone, you can come, but not you, Chelsea. We can handle this without you Gaia Foundationists."

"Beastie, that's not nice. She's part of our team, remember?" Leone said.

"It's okay, Leone. I understand," Chelsea said, smiling.

"Okay, if you say so..." Leone trailed off.

Chelsea walked away and shut the door to her room. Tears began to fall from her face as she recalled the horrible things Esdeath did to Tatsumi and Mine, and that Beastie blamed her for it after her criticism of Bulat and Sheele's deaths.

Meanwhile, on Earth Colony 187, Treav walked to his room, accompanied by Angel and Keme.

"Feel free to make yourself at home. If you need anything, let me or Keme know," Angel said happily.

"Will do," Treav replied.

After Angel and Keme left, Treav used his laptop to research the Golden Dragon and Section 31. During his research, he happened upon information about Faal Mahlaan.

"Interesting..." he said to himself.

As he continued reading about Faal Mahlaan, he found information regarding a sect from the Dragon Alliance – made up of Dragon Dracomancers and Pyromancers – who were at war with a faction known as the Zenith Alliance. Within the Lion Alliance reports emerged of mysterious terrorist attacks on the borders of the Dragon and Lion territories caused by this Zenith Alliance. Both the Dragon and Lion Alliances reported military and civilian casualties in the news files Treav managed to dig up.

"What the hell is going on there?" he mused as his comm beeped.

Treav turned on the comm – the caller was Junibell.

"Hey, brother. How'd the transfer go?" Junibell asked.

"I'm doing okay. The Rangers don't act the same as Federation officers, but they seem alright."

"Glad to hear. Howlingmoon said she served with them in her younger days."

"Yeah, so I've heard."

Junibell paused. "Treav, can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"It's about General Esdeath... is it true she eradicated my species?"

"Why are you asking about her?"

"After all those horrible stories I've heard about her, I'm worried she'll come here."

"It's okay, Junibell. She won't."

"I hope you're right, Treav. Anyway, it looks like it's getting dark; I'll let you get some rest."

"Okay. How are you and Elisa getting along?"

Junibell blushed. "Pretty well."

Treav smiled. "Good to hear. Take care, okay?"

"You too, brother."

Treav turned off the comm and got some rest for his training with the Rangers.


On Cardassia, Crell Moset was busy writing logs on his work.

"Ah, what a wondrous day. I can't stop thinking about my work," he said to himself.

He suddenly heard phaser fire and commotion as Beastie and Leone broke into his office.

"Hello, Crell Moset. Remember us?" Beastie asked.

"B-Beastie..." Moset stuttered, trying to alert security via the comms.

"Heh, no use. I had some of my friends make sure we won't get interrupted."

"It's time for you to die, Crell," Leone said spitefully.

"Do you know who I work for?" Moset asked.

"General Esdeath," Beastie replied.

"Yes, and she'll make your lives miserable if you even try—"

"She already made our lives miserable," Leone interrupted.

"That's right. Say your final prayers, Crell," Beastie said.

"Look, what is it you want? Latinum? I'll give you as much as you want. Please, don't kill me!" Moset pleaded.

"How about you GO TO HELL!" Beastie shouted, grabbing Crell and throwing him out the window of the 500-story high building. "Say hello to the Iconians and Prime Minister Honest and his son Syura for us!"

Beastie and Leone reunited with Leona, Vella, and Rosery and beamed back to the Hyperion before the Cardassian authorities arrived.

"Aww, that was fun, Beastie. Just like old times," Leone said.

"Yeah, it was. I'd love to see Esdeath's face when she finds out what we did," Beastie replied, chuckling.

"Me too."

Beastie and his group went to the mess hall to relax after their mission.


On Knucker, Jul 'Mdama and Alexander Cody, a young white-haired boy, were talking in the hall with Tyrant, who looked like a four-red-eyed reptilian beast in black armor holding a sword with an orb similar to his black-crossed red eyes. The sword was actually Incursio, Tatsumi and Bulat's imperial arm.

"What is the problem, Cody?" 'Mdama asked.

"No problem; I'm doing just fine. After all, I failed to capture Treav," Cody said sarcastically.

"More Human sarcasm..."

"Well, at least you learn from us Jul."

"You claimed you could retrieve Treav without incident, and yet here you are, without him."

"I did what was asked of me to the best of my abilities. You likely would have broken that kid like a toothpick and brought Sleacherling's wrath down upon us."

"Enough!" Tyrant said. "Everything happened according to plan, as the Golden Dragon predicted. Once we have what we need we'll be unstoppable, and with our new armies and weapons, what we need is not far out of reach."


Somewhere in the outskirts of Knucker, Sleacherling had captured three Humans and a female Romulan. His prisoners: a red-masked man named Henter, a member of the Ban Tribe – who were one of Korume's puppets; a cowgirl named Doya, a female assassin from the northern tribes of Emperia; a blonde, blue-eyed girl who wore a white coat and a white and red Russian fur hat – Spear – the daughter of Minister Chouri, who was killed by the Three Beasts (beheaded by Liver and her face skinned by Nyau); and last, a Romulan woman of the Romulan Republic, with white hair and silver eyes, named Three – the Romulan who burned Sela in the face after Sela killed her son. All four of them were resurrected by an unknown priestess, a seer and a Phoenix Dracomancer. The four of them were in the cell of a Knuckonian-Voth capital ship.

"So, not only did we capture three Humans, but a Romulan as well. You four became very difficult to hunt down. Why did the priestess resurrect all of you?" Sleacherling asked.

"Don't ask us; we don't know," Three responded.

"But surely you know where Sybok is? Tell me, where is he?"

"We don't know, damn it!" Three said, getting impatient.

"Do you have any idea who you are holding? I'm Minister Chouri's daughter!" Spear interjected.

"When I get out of here I'm gonna shoot you in the head, you fucking lizard," Doya added.

"Yes, I know you're the girl whose face was skinned by Nyau of The Three Beasts," Sleacherling said. "Also Doya, a woman of a tribe whose hero, Numa Seika, became Esdeath's dog before she killed him."

Both Spear and Doya gritted their teeth and clenched their fists at Sleacherling. Henter, however, sat quietly meditating.

"I know your history, Sleacherling. You're well known among my people – same with Esdeath. You're known as the Golden Dragon," Three said.

"Glad you know it; I like being called that. It's catchy," Sleacherling replied, grinning slyly.

"If you want us to beg and plead with you to save our families from your petty war you'll be disappointed."

"Heh, you Romulans are all the same to me – a species without honor."

Three rolled her eyes. "Screw you."

Sleacherling ordered some of his men over to them. "Take the Romulan and Human prisoners to Crono 15. They'll make suitable workers there."