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"The Rangers of the Prime Directive" is the fifth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written between December 2015 and January 2016 and published on 7 April 2017. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

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Teaser Edit

Prior to the Dragon Alliance attack on Naiva, Howlingmoon, the Shadow Raptor, and Jason Fredricks are discussing Esdeath's latest conquests, including the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire – after taking their homeworld, she ruthlessly killed everyone except their elders and children. Howlingmoon adds that the leaders of Ban Tribe had told her stories of Esdeath's armies who destroyed their villages and raped their mothers before their eyes.

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Characters Edit

Starships Edit

  1. Hyperion (Act II)

Referenced only Edit

  1. USS Leviathan (Act II)
  2. SSV Normandy

Locations Edit

  1. Naiva (Teaser)
  2. Earth Colony 187 (Act II)
  3. Cardassia (Act III)
  4. Knucker

Referenced only Edit

  1. Klingon Academy (Teaser)
  2. Emperia system (Act I)
  3. Emperia
  4. Vekta
  5. Gaia system (Act II)
  6. Crono 15 (Act III)

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