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"The Mountain Goat and the Ice Demon" is the fourth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in November 2015 and published on 30 June 2016. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

Amidst assassination attempts by Section 31, Treav learns that he is accused of being the Mountain Goat. Sela fears for her life from several foes, including Sleacherling, Esdeath, and T'Ket.


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Author: Gornintheusa
Published: 30 June 2016

Sometime before the war began, Lucas Wells was on Drozana Station having a drink while he was on leave from the Devastator. He noticed the Orion he met while on his mission against the Devidians, Sera Ivey. She had red hair and white skin, a bit uncommon for an Orion. This time she was not wearing her waitress outfit which showed most of her skin; she instead wore a biker jacket and jeans (like a Saints Row character) and was talking to Commander Shepard and a couple friends at a table while drinking a Nuka-Cola. Lucas overheard her talking.

"I don't know what's wrong with me," Sera sighed. "I have so many women to desire, but I suddenly want romance. That's something I feel more than just sex and combat."

"Maybe it's your Human side, Ivey. It's normal in humanity," Shepard replied.

"It would seem so. I'm just tired; I want a mate, but I have no desire to have a man as a mate."

"Well, hello, Ivey. Remember me back when you were flirting with Miss Jones?" Lucas interrupted.

Sera rolled her eyes and sighed. "Hello, Mucus. What do you want?"

"It's Lucas, not Mucus, hon. Remember?"

"Oh sorry, I forgot. Your name is Lucas," she said sarcastically.

"Anyway, I heard you want some romance. I think I can help you with that."

Shepard shook his head. "Lucas, you should leave her alone. I don't think you should try—"

Ivey smiled. "It's okay, Shepard. I do want romance after all." She turned to Lucas. "So, Mucus – sorry, Lucas – follow me to my room and I'll show you a good time, alright?"

"Y-yes, ma'am!" Lucas replied, sounding like a cheerful virgin desperate for sex.

"Excellent. Follow me, but bring no one with you," she said with a sadistic grin on her face.

Lucas followed Ivey to her room and sat on her bed.

"Make yourself comfy, Lucas," she told him.

Lucas obliged. "Wow, you've got a nice cushy bed."

"Indeed. I prefer to have a nice bed for when I have sex with my female companions."

"So... who's that next to you on your picture, that Gorn?"

Ivey glanced at the picture. "Oh, that's Komodo, the stepson of S'slee. He's now a member of the House of Martok and Worf's comrade."

Lucas nodded. "Interesting."

"Here, put this on while I undress to show you my sexy body." She gave Lucas a blindfold.

He excitedly wrapped the blindfold around his eyes.

"Uh-uh, no peeking," she said, giggling.

"Okay, okay," he replied. He began hearing footsteps in front of him.

"Alright, now you can look," Ivey said.

As Lucas removed the blindfold, he saw two Klingon Honor Guard soldiers and a Gorn in front of him. He desperately tried to flee, but the Gorn clawed him in the face, knocking him unconscious.


Five hours later, Lucas woke up in a deserted town. "Ow, my head!" he groaned, sitting up.

He noticed a mysterious bipedal snake man, whose tail protruded from the back of his uniform and was bejeweled with four black horns on the tip. He wore black armor with a red letter "B" on his chest. On his back he had what appeared to be giant scissors with a panda smiley face on the center.

The snake man was laughing heartily at him. "Hahahaha! Can't believe it! This time a Starfleet officer's trying to get in Ivey's pants. What a dumbass; hasn't Starfleet told you not to mess with her?"

"Where am I, and who the hell are you?" Lucas demanded.

"Name's Beastie, Mucus, and you're in Paradise Lost on Nimbus III. Ivey likes to drop men who want to have sex with her and humiliate them in front of this town for her amusement," the snake man replied.

"Hey, my name is Lucas, not Mucus!" Lucas shouted. "How the hell did Ivey bring me here?"

"Well, if your name is not Mucus, why do you have a sticker that says 'Hello, my name is Mucus,' on your chest?" Beastie asked, pointing to Lucas' chest.

"Errrrr that bitc— arrrrgggghhhhhhhh!" He ripped the sticker off.

Beastie laughed even harder than before. "Ivey surely got you good. You know, you're lucky my friend Mine isn't here. She'd be like, 'Hey everyone, another pervert falling victim to the clutches of the Ivey!'" He sighed. "Wish she was still alive."

"When I get back to Drozana I'm gonna make her pay for humiliating me and then I'll be back for you, snake boy."

"Good luck with that. You should know one thing before you go back for revenge: Ivey is an Honor Guard commander, one of the best. On top of that, you should know better than to try to screw a lesbian."

"What!? You mean she only likes girls?" Lucas exclaimed.

"Yeah, and what's wrong with that, man? You should know not every Orion woman is bisexual. Besides, you brought this on yourself, Mucus."

"That's it, snake boy. I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Beastie crossed his arms. "Actually, I have no time to fight a Starfleet officer; besides, I think your captain Jason is calling you, so you should—"

"Okay, Beastie, you've had your fun, now let the guy be," a Romulan sheriff named Law said, approaching them.

A mysterious dark red-eyed woman walked up to them too. "Sorry Beastie, but it's time. Vella, Witch, and Lucy are waiting for us."

Beastie sighed. "Okay, Akame. Later, Mucus."

Lucas clenched his fists as Beastie left. The Devastator picked him up and Law told Jason Fredricks what had happened.

"That damned snake guy had his raven-headed woman friend come and rescue him as I was about to break his jaw," Lucas said.

"Well, he's right, Lucas. You shouldn't have messed with Ivey," Jason replied.

"Hey, I didn't know she was a lesbian," Lucas whined.

"I've told you a billion times, but you wouldn't listen to me."

Lucas sighed. "So who is that Beastie guy anyway?"

"You'll have to talk to the Shadow Raptor about him. He knows him better than I do."

"I will find you again, snake man," Lucas muttered to himself.

In the present, Risa, Defera, and Bajor bore the brunt of the Dragon Alliance's attack, but luckily there were minimum civilian casualties. When Lucas found out what happened on Naiva, he was worried about Jason's ex-girlfriend, Elisa Flores. Elisa recovered well after being badly beaten by GOTD soldiers belonging to the Golden Dragon, along with T'Vrell. Before Treav got arrested by the TCA, he came to check to see if she was alright in the hospital and apologize for what he said to her when he was dating Teatay, who wasn't actually a Vulcan.

Treav had been brainwashed in Vekta and had learned the real Teatay died almost 300 years ago. He had been hunted by the Golden Dragon and his men and now was arrested for affiliating with the rebellion within the Lion Alliance as the Mountain Goat. Meanwhile, Elisa was looking after Junibell in the living area within the Academy.

"Don't worry, Junibell, he'll be alright; besides, Treav is innocent," Elisa said encouragingly.

Junibell sighed. "I hope so..."

Lucas approached them. "Hey, Elisa, long time no see! It's me, Lucas, from the Leviathan, remember?"

Elisa rolled her eyes. "Yes, Lucas, what do you want?"

"I heard what happened; are you okay?"

"Well, aside from being beat to shit by goons from the Dragon Alliance, I'm doing dandy."

Lucas took notice of Junibell. "So, what's your name, miss?" he asked.

"My name's Junibell. You?" she asked.

"Name's Lucas Wells. I'm second officer on the Leviathan."

"Oh, and also Mr. Mucus on Drozana and Nimbus III," Elisa laughed.

"Really, Elisa, you're gonna bring that up?"

"Well, it is your fault for trying to date an Orion who killed a shit-ton of Borg drones and Iconian Heralds, and who also desires only women, as Beastie said."

"Wait a minute. You talked to that damned snake guy!?" Lucas asked.

"Of course, but not much anymore; after all, he's a deserter. He appeared once on Naiva to save me and the others and then disappeared again. He's on the run – went AWOL – I never knew he'd joined Night Raid," she said.

"Who's Night Raid?" Junibell asked quietly.

"They're a group of Teigu users – known for being assassins – who are affiliated with the Revolutionary Army against the Lion Alliance. Fifteen years ago they fought alongside the Order of the Black Knights and the Mountain Goat – damn, that guy was a legend – took down the entire army of 900,000 men with just the mountain's environments. He set bombs that caused an avalanche and BOOM – they were history! He even took down a Voth fortress ship belonging to the Dragon Alliance with Night Raid's help back when the Dragons were at war with the Lion Alliance." Elisa paused. "Oh yeah, that army of 900,000 men belonged to no other than Esdeath; you see after she defeated Numa Seika and his army she went after Night Raid and left one of her armies there to occupy the city of the North. That is where the Mountain Goat appeared, and well, you heard what he did..."

"So what happened next, Elisa?"

"Well, the Revolutionary Army joined the Dragon Alliance, and that affected their alliances with the other rebel factions. They disbanded Night Raid when their leader, Najenda, was forced to submit to Lord Sleacherling, leader of Faal Mahlaan, who wanted to dissolve Night Raid, which he saw as a threat. Many of the members, including Beastie, were not happy about this and defected from the Dragons, joining the other rebel factions who opposed both the Dragon and Lion Alliances. The Mountain Goat, however, disappeared and was presumed dead. As for General Esdeath, she is still out there somewhere. She may have lost the capital from Night Raid and the Dragon Alliance, but she did it at the cost of four Night Raid members; Sheele, Bulat, Mine, and Tatsumi. The first three were killed, but Tatsumi disappeared and perhaps died as well, although there's a dark rumor that he's alive but no longer Human anymore," Elisa concluded, a shiver going down her spine.

Junibell frowned. "It's so sad that they lost four members, but who is Esdeath anyway?"

"If you thought the Cardassians and the Dominion are bad, she's far worse. That woman – I've heard horror stories about her being a demon with a cold heart who tortures and kills those she considers weak. She is known to the Rebels, the Ban Tribe, and the Dragon Alliance as the Ice Demon."

"Well, Elisa, you're quite the storyteller," Lucas said a bit sarcastically.

Elisa scoffed. "Whatever, Lucas. That's all the Shadow Raptor told me and it's a true story. Hell, just be glad you haven't met Esdeath; she's far worse than Ivey."

Lucas sighed. "Thanks a lot, Ivey, and thanks a lot, Beastie," he muttered.

Elisa and Junibell laughed and Lucas gave them a pouty look; he knew they were just giving him a hard time. Junibell was glad she had Elisa as a close friend, and she smiled despite what had happened. It was best to stay positive.


In an interrogation room on Mars' moon, Phobos, Treav could hear the yelling of the captured Dragon Alliance forces in the distance while he explained frantically that he was not the Mountain Goat and that Teatay was a Section 31 spy who tried to kill him. He stopped and waited, and after a moment Treav's captain, Howlingmoon, and a Vulcan walked in. The Vulcan was none other than Tuvok.

"Captain, listen, I'm not the Mountain Goat. I've been set up!" Treav said.

"It's alright, Treav; we know you're not the Mountain Goat. The evidence we presented to the council convinced them. You are free to go, but first Tuvok needs to ask you some questions," Howlingmoon replied.

Treav nodded. "Okay..."

Tuvok stepped forward. "Greetings, Treav. I've heard you have been having horrific nightmares of the Knuckonians before the war. Was there anything else?"

"I—" he strained to remember. "Yes, yes! I heard a voice that said something like, 'Beware the Golden Dragon, who is coming to burn our homes!' I'm also remembering something else – I was in a chair..."

"Describe the chair, Treav."

"I was tied up... a device was drilling into my head and several cloaked figures – about six of them – they were operating on me..."

"Were you hearing any type of clicking sounds?"

Treav nodded. "Yes, yes, I was!"

"It's as I suspected then. It also explains why you were attacked by the men sent by the Golden Dragon."

"What do you mean?"

"Treav, you've been experimented on by the Solanae – a very dangerous race that defected to the Dragon Alliance. They were likely trying to brainwash you to spy on Section 31 and the Eagle Alliance," Howlingmoon said.

"Indeed. Treav, were there any other individuals also being experimented on next to you?" Tuvok asked.

"Yes, there were; I saw several behind the Solanae. It was dark, so I could only see their eyes. I think nine of them were Knuckonians and four looked Human."

"I see. I must perform a mind meld; we need to know who these individuals are."

Treav nodded. "Alright..."

Tuvok initiated the mind meld, placing his hand on Treav's face. As both of them closed their eyes, he spoke the words, "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts."

Treav and Tuvok began to see the other individuals that the Solanae scientists were experimenting on.

"The Golden Dragon was pleased with the specimen we had moved 15 years ago to the Rebellion, and the energy duplication was a success. This new one will serve us well within one of Esdeath's armies," a Solanae scientist stated.

"Good; I will see that Section 31 soon finds out about this specimen. The first one will be monitored by Cody. The Golden Dragon wants him to be tested for the upcoming war," a woman in an Eastern Alliance uniform replied.

"Of course, madam. Treav will be an excellent tool to tear down Section 31 with," another Solanae scientist added.

"Yes, and when the time comes, there will be a new true order. Isn't that right, ladies?" she said, looking over at three women.

The vision began to fade from Treav and Tuvok's perception.

"What's going on?" Treav questioned.

"Someone is blocking the meld telepathically," Tuvok replied.

"How is that possible?"

A mysterious voice whispered, "You are not allowed to see; not yet, anyway."

They began to see a creature that looked reptilian, with grey fur and wearing armor, wielding some kind of spear. He attacked both Treav and Tuvok, and they both emerged from the meld suddenly.

"Are you two alright?! What happened?" Howlingmoon asked concernedly.

"It would seem we are fighting a very clever foe," Tuvok said.

"That Solanae said, 'The energy duplication was a success.' I think the Mountain Goat is me," Treav added, rubbing his forehead. "Or rather, a duplicate of me."

"Your assumption seems logical; these individuals with the Solanae must have transported your duplicate to 15 years in the past, when you were still only a child."

"I read the report about the incident in which Riker was duplicated from a transporter malfunction. I wonder if the Golden Dragon did that to me."

"It would explain his obsession with you and why his men ambushed you," Tuvok said.

Treav sighed. "I just wish we had more answers, like why did they duplicate me, of all people?"

"I'm not sure, Treav, but whatever the Golden Dragon and Section 31 are up to may bring about the end of the Eagle Alliance and everything we stand for. The final frontier will be lost forever if we don't take measures to prevent it from happening," Howlingmoon replied.

"That is why we're transferring you to a special battalion that is sworn to stop Section 31 and other potential enemies, Treav," Tuvok added.

Treav raised an eyebrow. "What battalion, Tuvok?"

"The Rangers of the Prime Directive."

"They were formed by the Council back when Section 31 went rouge. Don't worry, though, Treav; you're still a part of my crew. You'll simply be training and doing missions alongside the Rangers," Howlingmoon elaborated.

"You must also remember that you cannot interfere in other conflicts once you have joined the Rangers," Tuvok said.

Treav nodded. "I understand, admiral."

"Now, it's time for you to return to Earth. Your sister is waiting for you," Howlingmoon said.

"Yes, captain. Oh, about Teatay... I'm sorry—"

"You don't have to explain. We were all tricked by her; don't let it get to you."

Treav smiled. "Thank you, captain."

Junibell was staying at a dorm in Starfleet Academy. Her roommate was Elisa Flores, a close friend who looked after her when she was bullied. She remembered the time Elisa beat up a Human student named Donald Ronalds who she used to date. He had recorded them having sex and then showed it to his friends. Elisa beat the hell out of Donald after what he did to Junibell. Junibell's thoughts shifted to her brother, Treav. She began having nightmares of Treav getting killed and devoured by a grey, four-eyed reptilian yeti-like dragon beast in black armor called Tyrant. Junibell screamed her brother's name in her sleep, waking Elisa, who then began to comfort her.

"Junibell, are you alright?" Elisa asked.

Junibell shivered. "I'm... fine, Elisa... I'm just worried about Treav; he's the only family I've got." She choked back a sob.

"Hey, it'll be alright. Treav will be back soon; he's being released by Tuvok and the captain as we speak."

Junibell smiled with tear-filled eyes. "Thank you, Elisa. I'm glad you've always been a good friend and defended me from the harsh students."

"I'm glad I've had the chance to know you, Junibell, and I hope you do well in Howlingmoon's crew."

Junibell leaned forward and kissed Elisa on the lips, surprising her.

"Junibell, did you just..." Elisa trailed off.

"I-I didn't mean to... I'm sorry..."

Elisa smiled and kissed Junibell back softly on the lips. "Don't be sorry; it's okay, I understand." She continued to kiss Junibell and laid her on the floor, continuing to kiss her. She began to remove Junibell's clothes, reaching her undergarments, but not stopping there. The comm panel on the wall sounded, startling the two of them.

"I-I... think we should answer that..." Junibell said, embarrassed.

Elisa sighed, turning on the comm after Junibell put her undergarments back on.

"Hey, Elisa, how's Junibell?" Treav, who was on the other side, asked.

"She's doing fine, sir. She was getting worried about you."

"Well, tell her I'm doing alright. I'm being transferred to the Rangers of the Prime Directive."

"That's..." Elisa paused. "Those guys are legends, Treav. Howlingmoon joined them while back before she became a captain."

"I hope I can live up to their namesake, then. By the way, did you notice anything odd when you first met Teatay?"

"Yeah, something seemed off about her. I wasn't super surprised to find out she's Human and a member of Section 31."

Treav nodded. "Promise me that if anything happens you'll look after Junibell, okay? You're the only one I can rely on."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of your sour puss sister."

Junibell frowned. "Hey!" She threw a pillow at Elisa.

"Well, it looks like it's late there; I'll let you girls sleep. Goodnight, you two, and please behave, Junibell," Treav said.

"Treav, I'm not 10 anymore!" Junibell whined.

Treav laughed. "I know, but you're still a handful. Goodnight."

"Night Treav!" both girls said in unison as the comm channel disconnected.

"Sour puss?" Junibell asked.

"I was kidding; don't give me that look," Elisa retorted.

Junibell pushed Elisa onto her bed and lifted up her shirt, exposing her breasts.

"Well, well, someone is not wearing a bra," she said as she bit one of Elisa's nipples.

"Ouch! No biting," she giggled.


On the USS Iroquois, Treav had just closed the comm channel.

"Be safe, Junibell, be safe..." he trailed off.

"Don't worry, Treav. If the Golden Dragon or Section 31 go after her they'll have to get past us first," Howlingmoon assured him.

A mysterious Hydronian with scales as black as a black mamba's and red reptilian eyes entered the room. "Treav, my name is Redeyes. I'll be escorting you to the Ranger headquarters on Earth Colony 187," he said.

Treav nodded. "Understood."

Howlingmoon saluted Treav. "Good luck, Treav. I promise you we'll find out what is really going on and end this war."

Treav followed Redeyes to the turbolift. They boarded a Trade Emergency Coalition Kol Battleship and departed.

Elsewhere, in the mirror universe, Terok Nor, Empress Leeta's flagship, had been moved into orbit of Kelvan Prime in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Kelvans were the supreme rulers of the Lion Alliance who believed any species they deemed to be weak that refused to serve them should be exterminated. Empress Leeta of the United Empire of Planets was demonstrating her newly-upgraded torture booths. The test subjects, three Bajorans – the first an elderly priest, the second a male protester leader and the third a tactical recruit who was wrongly accused of being a spy – all of which were screaming in agony, begging to be let out of the booths. Everyone present except for General Esdeath, who once served Prime Minister Honest but now served Lion Alliance Ruler XZodd, was impressed.

"You see, we've fully upgraded our booths in my universe. These three degenerates have been poisoning my planet, Bajor, for too long," Leeta said.

"Please, Empress, let me out of the booth! All I did was contact my parents—" the Bajoran tactical officer in the booth pleaded.

"SILENCE!" Leeta shouted, turning the machine's voltage to high, leaving the poor young Bajoran girl screaming and crying in pain.

"Impressive," a Cardassian ambassador observed.

"Yes, it is. This machine will help us against these degenerative rebels who are destroying our proud alliance."

Esdeath sighed. "Leeta, Leeta, Leeta... how weak are your torture methods that you have a machine perform them for you?" the Ice General, in her white military uniform with the demon extract symbol on her chest, said in disappointment. "If you want to learn actual torture techniques, I could show you my handiwork in my torture chambers." She gave Leeta a sadistic grin.

General Esdeath was known for her sick, twisted torture methods; she loved to inflict pain on those she considered weak. She recalled the enjoyment she gained from torturing Mine to death after Tatsumi rejected her love for him fifteen years prior.

"Ah, General Esdeath; back from your torture fetish room, you Ice Bitch?" Leeta asked, feeling insulted by Esdeath's words.

"If you want to challenge me, so be it, but for now I'm hunting rebels for our ruler, XZodd," Esdeath said, grinning at Leeta, waiting for her to start a fight with her.

"Esdeath, that's enough. This is a meeting, not a fight club," Empress Sela interrupted.

"If it isn't Sela, the empress of a weak and dying race!" Esdeath scoffed.

"Excuse me? Do you know who you're talking to, General Esdeath?"

"Indeed, I do. The reason you lost your homeworld, Romulus, isn't because of the Iconians; it's because your species is weak," Esdeath said in utter disgust.

"I'm a founding member of the Lion Alliance; be careful what you say, Esdeath."

"When the time comes, I'll be all too eager to give you a first-rate tour of my torture chambers," Esdeath grinned, thinking of all kinds of despicable things she would like to perform on Sela and her species.

"I'll ignore what you said, Esdeath, but only for the sake of the alliance."

Esdeath loved to torture non-Humans almost as much as Humans, and her torture methods had become more brutal and experimental over time. She hoped she would meet Tatsumi again even after what she had done to him while she held both him and Mine captive during their battles with Wild Hunt and Faal Mahlaan. Esdeath loved Tatsumi very much, and she was deeply hurt that Tatsumi rejected her proposal for him to join her army when he said he would never love a monster like her. When she learned Tatsumi and Mine were in love, in a jealous rage she tortured Mine to death in front of Tatsumi and fed her dead carcass to her pet danger beast dragon, Hades, even after Tatsumi begged her to let Mine live. Tatsumi told Esdeath that he would escape and one day return with an army of his own and kill her. Esdeath was neither scared nor shocked; she would be prepared to kill him even though she loved him.

She captured Tatsumi a second time after General Budo was killed by Lord Sleacherling during the battle east of the capital on their home planet Emperia. Tatsumi escaped from her without Night Raid's help after she killed Mine strangely the Incursio was gone and it was in the armory. Esdeath believed Tatsumi invoked Incursio a second time telepathically. She realized Tatsumi was becoming stronger and soon would be a worthy foe.


Meanwhile, Empress Sela was in the capital of the Romulan Star Empire. She feared she would be killed at the hands of the Ice Demon known as Esdeath and the Dragon Alliance forces at the foothills of her kingdom and T'Ket, the vengeful Iconian that wanted her dead. She ordered Franklin Drake to come to her office where she lashed out at him in a rage for his operatives failing to kill Treav.

"Drake, what makes a happy woman besides the scar on my face from Three? I am still empress of the Romulan people. As long as I rule over them I can do whatever I want... what I'm worried about is one thing: if the rebels or the Romulan Republic win, it all might end... and your failure is making it happen!" Sela shouted. She quickly regained her composure. "I told you to kill Treav and the Mountain Goat quickly. He's with the Rangers now."

"We will remove the threat before things get out of hand," Drake replied calmly.

"Shelly said he doesn't remember anything."

"That's now. In an hour, he'll have total recollection."

Sela sighed. "Gul Dukat and Empress Leeta want me and my people dead. And not only them, but General Esdeath – whatever she is – her aura isn't human at all... she wants my head more than anyone."

"I'll have my operatives hunt down Treav, and in the meantime the Dragon Alliance will be busy with the Eagle Alliance as planned. With Teatay and the Mountain Goat gone from Vekta fifteen years ago, we still have a chance."

Sela frowned. "I hope so, because Esdeath will be sent by XZodd of the Kelvan Empire... to kill us."

"Don't worry, we'll make sure the Rangers can't stop us."

"Good, send Shelly. I want to speak to her."

"Very well, empress."


On the planet Knucker in the Spiral Galaxy, Klarrn was in a military weapons development facility meeting Lucifer, a Cylon commander, and Lucia Li Lefron, an Eastern Alliance officer. Both of them led Klarrn and his fellow Claymore, Sy, further into the facility.

"Sleacherling is up to something. I just know it," Sy said quietly.

"He has the full support of the council, but I don't trust him either. He may have conquered Emperia for the Dragon Alliance, but his methods are the same as Esdeath's," Klarrn replied.

"I heard a former Night Raid member joined his cause as well as Jul 'Mdama and his Convenient."

"Not only them, but some Tholians and Undine have joined his cause, as well as the Trabe, the Octanti, and the Turei of the Delta Quadrant. Even the new Ministry of Elders of the Voth supports him to control the west Delta Quadrant."

Sy shook his head. "Still, in war time it worries me what he's up to."

"Indeed. That's why we—"

Klarrn stopped mid-sentence as he saw a Turei thrown into a stack of barrels, which badly injured him.

"Relax, it was just a misunderstanding," a Sangheili voice said to them.

Jul 'Mdama appeared with his men. Klarrn was not surprised to see him, but Sy was shocked that he had thrown a Turei like a rag doll.