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"The Doomsday Device" is the eighteenth chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written between September and October 2016 and published on 20 October 2016 by CaptFredricks.

The USS Leviathan is dispatched to the Donia system by Starfleet Intelligence to confirm suspicions that an ancient weapon of mass destruction has fallen into the hands of a dangerous foe.

Teaser Edit

A large, slug-like vessel moves through a solar system and stops at one of the planets. A Klingon officer informs his captain that the vessel has arrived. The vessel, which the captain refers to as a "planet killer," fires its main weapon at the planet, obliterating it. It then "consumes" debris from the planet's remains. The captain of the Klingon vessel is quite pleased, stating that they now must "discover how to harness its great power and control it." Another of his officers, calling him Captain B'vat, states that with this weapon, not even the Klingon High Council or the chancellor will be able to stand in his way. B'vat then makes all of his crew swear their undying loyalty to him, telling them that with the planet killer, they will rule over "not only the Empire, but the entire quadrant." All of the officers swear allegiance to him, and then he states their first target: the Federation.

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