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The Doctor was a holographic Starfleet officer who served as USS Voyager's Emergency Medical Holographic program (or "EMH") and chief medical officer during the ship's seven year journey through the Delta Quadrant. The EMH Mark I, of which the Doctor was an example, was a computer program with a holographic interface in the form of a Human male doctor.

Although his program was specifically designed to function in emergency situations only, Voyager's sudden relocation to the Delta Quadrant and the lack of a living physician necessitated that the Doctor run his program on a full-time basis, becoming the ship's chief medical officer. Over the years, the Doctor expanded his program a great deal: he acquired many interests and hobbies, developed close personal friendships with many crew members, and even fell in love. He was a brilliant yet compassionate man who proved his worth and loyalty to all crew members throughout the years, gaining their well-earned respect as an individual with the same rights as everyone else on board.

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