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"The Battle of the First Blood, Part I" is the first chapter of the zeroth volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in October 2014 and published on 4 November 2014. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

Following a period of almost three hundred years of peace, an unidentified Federation vessel attacks and destroys one of the Dragon Alliance's colonies, killing four billion inhabitants, and igniting a conflict that escalates to become a massive war. An unlikely hero named Treav is the only one who can end the war before a galactic Armageddon occurs.

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Nearly three hundred years after the Undine and Iconians were finally vanquished in 2412, by 2688, the lifespans of all the species in the galaxy were extended and populations majorly increased.

Three alliances formed: the Eagle Alliance, the Dragon Alliance and the Lion Alliance. There was a long period of peace between the three alliances, until a Federation vessel attacked a Dragon Alliance colony without provocation, killing four billion people. The Dragon Alliance declared war on the Eagle Alliance on New Year's Eve, 2699. The Knuckonians, the Crokers, the Vasari, the Safecinians, and the Helghast attacked eighteen planets belonging to the Eagle Alliance, six of which were Qo'noS, Bajor, New Romulus, Risa, Vulcan, and Defera.

Word of this massive attack is brought to the Federation president's attention by the Shadow Raptor. The Shadow Raptor tells the president that they must prepare for another attack. The president asks why the Dragon Alliance would attack them after three hundred years of peace, but the Shadow Raptor can provide no answer, except that Starfleet Intelligence reported that someone attacked the Dragons first. The president sighs and states that he hates wars.

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At Tokyo Academy on Earth, a young Starfleet xenologist named Treav lives with his adopted sister, Junibell. Treav treats Junibell as his own sister, and vowed he would never let anything happen to her. She often feels that people think of her as a freak, but he assured her that she was merely different, and not a freak.

One evening, three of Treav's old friends, Admiral Riker, Levi, and the Shadow Raptor, come to visit him. They inform him that they are now at war, and he is needed at the front lines. He wonders if they were attacked by the Nausicaans, Orions or Kazon, but Levi explains that it was actually the Dragon Alliance. The Knuckonians, the leaders of the Dragon Alliance, broke the truce, attacking eighteen planets, the Shadow Raptor further explains. Riker tells Treav to study up on the Knuckonians before returning to the USS Howlingwind. Treav tries to tell them that he has an obligation to watch over his sister, but they tell him he has no choice. Levi suggests that Treav have The Doctor stay with Junibell, to which Treav concedes. Junibell overhears their conversation, telling Treav that the Knuckonians will be the death of him. He agrees, but he knows his duty to the Federation trumps his personal safety.

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Treav joins the Eagle Alliance military, and Junibell returns to San Francisco Academy. Treav trains on Sera for two months, facing many difficult challenges along the way. His instructor is a Vulcan named Teatay. Upon completing his training, he raises the flags of all of the member colonies of the Eagle Alliance, with all of the soldiers raising a salute. Treav is then briefed on the enemies he is about to face, but he is undaunted by the reports of their ferocity.

Captain Howlingmoon contacts Admiral Willey with concerns regarding his orders. She tries to convince him to wait for permission from the Federation Council before countering the Knuckonian forces on Naiva, but he refuses to wait, threatening her with a court-martial if she doesn't comply with his orders. She then orders the helmsman to set a course for Naiva, despite her crewman, Kaiy, reminding her that they still don't have permission from Starfleet.

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His first assignment is liberating a Vulcan colony on the planet Naiva. Several of the Eagle Alliance ships are destroyed in orbit by mass rail AA guns built by the Dragon Alliance. The Howlingwind, commanded by Captain Howlingmoon, leads the assault on the Dragon forces, with Teatay and Treav piloting the Delta Flyer. The Flyer takes damage, forcing them to crash land on the planet. The MACOs onboard with Teatay and Treav are killed in the landing, however, the duo manages to transport to the top of a building before the crash. They cautiously take a staircase down to the bottom of the building.

Treav notices some odd looking bloody footprints, but decides not to search where they lead. He then finds an assault rifle, and takes it with him. At the bottom of the stairs, Teatay exits into the room outside the staircase. She is attacked by someone in the room, and before Treav can help her, he finds that she has been dismembered by an Argonian soldier. He attacks the Croker, as they are called, but the Croker pins him down, and nearly kills him with his ax, but Treav is saved at the last moment by a Hydronian marine named T-Rex.

T-Rex asks Treav if he's alright, and he tells him that he is, but that the Croker killed his commander. T-Rex tells him that they should not let her death be in vain. Treav tells him that they must take out the AA guns so their fleet can send ground troops to the planet. T-Rex pulls him to his feet, saying, "let's go."

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  • This chapter was written by Gornintheusa, but it was edited and proofread by CaptFredricks, as well as posted on his fan fiction account. It was later moved to a new account created by CaptFredricks, intended for fan fictions not written by him.
  • This is the first chapter published on this wiki that was not written by CaptFredricks.

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Almost three hundred years passed since the defeat of the Undine (Species 8472) and the permanent extinction of the Iconians in 2412. In 2688, the lifespans of all species in the galaxy were extended and populations increased. These species were formed into three major alliances: the Eagle Alliance, which was formed by the Federation; the Dragon Alliance, which was formed by mythic beings, and an ancient race called the Knuckonians; and the Lion Alliance (aka the Dominion Alliance), which was formed by the Dominions of Humans, the Romulan Star Empire and the Peace Keepers, who desired to control the other two alliances. The three alliances lived in peace, until it was shattered by violence, when an unknown Federation ship destroyed one of the Dragon Alliance's mega colonies, that was home to four billion inhabitants. The Dragon Alliance declared war on the Eagle Alliance on the beginning of New Years Eve, in the year 2699. The Knuckonians, the Crokers, the Vasari, the Safecinians, and the Helghast attacked eighteen planets belonging to the Eagle Alliance, six of them being Qo'noS, Bajor, New Romulus, Risa, Vulcan and Defera. When reports of this massive attack came to Earth, the first Caitian president of the UFP was told by an unknown friend, the Shadow Raptor.

The Shadow Raptor entered the president's private chamber, where the president was resting. "Mr. President," he began. "The Dragon Alliance has launched a full-scale assault on our sectors. Casualties are minimum, but if we don't act, they will surely attack again."

The president sat up and frowned. "Why would they attack us when we've had no conflict with them? We've been at peace for almost three hundred years."

"Starfleet Intelligence reported someone attacked the Dragons first, but much is still unknown. Our allies are getting their troops ready. We must act, now."

"Right..." the president sighed. "I hate wars."

The Eagle Alliance, along with their Human and alien allies, assembled their military forces against the vicious Dragon Alliance forces. However, the question still remained: who provoked them? Who would cause this war? It seemed the most likely suspects to cause it would be the Romulan Empress Sela and Section 31.

Meanwhile, in the Tokyo Academy on Earth, there lived a young Starfleet anthropologist named Treav, along with his adopted Irathient (race from Defiance) sister Junibell. Treav looked after her as if she was his own blood, but he was forced to leave her when some of his old friends arrived.

It was the early evening. Treav had just gotten off work, and he walked into Junibell's room to see how she was doing.

"Hey," he said, smiling. "How was your day?"

"Leave me alone, brother, I'm not in the mood for talking," she replied, scowling.

"Look, I know Red Squad is giving you a hard time, but..." he began.

"But what? I'm a freak," she interrupted.

"No, you're not. Red Squad are just xenophobic. Most of them are from Vekta."

"I just wish they'd leave me alone."

"They're all taught by that brown-noser, Willey. He thinks every xeno is a parasite."

"Why?" she asked.

He shook his head. "I don't know. Howlingmoon doesn't trust him, ever since he fired on a Sangheili trade ship. Willey thought they were smuggling illegal weapons, but it turns out they were transporting medical supplies for the Vulcan colonies. I was shocked when I heard Willey was made an admiral and head of Red Squad – it's all because he's a Vektan."

Junibell hung her head. "Damn..."

"Now he only allows Humans from Vekta as Red Squad members, but trust me, it'll be his downfall."

"But Treav, look at me. I'm an Irathient – the same people who raid and attack your ships. Yet you said my people are gentle and kind."

"They are, Juni. Most of them are good, but sadly, some are some not."

"Will we ever be part of the alliance?"

"I don't know, but listen, if you need anything, I'll..."

Treav was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"I'll be right back," he told his sister.

He opened the door to find three of his old friends – Riker, Levi, and the Shadow Raptor – standing outside.

"Admiral Riker, sir!" he said, saluting them.

"At ease, lieutenant," Riker responded.

"What is it, sir?"

"We need you out on the front lines. We are now at war," the Shadow Raptor told him.

"Who is it? Nausicaans? Orions? Kazon?"

"Worse... The Dragon Alliance," Levi replied.

"The Knuckonians? But our Alliances were at peace. Why have they attacked us?" Treav said, puzzled.

"They broke the truce. I don't know why, but they attacked eighteen of our planets, and they will attack again, I know it," the Shadow Raptor said solemnly.

Riker stepped closer to Treav. "That's why we need you. Study up on them before you return to the USS Howlingwind."

"But I'm not a soldier, and I promised to look after Junibell," Treav complained.

"I'm sorry, but this is far worse than anything we've ever had to deal with before. Treav, you have no choice..." the Shadow Raptor trailed off.

"The Doctor can look after her. He enjoys spending time with her," Levi suggested.

"Well, at least she's okay with his opera," Treav agreed.

Just then, Junibell walked out, overhearing most of their conversation.

"Treav, you can't fight them. You studied them before. They'll kill you."

Treav sighed. "I know, Juni, but it's my duty to assist the Federation. I must help them end this war."

Afterwards, Treav joined the military and Junibell went back to San Francisco Academy. For two months, Treav was in training on Sera, where he endured grueling challenges, including running, swimming, falling, near-drowning, and of course dodging and jumping. He was taught by a female Vulcan trainer named Teatay, and after his training, he raised the flags belonging to all the member colonies and alien races of the Eagle Alliance, and every soldier saluted them. After the training, he was given information about his enemies of how terrifying they were, but Treav was fearless and willing to fight and Teatay then prepared to leave Sera to join their fleet, led by Admiral Willey.

"Hope you remember your training on the battlefield, because you're gonna need it," Teatay said.

"Don't worry, Teatay, I won't. I've studied the Knuckonians before, but i wonder why they would choose to attack us?"

"They might want war, after all, their alliance was contrived in war."

"True, but if they wanted to attack, wouldn't they have done it before now? We've had almost three hundred years of peace."

"Well, things change, but after this is done, let's go to Risa. Just you and me."

Treav smiled. "I'd like that very much."


Meanwhile, Captain Howlingmoon contacted Admiral Willey, voicing her concerns about his orders.

"Admiral, with all due respect, we still don't know what's going on down on Naiva. We haven't fully scouted the area. We must wait..." Howlingmoon began.

"No, these child killing reptilians need to be purged!" Willey interrupted.

"We must inform the Federation Council before we advance to..."

"Shut up, bitch!" Willey screamed, once again interrupting her. "You xeno lovers are all the same. You will either listen to me, or I'll have you court-martialed, along with the rest of your crew." Willey cut the comms.

Howlingmoon sighed. "All hands, we're going to yellow alert. Helm, set course for Naiva."

"But ma'am... we haven't gotten permission from Starfleet to go there yet..." a Sangheili crewman, named Kaiy, objected.

"I know, but Willey is an admiral. We must obey his orders – regardless of how... misguided they are."

Several days later, a Vulcan colony on the planet Naiva was attacked and occupied by the Dragon Alliance. Every available MACO, including Treav and Teatay, assembled and prepared to do battle.

A half-Human, half-Orion named Sera Ivey stepped forward, facing all of the MACOs. "Alright everyone, listen up. We're on the brink of war with the Dragon Alliance. They've taken over Naiva, and we're going to reclaim it and rescue the colonists. Are you all ready?"

"Oorah!" the MACOs replied.

"Then let's give these bastards a message of our own!" Ivey yelled.

The MACOs all geared up and headed to the shuttles.

Teatay kissed Treav. "See you on the other side," she said, as they boarded the Delta Flyer.

Treav and the Eagle Alliance military arrived at Naiva, but they didn't realize it was actually a trap. The Eagle Alliance fleet was attacked by mass rail AA guns, built by the Dragon Alliance, destroying several Eagle Alliance ships. The USS Howlingwind, commanded by Captain Howlingmoon, led the counterattack, with Teatay and Treav and a sqaud of MACOs on the Delta Flyer, along with runabouts, UNSC Pelicans, Sangheili Phantoms and Hydran Military shuttles who were dropping troops on the planet. The Delta Flyer was damaged, forcing Teatay and Treav to beam down to the planet, however, their squad was killed in the crash landing. They somehow managed to beam on top of an eight story building and Teatay ordered Treav to follow her. They walked down the stairs carefully, watchful of any enemies that might find them.

Treav tripped on some debris and fell. "I'm okay," he told her, standing to his feet.

Teatay nodded. "Let's keep going."

Treav then noticed bloody footprints that were obviously not Human. He wanted to see where they led, but he continued to follow Treatay as she told him to. Later, he stopped and found a UNSC assault rifle that was in good condition. Teatay opened the door at the bottom of the staircase, with Treav about seven meters behind her. She was jumped by an unknown assailant and began screaming.

"What the fuck?" Treav, hearing the commotion, exclaimed.

Treav dashed in and he saw an Argonian warrior, known as a Croker elite, chopping Teatay to bits with his snake-skinned ax. He took notice of Treav and growled, lunging at him. Treav managed to shoot the Croker, then grabbed him, throwing him to the side. The Croker attempted to use his ax, but Treav used the assault rifle he found earlier to keep the ax from cutting into him. The Croker began to overpower him, forcing his ax closer and closer to Treav, but then a shot was fired at the Croker's back, killing him. Treav pushed the dead Croker of him, seeing his rescuer, a Hydran marine named T-Rex.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, but this bastard killed my commanding officer," Treav replied sadly.

"Goddamn Crokies," T-Rex muttered under his breath. "I'm sorry for your loss, but let's not let her death be in vain."

"We need to take out those AA guns before the second wave arrives."

T-Rex offered him a hand, pulling him to his feet. "Then let's go."

To be continued...

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