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This article's contents relate to something that has been archived, so they no longer have any bearing on the wiki's published works. At one time they were relevant, so the article has been left on the wiki for reference.

For the currently published chapter with the same title, see The Battle of the First Blood, Part II.

"The Battle of the First Blood, Part II" is the second chapter of the zeroth volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written in November 2014 and published on 25 November 2014. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

Treav Callem and his company lead a charge against the Dragon Alliance on the planet Naiva. Unfortunately, the planet cannot be saved, and the Eagle Alliance must retreat. Treav's team then mounts a defense against the Knuckonian forces, while their allies escape.


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Governments and organizations[]

Diclonius Order • Dragon Alliance • Eagle Alliance • Freedom Worlds Alliance • Lion Alliance • Maquis • Starfleet Command


Cardassian • Croker • Helghast • Human • Hydronian • Kazon • Knuckonian • Safecinian • Vulcan



Background and trivia[]


Author: Gornintheusa
Published: 25 November 2014

On the planet Naiva, the battle for control raged on. Treav and T-Rex exited the building they were in, narrowly escaping before it collapsed. While roaming the streets, they fought several more Crokers, but managed to take them out, using debris from the building as cover. Later, an explosion came from another building, taking out three Crokers at once. Treav and T-Rex searched for the cause of the explosion, only to find Denis, T-Rex's brother.

"Yeah! Take that you stupid Crokies!" Denis exclaimed.

"Denis, where's the rest of your squad?" T-Rex asked.

"They're dead. Got mowed down by a Metal Heavy Raptor (a Knuckonian)," Denis replied.

"Damn. Guess you're not the only one who's lost their squad today."

"None of this would've happened if Willey of the USS Coyote had led us to battle earlier, before Starfleet Command ordered us to," Treav postulated. "The question is, did he know the Dragon Alliance was waiting for us?"

"I don't know, Treav, but I intend to find out. If we ever get out of this, I'm gonna get Willey's ass arrested. Hey, Denis do you have the radio pack?" T-Rex asked.

"Yeah, it's right here."

T-Rex began tuning the radio until he started receiving a signal.

"To any surviving marines out there, this is Redeyes, over. I'm relieving Willey from command of the Coyote by orders of Admiral Riker, but we need to warn the rest of the forces before more souls are lost. My location is inside the Vulcan Cathedral," Redeyes said over the radio.

"That's not far from here, but we can't travel by foot," Treav pointed out.

"UNSC had Warhogs (jeeps) on their Pelicans (transport ships) before and after they got shot down. Let's go find one," T-Rex suggested.

"Already have, brother," Denis spoke up.

Denis found a Warhog in good in shape from a destroyed Pelican.

"You sure it'll run?" Treav asked, doubt in his tone.

"Yeah, it'll have to."

"Alright, Treav, you drive, Denis, you take shotgun, and I'll man the gun," T-Rex told them.

The three took the Warhog to the Cathredral, but they were being chased and fired upon by Knuckonians and their allies, the Safecinians (who looked like Human soldiers).

"Damn Metal Raptors. Unlike the Crokies, these reptiles know how to shoot a gun!" T-Rex yelled.

They managed to take out two Knuckonian humvees, but a Knuckonian gunship began firing missiles at Treav and the others. They drove into an underpass, through a small cave to escape the missiles, but a Knuckonian light trooper jumped and tried to grab the steering wheel. Denis managed to shoot him with his shotgun and run him over, but more enemy vehicles began to show up, with more troops and more gunships. Later, the Warhog nearly ran into three missiles from the Eagle Alliance, which were intended for both the vehicles and gunships chasing them. Treav was relieved to find more fellow marines had made it to the Cathedral, however, a Human female scout name Hawk had less-than good news for them when they arrived.

"Sir, here's three more survivors. Two Hydronians and one Human," Hawk reported to her superior.

"Thank you," Redeyes replied. "You may continue your scouting."

Treav, T-Rex and Denis entered the room.

"I'm T-Rex of the UNSC ship Red Rose. This is my brother, Denis, and this Treav of the UFP ship USS Howlingwind," T-Rex told him.

"I see. Treav, you know why I relieved Willey?" Redeyes asked.

"Yes, I know."

"Well, he's dead now. Dragon Blades gutted him alive when he tried to escape, leaving his own crew to die."

Treav shook his head. "Damn."

"We're retreating. We're ordering your captain to transport us out of here, but we must hurry. Some of their AA guns are some kind of giant scorpions made of cables. I was informed by one of the marines about it."

"What about Naiva?" Treav asked.

Redeyes sighed. "Forget Naiva, it's lost. We're going to hold off the Dragon Alliance 'til Howlingmoon beams out the wounded, and then we're going to make a charge at their forces to distract them. We may not survive this, but we'll take as many of these bastards out as we can."


Captain Howlingmoon began recieving a transmission from Treav.

"Captain, captain? Come in," Treav said.

"I'm here Treav. We were worried when we didn't hear from you. Where's Teatay?" Howlingmoon responded.

"She's dead..." Treav trailed off, pain in his voice.

Howlingmoon hung her head. "Treav, I know you and Teatay were close. I am sorry."

"Just tell my sister about what happened, and please look after her for me. Goodbye, my friend." Treav then cut off the transmission.

"Wait, Treav..." Howlingmoon started. "Get him back!" she told her communications officer.

"I can't, sir. He terminated the link," the comm officer replied.

Howlingmoon sighed. "Damn it, Treav."


The defense was a success, but only 1,500 marines, including Treav and a female Sparten named Sword Hammer survived.

"Alright, marines, here they come. Let's show these lizard bastards what courage is!" Sword Hammer yelled.

They led a devastating charge, but they were no match for the Dragon Alliance horde. They managed to take out many Knuckonians, Crokers and Safecinians in the firefight, but it soon became a nightmare. Treav was charging, but he was shot two times, once on his lower right leg and the other, his right arm. Sword Hammer lay on her knees, and as she looked up, she was shot to death by Knuckonians. On the upper building, Treav noticed T-Rex fighting a Metal Heavy Raptor, but the Heavy was about to finish off T-Rex. Treav grabbed a Magnum and fired, but it only made him focus on Treav while other Knuckonians restrained T-Rex. An Unknown Golden stopped the Heavy who was about to kill Treav.

"Nid Zu'u laan Nahlaas (No, I want him alive)," he said.

A female Safecinian, called a Dragon Blade, grabbed a gun from Treav's left arm.

"I like this one," the Golden Knuckonian said in Human English. "Have him patched up and make him a labor worker with the others."

The Dragon Blade knocked Treav out and the Knuckonians carried him to the prison transport.

"My lord, the Eagle Alliance forces are retreating. Shall we pursue?" a Knuckonian asked.

"No, let them warn the others," the Golden responded.

"You're playing a very dangerous game, Sleacherling. Don't underestimate your enemy," a woman said to the Golden.

"Is that so, Tier Harribel? We will see," Sleacherling grinned evilly. "Soon the other two alliances will be on their knees."

Treav woke up in a dark room, soon realizing he was surrounded by thousands of POWs, five hundred Eagle Alliance members and countless rebels against the Lion Alliance.

"Treav is that you?" a voice called from the dimly-lit room.

"T-Rex... you're alive?" Treav responded.

"Yeah. Denis and I were captured along with the other survivors."

"Where are we?"

T-Rex started to speak, but was interrupted by another prisoner, named Sera Ivey.

"We're in a Helghast prison transport ship," she said solemnly.

"Well, you Eagles are lucky to have survived Naiva. It was an ugly battle," a rebel named Kyle interjected.

"Who are you?" Treav asked.

"Name's Kyle. I was with the Maquis – we were fighting the Lion Alliance, Kazon and Cardassians, 'til the Knuckonians invaded our borders."

A red-haired woman with cat ear horns, standing on a roof, appeared on a screen in front of the prisoners. Many of the prisoners squinted and groaned at the sudden bright light in the room.

"Attention all captives from the Eagle Alliance and the Freedom Worlds, I am Lucy of the Diclonius Order. You are all now laborers for the Dragon Alliance. We..."

A Hydronian member of the rebels, wearing a Knuckonian helmet, nudged Treav. "That's Lucy, Sleacherling's personal lapdog. She's the leader of the Diclonius Order, which is Sleacherling's personal gestapo. She, Sleacherling and rest of the Dragon Alliance don't give a shit about our cause. Instead they attack both us and the Lion Alliance."

Lucy continued. "...so, if any of you dare to take me or my sisters on, you will be signing your death warrants. Long live the Dragons!"

The screen turned off.

"The Dragon Alliance just made a horrible mistake," Treav said, standing.

"What's that, Treav?" Kyle inquired.

"They just fucked with the wrong people."