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For the archived chapter with the same title, see The Battle of the First Blood, Part II (original).

"The Battle of the First Blood, Part II" is the third chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written between August and October 2015 and published on 31 December 2015. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.

After learning that his girlfriend is a Section 31 agent, Treav sets out to locate his sister and his friends on Naiva. Meanwhile, the Dragon Alliance breaks their truce with the Eagle Alliance and attacks Naiva in a deadly campaign.


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Background and trivia[]

  • This chapter advances the timeline from 2699 to 2700.
    • The majority of the chapter takes place on New Year's Eve, the same day the chapter was published.


Author: Gornintheusa
Published: 31 December 2015

Previously: Treav noticed Teatay wasn't a Vulcan because her blood was red. After she attempted to kill him with a gun and a knife, Treav demanded to know who she really was and why Section 31 used brainwashing tactics. The impostor told him that the real Teatay was dead. He demanded answers, but he noticed well-armed Section 31 members getting out of a car. As bomb alarms went off, he knocked out the Teatay impostor after she tried to seduce and kill him. Treav went outside, hiding from the Section 31 members going into his apartment. Treav ran into the streets to warn his sister, Junibell, and his friends, but the bombs were smashing and blowing up buildings as Crokers and Knuckonians were storming the city of Naiva with full force.

As Teatay regained consciousness, she noticed a fellow Section 31 agent, Franklin Drake, next to her. She decided to go after Treav but Drake did not let her leave.

"Patience. You'll have your chance to kill him," Drake said.

"What if he finds out what Golden Dragon wants him to do?" she asked.

"He won't," Drake replied.


Out on the streets, Treav ran through crowds of scared civilians and into a building as Crokers were running on top of cars, shooting their snake-skinned guns in the air like rioters. In the building, Treav ran through the second exit of the door going toward the mansion where his sister and friends were, but it was still miles away. Treav knew he had to hurry, but he was spotted by two Crokers who tried to shoot him. Due to their inexperience with firearms and their terrible aim, Treav managed to stun both of them. As he ran to another street, he noticed troops carrying UNSC Marines, Starfleet MACOs, Romulan Republic, and Hydronian Marines. He noticed a Reman named Veril and her Romulan Commander Tovan Khev who yelled to Treav as their truck stopped.

"Hey you with the phaser, we're setting up a counterattack. Hop in if you wanna help!" Tovan Khev called.

Treav hopped in the truck and saw more Dragon Alliance ships warping in the sky and dropping more ground troops.

"What's your name, commander?" Tovan asked.

"My name's Treav. I'm part of Howlingmoon's crew. I need to get to the Starfleet Council mansion; my crewmates, my captain, and my sister are there," Treav replied.

"We can't go there!" Tovan exclaimed.

"Why not?"

"That building is swarming with Metal Raptors."

"Damn it..."

"Don't worry; I'm sure your captain made it out of there," Tovan reassured him.

"I hope so."

The truck stopped as Treav and Tovan were helping evacuate civilians to the Iconian gate in the city dorm but the Dragon Alliance forces began to open fire while Eagle Alliance marines were defending it. Tovan and Treav went inside the city dorm where they geared up the Dragon Alliance was trying to take the Iconian gateway.

"Treav, gear up! The Metal Raptors will be here any minute," Tovan said.

Treav nodded. "Roger that."

Treav went to the weapons cage to get a better weapon. While there, he met a buffed-up Romulan named Hiven who introduced himself.

"Hello there, the name's Hiven."

"Nice to meet you, Hiven. I'm in need of a weapon," Treav replied.

"Here, throw that phaser away and show those lizards some real fire power instead." He handed Treav an assault rifle.

"This is a projectile weapon, not a laser rifle," Treav remarked.

"It has bullets to kill Metal Raptors. Phaser fire is deflected by their armor."

Treav would have stayed and continued talking, but all the marines gathered at the blockade to defend the Iconian gate outside as Knuckonian drop ships were dropping in troopers alongside the Crokers, who had bad aim.

"See those armored lizards? Those are Metal Raptors. Unlike the Crokies, these lizards know how to aim and shoot," Hiven yelled to Treav.

Treav tried his best to shoot and take out some Crokers but the Knuckonians, who were well trained, took cover and hit their targets effectively, taking down three marines and a turret. Treav heard a high-pitched sound as Fishers, which belonged to the aliens that the crews of the Voyager and Equinox encountered, began to appear. One of the marines yelled out a warning to his fellow marines, but was shot by a Knuckonian while he was not looking. As the Fishers began to appear and attacked Treav and the rest of the Eagle Alliance troops, Treav saw another marine, an Andorian, being killed by a Fisher as another Fisher saw him, screeching and attacking him.

Some time before the attack, on New Years Eve, Howlingmoon and Junibell were training in the training room in the mansion.

"Alright Junibell, remember, I want you to fight me as if your life is in danger," Howlingmoon said.

"Okay," Junibell replied, confidently wielding a staff.

"Alright, let's see how much Worf taught you. Defend yourself!"

Kaiy, Denis, Kara, and T-Rex were watching and cheering for Junibell as she was defending and countering Howlingmoon's attacks. Elisa Flores decided to attack Junibell from behind but Junibell dodged as she jumped and countered Elisa's attack.

"Very good, Junibell. Remember your surroundings; you never who will be coming behind you. Defend yourself!" Howlingmoon ordered.

Junibell began defending herself from both Howlingmoon and Elisa. She countered and blocked Howlingmoon's staff effectively.

Howlingmoon smiled. "Very impressive, Junibell. You're learning well."

"Yeah, you fight like a Klingon, though," Elisa laughed.

"Enough, Elisa," Howlingmoon scolded.

"That was amazing, Junibell! I hope you join Starfleet someday. Your brother would be proud," T'Vrell began, tearing up and leaving the room.

"Is she okay, captain?" Junibell asked.

Howlingmoon nodded slowly. "It's okay, Junibell. She's just happy you're doing well."

"She mentioned my brother. Did something happen between them?"

"Treav and T'Vrell used to be together till Teatay came into his life. Teatay started calling T'Vrell names and began telling Treav that T'Vrell was cheating on him, and he believed her. I still wish he wasn't with Teatay. I sense something not right about her, but it's his decision, not mine," Howlingmoon answered.

"Hey, Junibell, the others and I are getting ready for the party. See you there!" Kaiy said gleefully.

Junibell turned to face him. "Okay, I'll meet you all there."

"Junibell, you know I had a Bajoran officer named Jodra who was raped and killed by the True Way nine years ago. She was your age; that's why you must always defend yourself – there is danger everywhere," Howlingmoon said.

"I will; I promise," Junibell replied.

"I know you will. Now, let's get you ready; there's a lot of people I'd like you to meet."


As Junibell walked out with Howlingmoon she noticed some crewmates chatting about the USS Tiffany, a Centaur-class ship that disappeared while it was close to the Dragon Alliance borders.

"I heard they were only 17 light years away from the Dragon Alliance borders when they lost contact!" a crewman said.

"This is bad. Captain Williams might have been killed by those Metal Raptors. They're coming for us!" a female Andorian officer cried.

"Quit your gossiping and get back to work," a Klingon officer said.

Junibell began to grow a little bit worried, and Howlingmoon took notice.

"It's alright, Junibell. The Dragon Alliance has no intention of going to war against us; they follow a Code of Honor. While I'm worried about this Knuckonian who calls himself the Golden Dragon, he's not as much a threat as General Esdeath from the Lion Alliance is," she said.

"Who's General Esdeath?" Junibell asked.

"It's best not to know too much about her; she is a cold-hearted, vile person. Besides, this war is behind the Lion Alliance borders; there is still peace within our borders. Don't worry, Junibell. It'll be okay."


As Howlingmoon and Junibell walked to the party, they met Elisa, T'Vrell, Zarva, and Kara, in their casual wear, waving at them. Howlingmoon wore her uniform, but Junibell just wore her tomboy clothes; she didn't like wearing dresses. Kolez, T-Rex, Denis, and Kaiy were out helping in the Iconian gate area. Junibell was a little timid to meet new people.

"Relax, Junibell, you'll be fine," Elisa said comfortingly.

Junibell smiled at her, thinking to herself that she had good friends to look after her. She decided to get something to eat, but two Federation captains cut in front of her, knocking her onto the floor.

"Who the fuck brought this savage in the party!?" the first captain yelled with a deep voice, pointing at Junibell.

"Hey, what's your problem, Willey? She was just trying to get food from the table," Elisa spouted back.

Willey snorted. "Oh, if isn't Elisa, Jason's prostitute girlfriend! Ain't that right, Paul?"

"Yes! I'm surprised you're still in the Federation," Paul Ascray Dobins, the second captain, said.

"Well I'm surprised you xenophobic fucktards are still in the Federation. Your crews are nothing but racist assholes!" Elisa retorted.

Paul snickered. "Wow, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Look here, your captain allows aliens like Breen, Krogan, Jem'Hadar, and I heard you even have a Sangheili that kills Human children for a living."

"Don't you dare say that about Kaiy! You know nothing about him. I met him before he joined the Federation – same with Junibell."

Howlingmoon, hearing the argument, walked over to them. "What's going on?" she demanded.

"Howlingmoon, get your crew together! Your Irathient attacked us!" Willey whined.

"That's not what happened. She was just getting food, you bastard!" Elisa screamed.

"Elisa, that's enough. Paul and Willey, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave my crew alone. You may think its okay to ignore the Prime Directive but I don't, so get out of here," Howlingmoon said sternly.

"Fine; come on, Willey. You're all lucky Rraaktar's not here, and Elisa, you need to learn to calm down," Paul retorted.

"Fuck you!" Elisa shouted.

As Paul and Willey walked away, the Shadow Raptor watched them from a distance.

He sighed. "The Eagle Alliance is starting to rot from the inside," he said to himself.

Howlingmoon and the girls walked outside.

"Captain, I was just getting food," Junibell said.

Howlingmoon nodded. "It's okay, Junibell; I understand." She turned to Elisa. "Elisa, you're stripped from rank."

"What!? You think it's my fault?" Elisa protested.

"Stop arguing! You decided to incite violence. You should've let me take care of it."

"Really? You were elsewhere talking to others while Junibell was being bullied! All her life, sh—"

"Enough, Elisa. You are letting your anger control you. I understand about you and Jason; when we were part of his crew, you were like a sister to me. You think I don't miss the friends we lost in the conflicts we had when the Devastator was attacked by IKS Kabok? You can't let the past tear you apart, Elisa."

"See, it's always me, me, me. I'm the reason that all this shit happens. I'm done!"

Howlingmoon shook her head. "That's not what I said..."

"Oh yeah? Go fuck yourself; I'm done." Elisa walked away angrily.

Junibell was crying as she ran to her room in the mansion. T'Vrell, Zarva, and Kara began to comfort her as Howlingmoon tried to call Elisa, but she didn't answer.

Howlingmoon sighed. "Elisa, what happened to you?"

Howlingmoon remembered when Elisa and Jodra were both captured by the True Way, who tortured and raped them both. Elisa survived, but Jodra was never found and presumed dead. After the True Way released her, Howlingmoon hoped Elisa's emotional scars could be healed. Junibell walked out of her room, wiping her tears after what had happened. She and her three friends, Kara, Zarva, and T'Vrell, met Howlingmoon at the transporter. Howlingmoon wished Paul and Willey hadn't provoked Elisa to make such a scene earlier, but she felt it best to return Junibell to the ship.

"Just hold on; the Tiffany's Captain Williams and four of his officers are beaming down first," the transporter chief said.

"The Tiffany? That's impossible! It disappeared three years ago!" Howlingmoon replied.

"I'm not sure how to answer, sir. They just warped in and requested clearance to beam down."

Howlingmoon felt suspicious about why the Tiffany would just show up out of the blue. The transporter beam energized, and when it was complete, the person standing there was not Captain Williams.

"You're not Captain Williams!" Howlingmoon gasped.

The unidentified Human soldier grabbed their pistol and shot the transporter chief in the head. Howlingmoon and the girls dodged, but T'Vrell took a shot to the ribcage, screaming in pain. They retreated to another room, Howlingmoon closing the door to keep the Human soldiers out.

Howlingmoon tapped her combadge. "This is Captain Howlingmoon; we're under attack. Repeat, we are under attack!" She received no reply. "We have to keep moving," she sighed.

She, Junibell, and the others carried T'Vrell, but she was bleeding profusely. The soldiers started beaming in more troops, most of them Knuckonians. One of the Human soldiers saw Howlingmoon and the girls, but Howlingmoon grabbed the soldier's gun and knocked him out cold, dismantling his gun. She noticed he was a GOTD (Guns of the Dragons) soldier who used to be a group of teenage protesters and hackers in America in the late-20th and early-21st centuries, now they were a militia battalion under the command of the Golden Dragon. Howlingmoon told Junibell and the girls to be quiet and stay alert.

She found a radio and activated it. "To any Eagle Alliance forces, we are under attack by Dragon Alliance forces. They have broken the truce!" The radio spit out static in reply.

T'Vrell was losing blood quickly; the Dragon troops knew exactly how and where to target a vital Vulcan organ. They continued to sneak through the enemy-infested mansion where the security officers where killed quickly by the Knuckonian soldiers.

"Why do these Gorn have armor and weapons like the Voth?" Junibell whispered.

"They're not Gorn – they're Knuckonians – they're far worse," Howlingmoon replied.

"Hang in there, T'Vrell. We'll get you to the sickbay," Zarva said comfortingly.

"Captain, tell Treav that I—" T'Vrell began.

"Save your energy, T'Vrell. We'll get you patched up," Howlingmoon assured her.

Junibell sighed as she thought of her brother. "Treav... I hope you're safe."

Howlingmoon, Zarva, Junibell, and Kara continued to sneak through the mansion, taking turns carrying the injured T'Vrell. They sneaked as quietly as possible past Knuckonian soldiers until they reached a room three floors down in the mansion. There were nine security officers with phaser rifles in the room.

"What was that?" a male Andorian officer asked, as a girl in a school uniform appeared in front of them and sliced them all with her unknown weapon and transported somewhere else.

Howlingmoon was shocked but she knew she had to stay focused. At last, they managed to find the sickbay, and they put T'Vrell on a biobed to heal her wound.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Junibell asked.

"I hope so," Howlingmoon replied.

"Cap... tain..." Elisa moaned, appearing beaten and bloody.

"Elisa!" Howlingmoon yelled in horror.

A group of GOTD soldiers appeared, surrounding them and pointing their projectile guns at them. One of them, a woman with short black hair and wearing a gas mask, stood next to Elisa.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Howlingmoon. I see you're helping a dying crewmate – how nice! Quick tip, boys: if you want to shoot Vulcans in the heart, aim where their liver should be," the woman said.

"Who are you?" Howlingmoon demanded.

"I'm called The Wraith. I'm one of the Golden Dragon's personal officers. I've been waiting to kill you, Howlingmoon," The Wraith replied.

"Please, don't hurt her!" Junibell gasped.

"Excuse me? Who are you, little one?"

"Leave her out of this," Howlingmoon said sternly.

The Wraith chuckled. "So heartwarming! We all know you look after your crew, Howlingmoon. We know how you act, and we know how you think!"

Everyone started laughing in front of Howlingmoon and the others, but a stray bullet shot a soldier in the neck. The Wraith gasped, realizing it was reinforcements from the Eagle the Alliance as Beastie, a mysterious snake-man, appeared.

"Sorry to intrude, but the next shot will be to your face, Wraith," Beastie said.

"It's The Wraith, not Wraith, imbecile. How about doing us a favor and dropping dead!" The Wraith shouted.

Beastie pointed his gun at her. "Go back to your boss, Sleacherling. Shadow Raptor and I are done with your war game!"

The Wraith gritted her teeth inside the gas mask. Just then, she received a call and answered it.

"We're pulling back," the voice on the other side, Tyrant, said. "The Golden Dragon has ordered it."

The Wraith sighed. "Till next time, Howlingmoon."

The Wraith and the GOTD soldiers transported away, and the Dragon Alliance ships retreated, but Howlingmoon knew this wasn't over.

Beastie holstered his weapon and smiled. "Wow, that was easy. I just wish I had gotten here sooner."


Back outside, a Fisher attacked Treav, but Kaiy stabbed it with his energy sword. Kolez, T-Rex, and Denis came outside with more reinforcements from the gateway to take care of the Dragon Alliance soldiers. The battle lasted 45 minutes and Naiva was in complete ruins.

"Treav, are you okay?" Kaiy asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Treav responded.

"Where's Teatay?" Kolez asked.

Treav sighed. "She's a Section 31 spy; she is not a Vulcan."

"Wait, was Teatay the one who died 300 years ago in the history files?" Kaiy inquired.

The group realized Teatay was long dead and they never met the real Teatay. As for the history files, they were tampered with by Section 31. On Vekta, there was an incident with the Lion Alliance. Treav and his friends walked to the mansion where they saw T'Vrell being transported to the hospital. Treav saw Junibell and she noticed him and yelled his name. She was happy and she gave him a hug, but Paul and Willey were laughing.

"I never liked Irathients," Paul said.

"Yeah, they're a real pain in the ass," Willey added.

Treav took note of their comments and grabbed a baton and bashed both Wiley and Paul in their faces.

"Bastards! Next time it will be a sledge hammer if you ever say that about my sister again!" he shouted, walking off and dropping the baton.


Three days after the events, Treav was in his room in San Francisco after he explained about Teatay trying to kill him. He heard knocking on his door and when he opened it, there were Terran Colonial Authority marines in power armor.

"Treav, you're under arrest," a TCA marine said.

"Why? Is it because of assaulting Paul and Willey?" Treav asked.

"No, for conspiring with the rebels as the Mountain Goat in the Lion Alliance borders."

Treav sighed and went along with them even though he didn't know why he was being arrested and why the marines said he was the Mountain Goat, a famous Rebel Leader against the Lion Alliance. As Treav walked outside the Academy, a mysterious red-eyed woman in a black school uniform was watching him from on top of the Golden Gate Bridge.