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For the archived chapter with the same title, see The Battle of the First Blood, Part I (original).

"The Battle of the First Blood, Part I" is the second chapter of the first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf, written between February and April 2015 and published on 29 July 2015. It is authored by Gornintheusa and proofread by CaptFredricks.



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Author: Gornintheusa
Published: 29 July 2015

Treav was having a nightmare about the Golden Dragon, who had come to burn the homes of innocent civilians. He began to remember a Ferengi named Nobii from back at Drozana Station some seven months prior, who was bragging about some Knuckonian who painted his armor gold as a symbol against the corrupted dictators.

"His name is Lord Sleacherling, the Golden Dragon. You wanna know why?" Nobii asked.

"Why?" Treav inquired.

"The Peace Keepers and the Scarrans killed the Elven woman he loved. They thought it would stop the Knuckonians from advancing, but it turns out it didn't." Nobii laughed heartily.

"Well, they deserved what they got. After all, they tried to conquer Earth during the Iconian War."

"But trust me when I say that Knuckie is as crazy as the ones who follow him."

Three weeks later, Treav heard that Nobii's dead body was discovered in his apartment on Ferenginar by his landlord. Someone melted all of his gold-pressed latinum and forced him to drink it. Treav wondered if Sleacherling had sent someone to silence him, but he was too busy getting ready for New Year's Day to think much of it.

On the USS Iroquois, Treav was talking to Captain Howlingmoon.

"You wanted to see me captain?" Treav asked her.

"Yes, Treav. We have a bunch of new recruits and it would be best for you to introduce yourself to them. Before you do, though, I need to warn you about some of them," Howlingmoon replied.

"What about?"

"Some of them are Hydronian and one is Sangheili. I know your issues with reptilians and ex-Covenant species and I already informed them about your phobia and the incident on Nimbus III, and they said they understand. I just hope it won't be a problem."

Treav sighed. "That was a long time ago. I learned from my mistakes after fighting Slar, son of S'slee."

"I know what you did on Nimbus was to defend your sister and you learned to be a better person than you were before. After you joined Starfleet, you reminded me of my ancestor, Chakotay, when he was first officer on Voyager when they were lost in the Delta Quadrant."

"Yes, captain. I won't let you down, and I'll let the past stay in the past."

"I'm glad you understand. The two Hydronians are in the cafeteria, and the Sangheili is on the bridge. You should go talk to them, because we're family on this ship."

"Understood, sir. I will."

"That will be all, lieutenant."

Treav bowed his head, then left the room.


As Treav stepped out of the turbolift, the Sangheili officer took notice of him and walked over to where he stood.

"Hello, Lieutenant Treav, my name is Kaiy. It is a pleasure to meet you," the Sangheili pilot told him.

Treav extended a hand. "Nice to meet you, Kaiy. It's always good to get to know the new recruits."

"Thank you, sir. Before I joined the UFP, I wandered the stars on a Covenant cruiser, exploring new worlds and seeking out new life. I miss those days."

"Well, I've become a better Starfleet officer over the years, as has my adopted sister, Junibell. Her parents were killed by Kazon and Tal Shiar."

"I'm sorry to hear that. My father was a Zealot Class Elite. He told me his father told him about the Covenant during the Iconian Wars and learned that our people were following a lie. I hope to find what the actual Great Journey is in the UFP unlike the one the Prophets told us."

"Are there others of your species who joined the UFP?" Treav asked, intrigued.

Kaiy frowned. "Sadly, no. Many of my kind follow the Arbiter, as well as the Covenant. The rest have joined the Dragon Alliance, so I'm the only one who joined the UFP. I've actually been thinking of returning to follow my people because I fear I have disgraced their honor..."

"But you said you wanted to find the true Great Journey by joining UFP," Treav replied.

"You're right! Look at me... I can't just stand here while the Great Journey is out there. Thank you, my friend."

"You're welcome, Kaiy. Well, I have to go talk to the other recruits. I will see you later."

"Very well. I saw Elisa Flores, Zarva, T'Vrell and Kolez talking to the two new Hydronian recruits in the cafeteria. Mind if I tag along? I want to meet them too."

"Sure, just be careful getting into the turbolifts. Don't wanna bonk your head." Treav grinned.


Treav and Kaiy exited the turbolift. They walked into the cafeteria to see the recruits, as well as Treav's sister, Junibell, and their short, brunet, female cyborg companion named Kara. They found the group laughing and chit-chatting at one of the tables.

"So where is your family, Denis?" Elisa Flores asked.

"I have T-Rex. He and I grew up together after the Larvii Wars," Denis replied.

"Yeah, long time history there," T-Rex added.

"Ah, Treav! Glad you could make it," Kolez said, taking notice of Treav and Kaiy.

"Thank you, Kolez." Treav turned to his sister. "How you feeling Junibell?"

"I'm feeling okay, thank you," she responded.

"Hello, Treav. My name is T-Rex, and this is my brother Denis. It's a pleasure to meet you," T-Rex said, offering a hand.

Treav shook it. "Nice to meet you. Everyone, this is Kaiy," he said, introducing Kaiy to them.

"Greetings, all!" Kaiy said.

"Wow... so the reports are true then. You aliens are really tall like some Gorn," Elisa remarked.

He chuckled. "Yeah, except we're better fighters than the Gorn."

"Well, Treav took on three Gorn with his UNSC buddy, Spartan 013, single-handedly."

"Elisa, stop talking about the war," Junibell complained.

"It's okay, sister," Treav replied. "That is true. I did fight three Gorn."

"Wow! Did you beat them?" Denis inquired.

"Actually, no... I got my spine smashed and my friend's arm torn off. We were lucky to be alive by the time the Hydronian sheriff intervened, but I deserved what I got. I was arrogant, cruel and dishonest."

"But that was a long time ago, Treav. You've changed – you'll do better," Kara added.

"By the way, you guys hear about Nobii's death a few months back?" Treav asked, changing the subject.

"That sleazeball Ferengi from Drozana? Well apparently he knew about the Golden Dragon and after I left he was murdered," Elisa said.

"That Ferengi made many enemies – maybe they killed him," Kolez mused.

"Maybe it was the Golden Dragon, and maybe he's still out there..." Treav suggested.

"Treav, it's highly illogical the Golden Dragon will go after you. After all, he only targets merchants and nobles and diplomats; never Starfleet officers," T'Vrell replied.

"I hope so. For now, let's just enjoy our trip to Naiva. A toast, to good friends!" He raised his glass.

"Here, here," the others said.

Teatay entered the cafeteria. "Hey, Treav. I see you've made some new friends," she said, walking up to him.

"Hey, Teatay," he replied, embracing her in a kiss. "Have you become second chief of security?"

"Yup, I got the job. Sadly, I can't boss Kolez around," Teatay chuckled.

"Ah, don't worry, Teatay. You'll have your chance," Kolez replied happily.

Treav raised his glass and said, "A toast to peace and exploration, to boldly go where no one has gone before. To my new friends and my old cadets that helped me change my ways. We have a chance to explore the stars once again, and there's many stars we haven't explored yet, so let's get going."

"Here, here," the others said, chuckling.

They all continued carousing as Treav noticed an unknown shadowy-looking reptile walked from the turbolift and heard the speech. Treav knew that person was the Shadow Raptor.

"What's this going on here?" the Shadow Raptor asked. "You didn't imitate the new recruits and fellow officers – didn't shout or yell – you just made plain reasonable chuckles. It's bloody marvelous! So... how've you been doing these past years, Treav?"

"I've been fine, sir. Just helping the recruits get a feel for the ship," Treav responded.

"Well, keep up the good work, Treav. If you have time, meet me and your captain on the bridge."

"Will do, sir."

The Shadow Raptor nodded and walked away.

"Wow, even Shadow Raptor, the famous war hero from the Eugenics Wars, World War III and the Iconian War, gave you a compliment. I heard he killed an Iconian Herald with his bare hands!" Elisa exclaimed.

Treav didn't pay attention to Elisa because he was watching the news.

"Sh'noda says that even though the Sangheili races are allies now, they must still be monitored. And more violence last night in the borders of the Lion Alliance where rebels attempted to assassinate Empress Sela and the rest of the Lion Alliance Council," the female newscaster reported.

Gunfire and screaming could be heard.

"Over there!" a rebel screamed

"Get back!" another yelled.

More gunfire and an explosion.

The newscaster continued, "The Maquis, the Unshackled and their allies, the Hydronian Outcasts and Raynor's Raiders hold responsibility attempting to plant a bomb in the Imperial Cathedral but failed when Jem'Hadar and Universal soldiers thwarted the plot."

The soldiers began executing several rebels.

"No cameras! Get out of here!" a Tal Shiar soldier yelled at the person recording.

"Seventeen planets of the Lion Alliance are already under Martial Law and Empress Sela had made—"

"See... this is why you get so many nightmares, because you've been watching too much of the news." Teatay grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

"Teatay, I've been thinking. We should go to Vulcan," Treav said, quickly changing the subject.


"Think about it, at least."

"Treav, honestly, Vulcan history is plain boring. Vulcans uniting with Romulans is stupid; besides, the Lion Alliance's revolution will be crushed soon enough."

"But you told me when we went to Vekta you wanted to study Spock's history after his passing," Treav replied.

"Well... I changed my mind."

Treav sighed. "Alright... I'll forget about it then." He then changed the channel back to the news of Sela's speech.

"...absolutely not. Attacking Irathient ships who were supplying weapons to our enemies was necessary to defend our people from their savagery! And to think... just because a bunch of rebels, including those so-called Japanese, think they own these planets, all the races in the empire suddenly feel they deserve independence," Sela growled.

"Empress, is it true you were testing thalaron weapons on pre-warp civilizations you found?" a reporter asked.

"No. There is no evidence!"

"Treav, there's far better places than Vulcan. How about we go to Risa?" Teatay asked, talking over the newscast.

Treav continued listening to the news.

Sela continued speaking. "...the fact is, the rebels had murdered countless millions. A vicious terrorist group of them called the Order of the Black Knights, who massacred several of their own fellow Japanese migration colonies, was responsible. They are a threat that we cannot ignore. I will not rest until every one of them is dead or dying. Long live the Lion Alliance."

The newscaster began speaking again. "That's all for today. Upcoming news reports tonight at 10:00 PM, but up next... tonight's episode: Captain Proton vs. the Metal Raptors."

Treav turned off the news. He told his friends to take care and went back to the bridge.

"Come on, Treav, let's have a great time when we beam down to Naiva, okay?" Teatay said to him.

"Teatay, I think there's something more about me I don't know yet. I wanna do something in life – I wanna be somebody."

"You are somebody. You are the man I love." She smiled.

Treav blushed. "Well, take care."

"Bye, love."

Treav went back to his quarters and rested for a while, dreaming he was with a half-Japanese, half-Brittanian woman named Kallen Kozuki. They were both on Vulcan together. Treav walked up to a grave that had Teatay's name on it, but suddenly, a group of Knuckonians rose from the ground, grabbing Treav and pulling him into the ground. Kallen tried to save him, but couldn't.

Treav woke up, in a panic. "It's another one of those dreams!" he exclaimed. Just then, his comm rang.

"Lt. Treav?" T'Vrell asked.


"We're approaching Naiva. The captain wants you and Junibell to get ready to disembark."

"Okay, I'll let Junibell know."

"Also, Treav, the captain wants to see you and Junibell in her office right away."



Treav and Junibell got ready and then they went to Howlingmoon's ready room, where she and the Shadow Raptor were seated.

"Treav, it's good to see you again. I've been talking to your captain about how well you've progressed," the Shadow Raptor said.

"Indeed, number one. You've done a good job with Kaiy and Denis," Howlingmoon added.

"Thank you. Wait... did you call me number one?" Treav asked.

"Indeed, I did. Treav, you're quickly becoming a true Federation officer. You and your fellow crewmates and recruits have had an excellent start."

"But what about Elisa? Why not promote her instead?"

"Elisa preferred to be my tactical officer and she's a close friend, but you've shown good leadership."

"Well, I'm honored."

"Just so you know, Treav, with Humans such as yourself, we'll continue to the final frontier. Sadly, though, the Lion and the Dragon Alliances still object to unification and I fear there will be an upcoming war, but for now we still have peace," the Shadow Raptor said.

"Actually, sir, there's many bad things going on. Pirates attacking freighters and colonies and the Lion Alliance's rebellion getting worse and also the Golden Dragon killings."

"True, but remember the Prime Directive and always remain true to it."

"I understand, and I will continue to learn to be a true Federation officer."

The Shadow Raptor chuckled. "You know, you remind me of Picard after his brawl with three Nausicaans when he was a cadet like you. In any case, enjoy your new rank, first officer."

Howlingmoon nodded. "Indeed. Feel free to tell your fellow crewmates, number one."

"Treav, this is amazing. I'm so proud of you!" Junibell exclaimed, smiling.

"Thanks, sister," he replied.


Treav and Junibell and others beamed down to Naiva, a metropolis Eagle Alliance planet, on December 31st, where everything was closed for News Years Day. Treav stayed with Teatay in a five-star hotel while his crewmates and his sister Junibell went to a mansion with Howlingmoon and Shadow Raptor. Treav was in the streets walking out of a store when he noticed he was being surrounded by unknown individuals led by a man named Alexander Cody. Three wore hoods and masks and were Humans, including Cody. They wore the American flag on their shoulders. Two of the others were Helghast Black Hand members and three were Argonian Croker tribe members.

"See, I told you it was him on Drozana talking to Nobii about Naiva!" one of the Crokers belted out.

"What's going on?" Treav inquired.

"So you're the one who's been snooping around asking questions about the Golden Dragon," Cody said, removing his hood.

"Look, guys, I'm just passing through. I don't want any trouble..."

"Oh, yeah? You've already got trouble!" a Black Hand shouted.

"You see, the Golden Dragon doesn't like Starfleet officers going everywhere asking about his true identity. Even that Ferengi shit, Nobii, paid the price," Cody said, pulling out his metal bat – the rest of the gang following suit. "It's your choice: either come with us to apologize to the Golden or we'll have to bring you to him forcefully."

Treav quickly unholstered his phaser. "Back off. I said back off!" he screamed.

"Wrong choice."

One of Cody's thugs began attacking Treav with his bat and all of them tried to break his legs, but Treav managed to shoot his phaser at one of them, stunning him. Cody and the others backed away, taking their friend that Treav shot with them. Treav quickly ran to his apartment where Teatay was watching the New Year's event.

"Hey, Treav." She took notice of Treav's panting as he began turning off the lights. "What's going on?" she asked concernedly.

"Some men tried to abduct me..." he managed.

"Muggers? Thieves?"

"No, they were spies or something – and they were sent by the Golden Dragon."

"Come on, Treav. Why would the Golden Dragon want you?"

"Because I was talking to Nobii and found out too much. Teatay, listen, those guys want me, badly."

"First you want to go to Vulcan for no reason, now this – you're acting a bit odd."

"You don't believe me, do you?" He pulled back his hair to reveal a large cut on his forehead that was still bleeding.

"Oh, Treav..." She began to freak out as she grabbed her phone. "I'm gonna call a doctor."

"No! Don't call anyone – they might be listening. I have to go to the Shadow Raptor." Treav left the room, limping slightly.

Franklin Drake then appeared on her phone screen. "Hello, Teatay," he said.

Treav used a hypospray on his head and his legs to ease the pain from his wounds. As Treav walked out of the bedroom, someone started shooting at him. He managed to dodge and attack his assailant in the dark and throw away the gun, which was a 9mm pistol with a silencer. He turned on the light and found it was Teatay, and she continued attacking him with a knife. Treav dodged multiple times and managed to hit her with a vase he grabbed. He noticed her blood was red, not green. Treav realized that Teatay was not Vulcan. He managed to grab the gun before she did.

"Talk. Talk, I said! Who are you?" he screamed.

"I'm not Teatay..."

"No shit. What do you think gave that away? The fact that your blood is red or that you attacked me for no reason?"

"Teatay was killed on Vekta. I was sent here to replace her after Section 31 brainwashed her."


"Teatay is dead, and we erased all information of what happened on Vekta, and I came here as Teatay so I could watch you and make sure the Golden Dragon can't find you and the Eagle Alliance won't find out what happened on Vekta. I'm sorry, Treav. The love of your life was KIA."

"Then why does the Golden Dragon want me? What happened on Vekta?"

"Beats me... I just work for them. By the way, Treav, I still love you."

"Yeah, right."

Teatay removed her shirt. "Well, if you don't trust me, you gotta tie me up."

"Really? You're trying to seduce me?"

"Maybe you'll just have to find out," she smiled.

Treav noticed the bomb alarms were going off after hearing explosions and screaming outside.

"Dragon Alliance forces!" He pointed the gun at Teatay's impostor's head. "So, let me guess... your doing?"

"In a way. We provoked them."

"You provoked them to wage war on us? Why?" Treav demanded.

"I'm... sorry, Treav. We had to do it. Things must change and you can't help your friends."

"I guess..." He lowered his gun and punched her in the face, knocking her out cold. "Nice knowing you."

Treav knew he had to go and save his sister, Junibell, and his friends. The Battle of the First Blood was about to begin.

To be continued...