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The Terran Empire was the repressive interstellar government dominated by the Terrans from Earth in the mirror universe. The Empire ruled by terror, with its Imperial Starfleet acting as its iron fist. In Starfleet, officers promoted themselves by killing superiors that did not follow the rules of the Empire. Torture was a common form of interrogation. The Empire was the counterpart of the prime universe United Earth and the United Federation of Planets governments.

History Edit

After the defeat of the Alliance and gaining back they're freedom; Terran rose back to power, but with Smiley O'Brien as Leader of the new Galactic Commonwealth. The goal was keep the peace in the galaxy and refrain from returning to their old, brutal days of spreading terror. His son James O'Brien and a group terrans including; Captain Mercury, Vice Admiral Solarmetric still believed that terror is still way to keep order in the galaxy. James O'Brian assassinated Smiley and took his place as Emperor and brought back the Terran Empire as a super power in the quadrant.

James O'Brian seeks revenge of the United Federation of Planets for making the Empire fall in the 23rd century. He starts a campaign to attack the Prime Universe.[citation needed]

Reformation Edit

In early 2415 during the final events of the War of the Universes. Desiree Mendroza took over as Empress of the Terran Empire and issued major reforms. Unlike before when Spock (mirror) made reforms with no allies. The Empire now has the Interspecies Republic providing protection and support from the United Federation of Planets. The Reformed Terran Empire works more like the Federation and the old Terran Republic. Every planet and species of the old Terran Empire are now liberated and are receiving relief supplies and rebuilding service.

Loyalist and Reformist Edit

During the events of War of the Universes, it was discovered that there was dissent in the ranks of the empire.

Imperial officers who support the ideas of Smiley O'Brian's peaceful solution were known as reformist. Imperial officers who support he ideas of James O'Brian's Oppressive and terror solution were known as loyalist.

Even though hidden with the ranks the reformist were great in number more so than loyalist. Due to fear, the reformist continued to do the bidding of the empire. It was L'Tema that help gather the reformist, and when the time was right. They risen from the darkness and claimed the Empire.

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