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For the Section 31 agent who was impersonating her, see Teatay (impostor).

Teatay was a female Vulcan who was killed and replaced by a Section 31 operative.

Biography Edit

In an alternate timeline, Teatay was a trainer on Sera. While there, she taught Treav intensively for two months. Following his training, the two briefly discussed the sudden and unexpected attacks by the Knuckonians against the Eagle Alliance. Teatay then suggested the two of them should go to Risa after the end of the conflict.[1]
Several days later, Teatay and Treav, who were assigned to the MACOs, geared up to battle Dragon Alliance forces on Naiva. Teatay kissed Treav before they boarded the Delta Flyer. Little did the two know this would be the last time they would see one another while both were alive. The Delta Flyer was damaged during the initial assault, and only Teatay and Treav survived. The duo made their way down an eight-story building (which they had transported down to from the Flyer) with Teatay on point. By the time they reached the bottom, Teatay was about seven meters ahead of Treav. When she opened the door at the end of the staircase, she was attacked by an unknown assailant. By the time Treav made it to them, Teatay was already dead, having been sliced apart by a Croker Elite's snake-skinned ax.[2]

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