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Tavana – daughter of Kora – was a Klingon engineer married to D'Ghor, head of the House of D'Ghor.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Tavana was born in 2355 on Qo'noS to Kora and her husband.[citation needed]

In 2365, at the young age of 10, she was taken by D'Ghor to be his wife. Within a year, she had given birth to their first child, Kardok. She called Kardok her "quvHa' puqloD," or "dishonored son," due to her husband's questionable dealings.[citation needed]

Four years later, in 2369, she gave birth to their second child, a daughter named Kalara.[1]

By 2371, she had left D'Ghor and joined the Klingon Defense Force. She met another Klingon, named Ortakin, and became his par'Mach'kai.[2][3]

Career Edit

She served as an engineering officer on the IKS Rotarran in 2373. She befriended Jadzia Dax because her mother had previously met Curzon Dax, though Jadzia impressed her in her own right.

Her morale along with the rest of the crew was very low when Martok took over as commander of the Rotarran. The ship had lost every battle in which it had fought the Dominion. The Rotarran was able to rescue the crew of the IKS B'Moth and defeat the enemy, revitalizing the crew. Tavana and the rest of the crew of the Rotarran would become one of the best crews in the fight against the Dominion, and became Martok's flagship.[3]

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