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Tala Violet Jones[1][2] was a female Andorian[3] who served in Starfleet during the 25th century as executive officer and tactical officer of the USS Leviathan.[4][5][2] She held the rank of lieutenant as of 2409.[6]

Tala was typically level-headed, but her violent ancestry sometimes reared its head in tense situations.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Tala Violet Jones (serial number CV-606-42 AFJ) was an Andorian female born on ca. stardate 62214 in Laikan, Andoria. She never knew her real parents, as they abandoned her shortly after birth. At age 4, she was adopted by two Humans, Michael and Martha Jones. Since they had no children of their own, they raised her as their own daughter.[2][7]

She graduated from a private high school in 2404.[2]

Starfleet Academy Edit

Tala graduated summa cum laude on stardate 82513.9 with the Class of 2408.[2] She attended the Starfleet Academy graduation ceremony in San Francisco and scolded fellow cadet Daniel Harvey for speaking over Jason Fredricks' valedictory.[3]

Early Starfleet career Edit

Tala was assigned to the USS Renown on stardate 82533.4 as a junior tactical officer.[2] She served aboard the vessel, under Captain Vo'Lok, for roughly eight months.[5]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

On stardate 83164.0, Vo'Lok sent her to the USS Leviathan to fill the vacant tactical officer position there.[8][5]

Following the incident with Jarek Davis, Tala was promoted to lieutenant junior grade by Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn.[9]

On stardate 83446.1, she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. A small celebration was held for her and Dylyp Azeli – who had also been promoted – in the mess hall.[6]

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Tala had a slightly muscular build, standing at a height of 175 cm with a mass of 64 kg. She had blue eyes, and, like most Andorians, white hair, which she kept in a ponytail. She wore a typical black with red trim Starfleet uniform, including a command division combadge.[2]

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Tala was very close to her cousin, Robert Jones, who was nine years older than her. They spent much time together in her childhood, and she felt as though he was like an "older brother" to her. He was killed in a Klingon raid sometime in early 2409.[10]

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Jason Fredricks Edit

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