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Tala Violet Jones[1][2] was a female Andorian[3] who lived during the 25th century. She served in Starfleet as executive officer and tactical officer of the USS Leviathan[4][5] and held the rank of lieutenant as of 2409.[6]

Tala was typically level-headed, but her violent ancestry sometimes reared its head in tense situations.

Appearance Edit

Tala had a slightly muscular build, standing at a height of 175 cm with a mass of 64 kg. She had blue eyes, and, like most Andorians, white hair, which she kept in a ponytail. She wore a standard issue black Starfleet uniform with a grey collar and command red trim. She wore a silver command division combadge.[2]

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Early life Edit

Tala was born on 6 April 2386 (ca. 62214) in Laikan, Andoria. Her biological parents abandoned her at a very young age, and she had no memory of them. She was adopted by Michael and Martha Jones, a Human couple, at age four. They raised her as their own daughter.[2][7]

She graduated from a private high school in 2404.[2]

Starfleet Academy Edit

Tala's primary studies at Starfleet Academy included weapon tactics and systems, history and religion, and music.

She graduated summa cum laude with the Class of 2408 on 14 May 2408 (82513.9)[2] and attended the graduation ceremony in San Francisco. She chided fellow cadet Daniel Harvey for speaking over Jason Fredricks' valedictory during the ceremony.[3][a]

Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn believed her to be "one of the brightest" students to attend Starfleet Academy in recent history.[2]

Early Starfleet career Edit

Tala was assigned to the USS Renown on 22 May 2408 (82533.4) as a junior tactical officer,[2] where she served under Captain Vo'Lok for roughly eight months.[5]

Service on the USS Leviathan Edit

On 28 January 2409 (83165.2), Vo'Lok sent her to the USS Leviathan to fill the vacant tactical officer position there. When introduced to Jason, she snapped to attention, but he told her that she didn't need to be so formal since he did not outrank her. Instead, all he asked was that she dedicate herself to her duty. She complied and took her station.[5]

After assisting another Starfleet vessel in distress, the Leviathan and Renown crews discovered that the Borg were mounting an invasion on the Federation. Vo'Lok ordered the Leviathan to go to the Vega system where the Borg were congregating, but only to conduct surveillance on their activities. Once in the system, however, Jason decided that they should assist the colony. Tala warned him that it would be in violation of their orders, but Jason decided it was worth facing the potential consequences. Tala then destroyed multiple Borg ships as they made their way into orbit of Vega IX.

Tala, Jason, and Ernie Hauser transported down to the Vega colony (though she advised that Jason remain on the ship)[8] and proceeded to locate the colony's administrator, Willa Post. Administrator Post volunteered to round up survivors while Tala and the others went and destroyed Borg devices that prevented the transporters from functioning.

As they approached one of the Borg devices, they came under fire from turrets placed by the Borg in the area. Tala and Ernie provided cover fire for Jason as he disabled the device. A heavy tactical drone then emerged from an alcove and tried to assault them. The trio attempted to halt it with their phasers, but it was only after Jason hit it with a photon grenade that they defeated it. Jason then shut down the Borg interference network with a feedback pulse.[9]

Upon returning to the Leviathan, Tala resumed her station. The Leviathan met up with a Federation fleet, led by Admiral Quinn, and Tala coordinated the Leviathan's attack vector with the rest of the fleet. Luckily, the Borg were beaten back enough that they were forced to retreat.

Later, Tala attended a memorial service for all of the officers who had lost their lives during the Klingon assault on the Leviathan as well as in the Battle of Vega. She comforted Jason, who was still distraught over the loss of Captain Masc Taggart.[10]

On 3 February 2409 (83180.5), the Leviathan responded to a distress call sent out by the SS Azura. When they arrived in the area the Azura was, they encountered Orion pirate vessels. Tala attempted to disable the vessels to no avail. After a bit of strategic maneuvering through an asteroid, the Leviathan managed to outsmart her opponents – destroying all but one of them, which retreated. Tala tried to volunteer to accompany Jason on his away team to the Azura, but he told her he needed her to remain in case the Orions returned.[11]

After Jason's away team transported to the Azura, an EPS power surge left the Leviathan without power. Tala immediately began coordinating repairs, placing Charlie Morgan in charge of fixing the damaged systems.[12] Luckily, Charlie and the engineering staff were able to get the ship's systems back up and running just in time to save the away team. As soon as all of the away team members were aboard, Tala gave the order to move the Leviathan out of range of the Azura, whose warp core was in the midst of breaching.[13]

On 7 February 2409 (83189.1), Tala learned that her cousin, Robert Jones, had been killed during a Klingon raid of the Azha system. This caused her great distress, as the two were very close during their youth.[14]

Following the incident with Jarek Davis, Tala was promoted to lieutenant junior grade by Fleet Admiral Quinn.[15]

On stardate 83446.1, she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. A small celebration was held for her and Dylyp Azeli – who had also been promoted – in the mess hall.[6]

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Tala was very close to her cousin, Robert Jones, who was nine years older than her. They spent much time together in her childhood, and she felt as though he was like an "older brother" to her. He was killed in a Klingon raid sometime in early 2409.[16]

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Lucas Wells Edit

The first time Tala and Lucas met, he walked up to her and began flirting with her. She found his personality to be "charming", and she blushed when he complimented her name.[5]

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  1. Tala may have declined to give the valedictory, because she graduated with higher honors than Jason did.

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