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Tala Violet Jones[1][2] was a female Andorian[3] who lived during the 24th and 25th centuries. She served in Starfleet as executive officer of the USS Vengeance and held the rank of lieutenant commander as of 2410.[4]

Born to unknown biological parents, Tala was adopted at the age of four by Humans, Michael and Martha Jones. The couple then raised her as their own daughter.[2]

Prior to the Vengeance, Tala served as a junior tactical officer on the USS Renown[5][2] and as executive and tactical officer of the USS Leviathan.[6][5]


Tala had a slightly muscular build, standing at a height of 175 cm with a mass of 64 kg. She had grey eyes, and, like most Andorians, silver-white hair, which she let grow almost to shoulder length and kept parted to the left side. She wore a standard issue black Starfleet uniform with a grey collar and command red trim. She wore a silver command division combadge.[2]


Tala was typically level-headed, but her violent ancestry sometimes reared its head in tense situations.



Early life[]

Tala was born on 6 April 2386 (ca. 62214) in Laikan, Andoria. Her biological parents abandoned her at a very young age, and she had no memory of them. She was adopted by Michael and Martha Jones, a Human couple, at age four. They raised her as their own daughter.[2][7]

She graduated from a private high school in 2404.[2]


The Academy[]

Tala's primary studies at Starfleet Academy included weapon tactics and systems, history and religion, and music.

She graduated summa cum laude with the Class of 2408 on 14 May 2408 (82513.9)[2] and attended the graduation ceremony in San Francisco. She chided fellow cadet Daniel Harvey for speaking over Jason Fredricks' valedictory during the ceremony.[3][a]

Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn believed her to be "one of the brightest" students to attend Starfleet Academy in recent history.[2]

Federation-Klingon War[]

Assignment to the Renown[]

Tala was assigned to the USS Renown on 22 May (82533.4) as a junior tactical officer,[2] where she served under Captain Vo'Lok for roughly eight months.[5]

Borg invasion[]

On 28 January 2409 (83165.2), Vo'Lok sent her to the USS Leviathan to fill the vacant tactical officer position there. When introduced to Jason, she snapped to attention, but he told her that she didn't need to be so formal since he did not outrank her. Instead, all he asked was that she dedicate herself to her duty. She complied and took her station.[5]

After assisting another Starfleet vessel in distress, the Leviathan and Renown crews discovered that the Borg were mounting an invasion on the Federation. Vo'Lok ordered the Leviathan to go to the Vega system where the Borg were congregating, but only to conduct surveillance on their activities. Once in the system, however, Jason decided that they should assist the colony. Tala warned him that it would be in violation of their orders, but Jason decided it was worth facing the potential consequences. Tala then destroyed multiple Borg ships as they made their way into orbit of Vega IX.

Tala, Jason, and Ernie Hauser transported down to the Vega colony (though she advised that Jason remain on the ship)[8] and proceeded to locate the colony's administrator, Willa Post. Administrator Post volunteered to round up survivors while Tala and the others destroyed Borg devices that prevented the transporters from functioning.

As they approached one of the Borg devices, they came under fire from turrets placed by the Borg in the area. Tala and Ernie provided cover fire for Jason as he disabled the device. A heavy tactical drone then emerged from an alcove and tried to assault them. The trio attempted to halt it with their phasers, but it was only after Jason hit it with a photon grenade that they defeated it. Jason then shut down the Borg interference network with a feedback pulse.[9]

Upon returning to the Leviathan, Tala resumed her station. The Leviathan met up with a Federation fleet, led by Admiral Quinn, and Tala coordinated the Leviathan's attack vector with the rest of the fleet. Luckily, the Borg were beaten back enough that they were forced to retreat.

Later, Tala attended a memorial service for all of the officers who had lost their lives during the Klingon assault on the Leviathan as well as in the Battle of Vega. She comforted Jason, who was still distraught over the loss of Captain Masc Taggart.[10]

Orion pirates[]

On 3 February (83180.5), the Leviathan responded to a distress call sent out by the SS Azura. When they arrived in the area the Azura was, they encountered Orion pirate vessels. Tala attempted to disable the vessels to no avail. After a bit of strategic maneuvering through an asteroid, the Leviathan managed to outsmart her opponents – destroying all but one of them, which retreated. Tala tried to volunteer to accompany Jason on his away team to the Azura, but he told her he needed her to remain in case the Orions returned.[11]

After Jason's away team transported to the Azura, an EPS power surge left the Leviathan without power. Tala immediately began coordinating repairs, placing Charlie Morgan in charge of fixing the damaged systems.[12] Luckily, Charlie and the engineering staff were able to get the ship's systems back up and running just in time to save the away team. As soon as all of the away team members were aboard, Tala gave the order to move the Leviathan out of range of the Azura, whose warp core was in the midst of breaching.[13]

Undine infiltration and Klingon listening posts[]

On 7 February (83189.1), Tala learned from her mother that her cousin, Robert Jones, had been killed during a Klingon raid of the Azha system. This caused her great distress, as the two were very close during their youth. Jason later tried to comfort her over her loss, even offering to give her time off duty to grieve, but she refused.

After a brief confrontation with hostile Klingon vessels in the P'Jem system, where the Leviathan was escorting a Vulcan ambassador to, Tala beamed down to P'Jem along with Jason, the ambassador, and a small security team.[7]

On the surface of P'Jem, Tala and the others fought multiple groups of Klingons on the way to the abbey at the top of a nearby hill. Tala overheard Jason talking to Hannah Freeman via comm channel about Ambassador Sokketh, who had just been found out to be an impostor. Tala and the away team tried to subdue him, but he revealed his true form: an Undine shapeshifter who had replaced the real ambassador. Eventually, the away team forced the Undine to retreat, but he escaped by posing as a Klingon officer.

Tala checked on Jim O'Donnell, one of the away team members, after he had been struck by the Undine, but unfortunately he didn't survive. Jason, Tala, and Kevin Briggs – the other away team member – then tried to reason with the remaining Klingons and inform them that their captain had been replaced by the Undine, but they refused to listen. The away team managed to capture one of the Klingons, however, and they brought him to the Leviathan with them.

Jason and Tala then returned to the bridge, where the crew came face to face with an Undine dreadnought, the Plok'tau. The Undine refused to negotiate and began a vicious assault on the Leviathan. Luckily a small group of Starfleet vessels warped in just in time to save the Leviathan from certain doom.[14]

On 10 February (83195.9), Tala confronted Jason over his decision to reassign Hannah to engineering, primarily to determine what would be done about the vacancy at communications. Jason suggested they reroute communications through the tactical console and deactivate the comm station for the time being.

A short time later, the Leviathan arrived in the Lackey system, where the crew was ordered to investigate the Paulson Nebula over concerns about the Undine. Instead of the Undine, however, Tala discovered that a fellow Starfleet vessel, the USS Valor, was under attack by the Gorn. The Leviathan moved in to assist, and Tala managed to destroy one of the Gorn vessels.[15]

After assisting the Valor and checking out Lackey III, the Leviathan delved deep into the Paulson Nebula, where Tala located a large asteroid guarded by a minefield. They approached and narrowly avoided sustaining major damage from the mines. Jason then led an away team, Tala included, to a base that was on the asteroid.

The away team faced fierce resistance on the base. They fought all the way to the control room, losing one of the away team members along the way. Tala charged at the head Klingon in the room, grappling with him for a moment until she was able to shove him away while he drew his weapon. The weapon discharged on him, causing him a severe abdominal wound. Klingon reinforcements arrived just as the away team began collecting data from the computer core. Tala saved Jason last minute from being killed by one of the Klingons, and the Leviathan was able to get all of the data in the nick of time.[16]

On 15 February (83209.6), Tala and Jason met Lucas Wells' uncle, Remus for the first time. He complimented her name and kissed her hand, making her blush. After introductions were complete, they all made plans to have dinner in the mess hall later.[6] For dinner, Tala ordered a salad with chicken. She was interested to find out that Remus knew Jason's parents, and Remus told her that his brother and Jason's father had been friends since their Academy years. Unfortunately, the dinner was interrupted by an urgent call from the bridge about an unauthorized message sent from inside the ship.[17]

After entering the Bomari system, they discovered a Klingon listening post like the one in the Paulson Nebula. Upon finding the base poorly guarded, Jason led an away team over, leaving Tala in command.[18] Not long after, Tala was contacted by a brig officer named Thom Leiden. Thom had been guarding Remus ever since Remus became the suspect of the unauthorized signal sent to the Klingons. Lucas had freed Remus and knocked Thom unconscious. Tala tracked Lucas and his uncle down to the latter's guest quarters. When she reached Remus' quarters, she learned of their startling discovery: an Undine had been masquerading as Remus and had sent the signal to the Klingons. Tala later joined Jason and Lucas in the transporter room to bid farewell to Remus.[19]

Gorn hostage crisis[]

On 25 February (83234.7), the Leviathan picked up two new bridge officers at Starbase 24, and Tala accompanied Jason and Lucas to the transporter room to meet them. She briefly had to moderate an argument between Jason and Lucas regarding Lucas' actions during their previous mission. She found herself perplexed by Jason's reaction to seeing one of the officers, who was an old acquaintance of his.[20] Tala later visited him in his quarters and reprimanded him for what she felt was childish behavior in regards to the new officer.

A short time later, Tala informed Charlie of his new assignment in lieu of his replacement at ops: transporter chief and overseer of the cargo bays. The other new officer, Dylyp Azeli, was to be the next operations officer.

Upon reaching their destination, the Kassae system, Tala led an away team to a Federation research station in orbit of Kassae II.[21] In the first room they came to, the team encountered Gorn soldiers who had taken a researcher captive. After learning that the other researchers were being held in another area, Tala contacted Jason and asked how best to proceed. The away team pressed on, and in the station's control room, they faced another group of Gorn. Using the large room to their advantage, Tala and the rest of the away team managed to surround and easily take them down. With the scientists liberated, they returned to the Leviathan.

Tala then informed Jason that the researchers from the station had indicated there were more hostages down on Kassae IV. Jason decided to lead the rescue mission himself, taking Tala and Dylyp with him. When Dylyp protested that the captain should not join an away mission, Tala reminded him that it was permissible with a proper security detail.[22]

On Kassae IV, Dylyp quickly scanned for life signs, but he only found Gorn to be present. From there, they proceeded cautiously toward a structure ahead of them which was emitting a high-energy force field in the hopes of finding the hostages, but they discovered that it was being powered by three nearby generators. Tala, Jason, and Vance L'eher headed for the generators while Dylyp and the others remained. At first, Tala tried to disable her generator without force, but she was unable to shut it down and resorted to shooting it with her phaser. Once the force field dropped, the away team was confronted by a Gorn captain who taunted them with the fact that he already had the hostages on his vessel.

The Gorn engaged the Leviathan in combat, but Tala was able to disable their shields relatively quickly. The Gorn had several tricks up their sleeves, however, and they managed to inflict more damage on the Leviathan while simultaneously repairing their shields. After an intense back and forth, the Gorn lost their shields again and the hostages were rescued.

Later that day (83235.4), Tala and Lenerea Mendel – Jason's old girlfriend – were seated in the mess hall. Jason asked what they had been discussing, but they wouldn't tell him. Lucas then showed up and he and Lenerea left to go on a date. They teased Tala and Jason before leaving, telling them to "use protection". Jason, realizing what they were implying, asked if Tala wanted to discuss her apparent feelings for him, but she declined and changed the topic.[23]

Peace talks with the Klingons[]

On 7 March (83259.8), Tala, Lucas, and Jason were on the holodeck running a program titled The Old West. Tala and Lucas were under fire from bandits, and one of them grabbed Tala from behind and held her hostage. Luckily, Jason, playing the town marshal, showed up and gunned the outlaw down before he could do any more harm. Lucas was not impressed by the program, but Tala enjoyed it, however their time was cut short by a call from the bridge.[24]

The Leviathan received orders from Admiral Quinn to attend a diplomatic conference with the Klingons on Regulus IV as security for the event. Jason led a security team down to the conference, and Tala joined. Though tensions were high during the event,[25] things went fairly well until Klingon and Orion officers attacked the embassy where the delegates were gathered. Tala led the way out of the embassy, and all of the diplomats made it out safely. However, the assailants blew up the embassy in the process.

Back on the Leviathan, the crew prepared to do battle with Admiral B'vat, the orchestrator of the embassy attack. B'vat managed to escape, but his overall plans were thwarted. Just when everything appeared to be fine, Ensign Thom Leiden walked onto the bridge and refused to answer when asked what he was doing there. He drew his phaser and killed fellow ensign Don Leffler and then he attempted to fire on Miral Paris, but Tala jumped in the way, sustaining a non-fatal hit. When Tala came to, she was already in sickbay. Jason and Lucas quickly came to her bedside, and though she assured them she could return to duty shortly, Jason told her to rest. Doctor Julia Cromwell revealed that Thom's phaser had been set to kill, however it only grazed Tala's arm. She still required immediate surgery, as Andorians were more susceptible to complications from phaser-inflicted wounds.[26]

Jason's departure and incidents with Davis[]

On 21 March (83295.3), Tala was on an away mission to an undisclosed planet with Jason, Lucas, Ernie, and multiple junior officers. During the mission, they were ambushed by Klingons, and three of the away team members were killed. Jason, believing it was his fault, began to blame himself, but Tala assured him they had no idea how much resistance they would face there.[27]

Tala and Dylyp later approached Jason in his ready room, concerned about his wellbeing after the recent failed mission. Jason explained that he was tired of being assigned to dangerous missions where multiple officers would potentially be killed each time. Tala understood, but she reminded him that each of their fallen comrades understood the risks of joining Starfleet in the first place. Jason then announced his intention to resign from Starfleet, and though Tala pleaded with him to stay, he would not abide it. He then told them he would recommend to Admiral Quinn that Tala take over for him.

Quinn ultimately denied Jason's request, citing the fact that Tala was only ranked lieutenant junior grade at the time. Instead, he ordered Commander Jarek Davis to take command. Davis, preferring to have his first officer standing beside him, requested that Tala give up her position at tactical to her stand-in, Elisa Flores.[1]

Later on, the crew assisted the USS ShiKahr, which had become stranded in the Celes Nebula. The Leviathan towed the ShiKahr to Starbase 114, where they spoke with Commander Thiral, a high-ranking officer on the starbase. When Thiral mentioned that several containers filled with kemocite had gone missing from the station, Tala blurted out that the Nausicaans might be behind it, as the source of the ShiKahr's distress was Nausicaan tech. Thiral thanked her for the suggestion and believed it might be evidence of an Orion Syndicate operation in the system. Davis, however, was not as appreciative, berating her for what he felt was a circumvention of his authority.

Tala later expressed concerns at Davis' decision to scan the freighters in the system without even knowing if the thieves were still there. He ignored her and continued with the operation, however. When one of the scanned vessels hailed the Leviathan, Tala told Lenerea to open a channel to them. This angered Davis, and he told her he would confine her to quarters for another "insubordinate act". Tala became quite irritated by this, but she complied.

The Leviathan soon found a Ferengi vessel which was carrying kemocite, and they pursued it until they encountered multiple Nausicaan vessels who attacked them. The ensuing battle left the Leviathan battered, and its chief engineer, Jhael Onika, dead. Tala, unable to stomach Davis' actions anymore, confronted him, calling him "horribly unfit for command". She then threatened to have the ship's doctor come to the bridge to relieve him of command, since she did not have the proper authority to do so. Davis shrugged the accusations off and stated that they would discuss the matter when he returned from capturing the Ferengi thieves. After he left the bridge, Tala decided to investigate his personnel file to glean any useful information about him.[28]

Tala discovered that Davis was actually half Romulan, which the senior staff later discussed in her quarters. While Ernie expressed concerns that Davis might be a Tal Shiar agent, Tala warned them all not to jump to conclusions, but rather to monitor Davis' actions very closely going forward.[29]

On 28 March (83312.2), Tala confronted Davis directly about his conduct, telling him that the crew had misgivings due to his unorthodox command style. She also admitted to doing a background check on him to put her own mind at ease. The one thing that stuck out to her, however, was Davis' heritage. Davis suspected as much and called her out on it. He then explained that he contemplated lying about it on his entrance application to Starfleet, but ultimately decided against it. Tala then apologized for profiling him. In response, he admitted to having difficulty in adapting himself to working with the crew and promised to do better.

After Davis left the ship on an away mission, Tala called Dylyp, Lenerea, and Ernie to the ready room. Tall assuaged some of their fears by telling them what she discussed with Davis, but she also believed they should continue to keep tabs on him for the time being. As they left the ready room, Blaise Moreau began a ship-wide broadcast, using pieced-together clips of the senior officers' conversations about Davis. Moreau claimed that they intended to frame Davis solely on the fact that he was half-Romulan. He also revealed that he was with Starfleet Intelligence, and that his title of weapons specialist was just a cover. He then had security escort Tala and the other senior officers to the brig for attempted mutiny.[30]

Tala and the others were locked in separate detention cells by Qadir, the chief detention officer. Tala tried to convince him that they were innocent, but he was insistent on waiting to hear from Davis before disobeying the order. A short time later, Julia came to the brig after a tense encounter with Moreau and pleaded with Qadir to release the senior officers, having determined that Moreau was lying. Since she was a Betazoid, she was deemed trustworthy, and Qadir let them out of the detention cells. Tala then told the others to "suit up", preparing to have to fight Moreau and the mutineers.[31]

Tala, Lenerea, Ernie, and Vance went to the bridge and confronted Moreau. Though tensions were high, Tala managed to convince Elisa and the other mutineers to stand down. She argued that she and the rest of the senior staff had never done anything to betray the crew's trust, while Davis and the two specialists had been acting suspiciously ever since they arrived. Moreau tried, in vain, to turn things back in his favor. Instead, he was stunned by Tala and Ernie and then taken to the brig. Tala took back command and chastised Elisa for her conduct. Tala, Vance, and Dylyp then went to the transporter room to greet Admiral Quinn. To their surprise and elation, Jason was with him. Tala asked him if he was truly back, and he assured her that he was.

From there, they waited for Davis' away team to return, and he was arrested. Tala told Davis that the crew would have likely warmed up to him eventually had he not been working for the Tal Shiar. In return, he complimented her by saying she made a good first officer. He also felt that he could have been a true part of the crew in another life. Before leaving the Leviathan, Quinn promoted Tala to the rank of lieutenant, commending her performance during the crisis.[32]

Devidian resurgence[]

On 20 May (83446.1), the Leviathan was sent to the Donatu system, dangerously close to Klingon space. Tala warned Jason that most Klingon vessels would be all too quick to open fire on them, which he acknowledged.[33] Upon reaching the system, the Leviathan encountered multiple Klingon and True Way ships which were already engaged in combat. After assisting the Klingons in disabling the Axon, the True Way flagship, Tala joined an away team over to the vessel to investigate its purpose in the system.

The away team made their way toward the Axon's bridge, facing rather harsh resistance at first. They eventually reached a room where the Cardassian crew were fighting an unseen enemy, and the lighting turned fluorescent blue. The away team visited the medbay after Julia discovered that some of the Cardassians had been entirely drained of their neural energy. From there, they also learned that the odd changes in lighting and atmosphere on the ship were being caused by deadly triolic waves.[34] Dylyp, still on board the Leviathan, was able to determine that this spelled the return of the mysterious Devidians.

Tala and the others proceeded to the Axon's bridge, where they encountered some Devidians engaged in a firefight with a group of Klingons. They entered the fight and nearly lost Lucas and Elisa to the lead Devidian, who managed to partially drain their neural energy. After killing the Devidians, the away team – save for Tala and Jason – returned to the Leviathan. Jason had Tala access the ship's logs to determine why the Cardassians had ventured so close to Klingon space. One particular log made by the Axon's captain gave them some insight, and Tala downloaded all of the logs for later analysis. Upon learning that the Klingons would be taking the ship into custody, Tala offered to wipe the logs from the Axon's computer, but Jason declined, feeling it would cause unnecessary strife between them. After finishing the download, Tala and Jason returned to the Leviathan.[35]

Gorn Augments[]

On 31 July (83626.4), the Leviathan received two officers from the Romulan Republic, Subcommanders Kaol and Mivek. Tala and the other senior officers dined with them in the mess hall over some traditional Romulan cuisine.[36] On 2 August (83633.1), two days after a bombing in Tycho City, Luna that caused the death of Ernie's father, Tala received word that Gorn Augments had attacked the Korvat colony and taken hostages. She and Jason both learned from Kaol that a genetic research facility had been located on H'atoria, but the Leviathan could not investigate because of orders from Starfleet to go to Korvat. Dylyp and Ernie, however, accompanied Kaol to H'atoria in the interest of Federation-Republic cooperation.

Tala and Jason had Hannah report to the ready room to ask her if Ernie had confided in her anything about his parents. She told them that she hadn't, and was very concerned about him going to H'atoria. They both agreed, but they believed Dylyp would be able to handle Ernie if anything were to go wrong. Tala believed Jason's words of encouragement were exactly what Hannah needed to hear, and he added that he also needed to hear them.[37]

Upon reaching Korvat, Tala, Jason, and a group of security officers beamed down to free the hostages. They encountered a Klingon man and a child whose father was killed by the Gorn Augments. The man led them to where the scientists were, and the away team began fighting the Augments. Meanwhile, Tala made her way to the scientists and freed them from their restraints. She asked Chirurgeon Ghee P'Trell why the Gorn would attack the colony, and not only did he know why, but also who had sent the Gorn to attack. A fellow geneticist and his rival, Amar Singh, who had been barred from the Federation Medical Council for very extreme ideas about augmentation, was the man that P'Trell believed to be behind the Gorn Augments. Tala and the others soon witnessed two of the Augments drop dead, indicating that Singh's research was not perfected yet.[38]

Planet killer incident[]

On 23 August (83685.3), Tala and the rest of the Leviathan's senior staff met with Lieutenant Kyla VanZyl, a Starfleet Intelligence officer, to discuss a top secret mission to the Donia system. The mission entailed rendezvousing with one of B'vat's subordinates about an extremely dangerous and ancient weapon B'vat had supposedly acquired.[39]

After some convincing by Jason, VanZyl allowed Tala and Dylyp to join the two of them in a meeting with K'Valk, the Klingon informant. He revealed that B'vat's secret weapon was a planet killer, similar to one that Starfleet had encountered in the past. Tala believed B'vat's desire to turn the tide of the war by wielding a weapon of such immense destructive power was insane, an assessment Dylyp agreed with. Tala later suggested that Jason tell the rest of the crew the nature of their mission rather than continue to keep it a secret, as they would likely soon encounter the planet killer.[40]

Some of the junior officers did not react well to the news that the ship was going up against such a dangerous weapon, and they took to the bridge in armed protest. A short firefight ensued on the bridge after de-escalation attempts failed, and Tala received a minor leg wound after stunning Jonah Willis, the leader of the mutineers. After the mutiny was put down, the senior staff focused on their primary objective – disabling B'vat's planet killer. Using similar tactics to Captain James T. Kirk in 2266 against another planet killer, K'Valk piloted his shuttle into this planet killer's "mouth" and detonated a high-yield torpedo, rendering the weapon inert. The Leviathan then managed to escape B'vat and his fleet's wrath when an opposing Klingon force warped into the system and began attacking them.[41]

B'vat's final gambit[]

On 13 September (83738.2), the Leviathan and crew were on their way to meet up with the USS Kirk to discuss the whereabouts of B'vat when they received a distress call from the Kirk. Tala reported that the Kirk's shields were down and the Klingons had sent boarding parties onto the ship. Jason then had an away team transport aboard to help retake the ship. The attacking Klingon vessel, the IKS Baj, opened fire on the Leviathan, making quick work of its shields. When hope seemed to be dwindling, Tala detected a second Klingon vessel, the IKS SuvwI', headed towards them. The SuvwI' signaled it was there to help, and the two vessels forced the Baj to retreat.[42]

The Leviathan and the SuvwI' then traveled to the Gateway system, where Dylyp and Kardok, the SuvwI' captain, spoke with the Guardian of Forever. The Guardian instructed them that they must travel to the past and stop B'vat from altering their present and future. Tala and the rest of the crew soon woke up in the year 2270 after briefly losing consciousness. They received a distress call from none other than the USS Enterprise, which was under attack by the Klingons, and Tala suggested that they should intervene. After ensuring that the Enterprise was not destroyed and the timeline not further altered, they briefly spoke with Commander Spock, who understood that they were from the future and should not reveal anything that could damage the timeline. He then bid them farewell.[43]

Tala was left in command while Jason led an away team over to B'vat's flagship, the IKS Worvig. She was concerned for Jason's safety against B'vat, but Jason felt B'vat's "fondness" for him could work to their advantage if he was present. After defeating B'vat, the away team returned to the Leviathan. Tala reported that a nearby Klingon vessel had retrieved B'vat's younger counterpart (whom he had captured) as well as the cure for the Augment virus from the Worvig, and Jason ordered for the Worvig to be destroyed. The two crews then headed for the Gateway system so they could return to their own time.[44]

Hunt for thalaron triggers[]

On 21 October (83832.9), Tala was supervising Elisa on the holodeck for a tactical training exercise. After being impressed by Elisa's performance, Tala stated that she would recommend Elisa as her permanent replacement at tactical.

Shortly after this, the Leviathan was sent to Nimbus III to recover thalaron weapon triggers and prevent them from falling into malicious hands by Franklin Drake, a Section 31 operative. Tala was left in command while Jason led an away team to the planet's surface.[45]

While in command, Tala kept the crew on high alert, being ready to hunt down anyone in possession of thalaron technology at a moment's notice. This included having Lucas perform low-frequency scans of nearby vessels in the Nimbus system. A short time later, Lucas picked up a faint thalaron signature near the Leviathan.[46]

The Leviathan ended up engaged in a firefight with an Orion vessel that was escorting a Reman vessel out of the system. The Remans had managed to acquire thalaron technology from the planet, and Tala was determined to stop them. After dealing with the Orions, the Leviathan headed hastily towards the Remans. As soon as they managed to close in on the Reman vessel, several more warped into the system. They hailed the Leviathan, and a man named Obisek greeted them. Tala informed him that they couldn't allow them to escape with thalaron technology, but Obisek made it clear that he would not surrender it to them.

Ernie noticed the vessel carrying the thalaron tech was preparing to warp away, and Tala ordered it fired upon. Before the ship was hit, Obisek had one of the other vessels fly into the path of the Leviathan's torpedo and absorb the blast. Obisek bid them farewell and his ships left the system. Tala, frustrated, was forced to admit that their mission had failed.[47]



Tala's adoptive cousin, Robbie, was nine years older than her. He served as a medic on a cargo freighter that frequented the Federation-Klingon border. He was killed in early 2409 by a Klingon raid in the Azha system, likely one of the freighter's many stops. Feeling as though he was like an "older brother" to her, Tala took his loss quite hard. According to her, Robbie "loved to laugh", and he'd likely tell her not to cry over his death.[7]


Jason Fredricks[]

Tala and Jason had a close working relationship. Eventually, Tala began to develop feelings for Jason, but he was mostly oblivious. He was surprised when Lucas Wells and Lenerea Mendel teased the two of them, and even more so when Tala more or less made her feelings known. Embarrassed by the exchange, she quickly tried to hide it.[23]

On another occasion, Lucas teased Jason and Tala again after Jason called her "number one", an affectionate title he had learned from Captain Taggart.[26]

During a celebration of multiple officer promotions in the mess hall, Tala encouraged Jason and even hugged him when he remarked that he would have probably left Starfleet if not for his fellow officers.[48]

Lucas Wells[]

The first time Tala and Lucas met, he walked up to her and began flirting with her. She found his personality to be "charming", and she blushed when he complimented her name.[5]

Lucas would occasionally tease Tala about her feelings for Jason, such as when Jason caringly called her "number one", a reference to his previous commanding officer.[26]

Dylyp Azeli[]


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