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The first season of Lego Star Trek: The Timeline Incident contains six episodes acted out in 2009.

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# Title Stardate Acted out
1 "Resistance Is Futile" Unknown 2009
A temporal anomaly damages the timeline, causing Data and the Borg Queen to be resurrected. The Queen mounts an attack on the Alpha Quadrant, intent on wreaking havoc on the Federation.
2 "Dogs of War" Unknown 2009
The temporal anomaly resurrects Khan Noonien Singh and James T. Kirk. Khan immediately begins attacking Federation outposts, frantically searching for Kirk.
3 "Silent Running" Unknown 2009
Shinzon is resurrected by the temporal anomaly. He once again attempts to destroy Earth.
4 "The Hunt Continues" Unknown 2009
Captains Picard and Kirk team up to defeat their old adversaries.
5 "Fallen Hero" Unknown 2009
James T. Kirk is killed while attempting to defeat the combined forces of Khan Noonien Singh, the Borg Queen and Praetor Shinzon.
6 "The Final Mission" Unknown 2009
Jean-Luc Picard is given one final mission: defeat the remaining forces of the Borg and Remans.

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