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The first volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf.

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# Title Earth date Published
1 "Beware the Golden Dragon" 2696 - 25 December 2699 28 January 2015
Three hundred years have passed since the deadly Iconian War of 2412. Three major alliances have formed from the ashes, and a long-lasting peace ensued. Some members of the alliances do not want peace, however. They will go to great lengths to bring about an end to peace.
2 "The Battle of the First Blood, Part I" 31 December 2699 29 July 2015
3 "The Battle of the First Blood, Part II" 31 December 2699 - 3 January 2700 31 December 2015
After learning that his girlfriend is a Section 31 agent, Treav sets out to locate his sister and his friends on Naiva. Meanwhile, the Dragon Alliance breaks their truce with the Eagle Alliance and attacks Naiva in a deadly campaign.
4 "The Mountain Goat and the Ice Demon" ca. 2699 - January 2700 30 June 2016
Amidst assassination attempts by Section 31, Treav learns that he is accused of being the Mountain Goat. Sela fears for her life from several foes, including Sleacherling, Esdeath, and T'Ket.
5 "The Rangers of the Prime Directive" ca. 2699 - 2700 7 April 2017
6 "Descendants of the Ban Tribe" 2700 14 May 2017
7 "Attack on the Minuteman Outpost" Unknown 2017
8 "No Country for Jaegers" Unknown 2017
9 "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" Unknown TBA
10 "United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Part II" Unknown TBA

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