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The zeroth volume of Star Trek: The Second Little Wolf consists of three chapters published or written between 4 November and December 2014. All three chapters were once a part of the main storyline, but they were later either rewritten or scrapped. The first two chapters were published on FanFiction.net, but the third was not published at all. CaptFredricks was the proofreader for chapters 1 and 2.



# Title Earth date Published
1 "The Battle of the First Blood, Part I" 31 December 2699 4 November 2014
Following a period of almost three hundred years of peace, an unidentified Federation vessel attacks and destroys one of the Dragon Alliance's colonies, killing four billion inhabitants, and igniting a conflict that escalates to become a massive war. An unlikely hero named Treav is the only one who can end the war before a galactic Armageddon occurs.
2 "The Battle of the First Blood, Part II" 21 March 2700 25 November 2014
Treav Callem and his company lead a charge against the Dragon Alliance on the planet Naiva. Unfortunately, the planet cannot be saved, and the Eagle Alliance must retreat. Treav's team then mounts a defense against the Knuckonian forces, while their allies escape.
3 "Escape From Crono 15, Part I" 2700 December 2014 (written only)
An elite squad of the ODST is dropped on the prison planet Crono 15 to rescue POWs held by the Dragon Alliance forces.

These chapters were originally a part of Volume 1, but were rewritten and replaced by "The Battle of the First Blood, Part I", "The Battle of the First Blood, Part II", and "Escape From Crono 15, Part I" in 2015.