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The first volume of Star Trek: The New Generation (25th century) will contain seven chapters, published between April and November of 2019.

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Kelly Martin graduates from Starfleet Academy in 2402 and is later in 2409 selected by her father John Martin to take command of the Federation Starship's new Odyssey-Class Starship USS Enterprise-F. Eight months later the crew of the Enterprise is ordered to retake Vega Colony from the Borg after the crew of the USS Leviathan wasn't able to retake it themselves due to having colonist onboard.

Kelly proves she's worthy of commanding the new flagship of the Federation Fleet in battle against a Klingon fleet led by the Klingon Chancellor himself, and keeps a family friend's former lover and Klingon daughters from the Chancellor and execution.

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Image Title Number Airdate Planet(s) Race(s) Enemies
Deployment 1x01 2019 Human Borg
The Federation is now at war with the Klingon Empire and the USS Enterprise-F has been sent to reinforce the Starfleet forces on the front lines. But the crew are still edgy and rivalries erupt and it is up to Captain Martin to bring the crew together before they can face the challenges ahead.
Battle of Forcas III 1x02 2019 Forcas III Human Klingon
When word gets out that the Klingon fleet is heading towards the Forcas system, Starfleet Command has dispatched the Enterprise to reinforce the lines, but when an old lover and old friend of Admiral Kira shows up it may shape the way of the entire war.
A Call to Arms 1x03 2019 Humans Klingon
When they use the intel from General Kori and General Korath, Admiral Kira organizes a strike force to repel the attacking force of Klingon warships, attack cruisers, destroyers, and frigates, but when they are out numbered by a new class of ship its up to the crew of the USS Enterprise to stop them.
Illusions of the Truth 1x04 2019 Earth Human
Fall of Reach 1x05 2019 Reach Humans Klingons
Rode to the 600 1x06 2018 Draken IV Humans Klingons
The USS Enterprise-F gathers with six-hundred Starfleet ships at Earth in preparation for Operation Retake Draken IV. The fleet is forced to launch early as the Klingons prepares to bring down the minefield at the edge of the system blocking their way to Earth. Unfortunately the Klingons knows they are coming and a huge fleet intercepts the Federation fleet in a battle where the fate of the Alpha Quadrant rests on the shoulders of six-hundred brave starship crews.
Into the Fold 1x07 2018
The crew set out to save Vice Admiral James Martin after his Shuttle gets thrown into uncharted space.

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